Apr 14

Chapter 4: Part 1 – Kryta Beckons


“Listen up, cubs. You have three hours to resupply before we meet at the northern gate. If you’re not there, you get left behind.”

The warning was, for Spark, a fairly standard one: she liked efficiency, promptness, and – of course – people following her orders. Caolinn had already vanished into the crowd surrounding the Lion’s Arch asura gates, but Blaise hung on the charr’s every word, nodding enthusiastically. If I’d thought being shot in the shoulder by Spark would make the ranger hate her, I was sorely mistaken; instead, he seemed determined to prove himself worthy of her attention.

I merely shrugged and was about to set off, when a hand caught my shoulder. Blaise. “Can I walk with you awhile?”

I wanted to brush him off, but couldn’t think of an excuse. When I nodded, he followed me into the press of people. In truth, he was rather useful. Being twice my size and trailing a cat with teeth longer than my hand, he tended to clear a path through the crowds with an ease I just couldn’t achieve.

“What were you doing out in Ascalon?” I asked, as we reached a sunlit plaza with a fountain in its centre.

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Apr 14

Chapter 8: Part 1 – Cartography


There had been general panic on the streets of Lion’s Arch after they issued a warning to everyone to stay in their homes. More than a few of the families had decided that the warning was enough to warrant a vacation to see relatives or friends in Krytan ruled areas – those away from the water at least. Travelers and families crowded the asura gates.

We did enough to gather the supplies we needed as citizens fought to stock up on food and drinking water and other things they might need in case they were relocated. Angel was particularly good at pushing through the crowd, yelling insults to those who dared to stand in her way before shoving them aside. Ragnvaldr, who had his own shopping list because he was the cook, was a bit more polite but still assertive enough to get through relatively quickly. Tobih and I watched the two disappear into a crowd from the edge of the bridge we sat on. The only thing calm in the city seemed to be the water beneath our feet, which was moving so slowly it may as well have ceased.

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Apr 11

Chapter 2, part 9: Normal


“What about… now?” Treen’s voice carries a disturbing echo-like quality before his head pops into view with a quizzical expression.

“Still nothing,” I report, watching Genni tap my arm.

“Hmm.” Treen’s head disappears and the echo returns. “Sensory couplings are established and clean; the fibre matrix has been paired, and in truth I’ve carried this operation out so many times I could do it in my sleep, but maybe… well now, that would have to be the oddest thing.” Treen’s head surfaces and he steps back from the makeshift workbench where I am laying – my innards exposed. The thought of Treen tinkering with the Golem workings bothers me, I must admit, but being able to feel again quashes the first instances of trepidation and within a day Treen, with the assistance of our new human allies, has secured a workshop suitable enough for the task.

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Apr 08

Chapter Nine: Getting Mice to Squeak (part 2)

gw053“Hail traveler!” The outpost guard waved at me with a hearty smile. I instinctively lowered the straw hat I was using to cover my face.
“Hail!” I said after clearing my throat. “F-fine day is it not?” I do not think it was difficult to see that I was nervous, it was rare for me to harbor such uncertainty. This was a first though, I had never acted like a traveling merchant while actually carrying a group of secros in the back of the wagon I was driving.
“I would say so!” The human guard approached the wagon, I could hear a few daggers being unsheathed from inside the wagon. I stomped my foot on the foot board of the wagon, signaling the secros on the inside to stand down. “So what brings you here?” The question was anticipated, somewhat, and I had rehearsed several answers to generic questions with Daniel.
“Travel…I-I mean I’m a traveling merchant!” I stammered. I may have rehearsed but it did not mean I could maintain my composure in front of people in a tense situation… at least ones that were not combat related.

“…okay,” the guard was showing some signs of suspicion. “So, where are you heading?”
“Oh, just a bit further down towards Overlake Haven,” I said. “Got a shipment of supplies that they requested.” The guard started scratching the back of his head.
“Okay,” he said moving out of the road. “Take care out there, bandits have been sighted.”
“Thank you for the tip,” I said, and then took the reigns of the wagon and with a slight whip the dolyak pulling the wagon began to slowly trek down the road.

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Apr 08

Chapter 2; Part 4: Stargazing



The Maguuma jungle was a nasty place for those who came ill prepared. The towering trees, the rampant undergrowth and the vines that seemed to lash out at unwary travellers, combined with vicious wildlife made it the perfect place to get lost and die a horrible death. It was no wonder that few dared to stray far from the roads lain down by the sylvari.

Yet here I was, picking a path through the wild with great effort, following Graymane. For an old charr, he was surprisingly quick, but more important, he knew the land well.

“Are you keeping up, cub?” he quipped as he leaned against a tree, waiting.

“Yea yea,” I muttered under my breath while striking out at the vines that were in my way.

“Don’t worry,” he said when I finally reached him, “you’ll get the feeling for this land someday.”

Someday, perhaps, but not this day.

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Mar 31

Chapter 3: Part 10 – Parting Words


There was no more conversation between myself and Erin – there was simply no time for it. As soon as we reached the edge of the Priory encampment, we were swarmed by its inhabitants: soldiers wanting to congratulate Erin, healers rushing in to support the bleeding ranger, researchers crowding around Spark as if they knew something I didn’t. Right then, I didn’t care. Erin’s words were rattling round and round in my head, making me feel dizzy.

I am leaving.

Finally, we found a space to talk; or, at least, I slumped down at a table in one of the Priory’s many tents, and waited until Erin found me. She took a seat opposite, her bulk against the table making it lean precariously. She still looked sad, and thoughtful, but not guilty. I steeled myself for what was to come.

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Mar 30

Chapter 7: Part 8 – Underwater Ruins


Sunshine streamed through dusty windows and the house was warm again. The sunlight stood alone as the only light source in the house; all the candles had burned out overnight. Wooden floorboards groaned downstairs under the weight of the two norn.

I made my way down the stairs to greet them. Angel had only just returned, hopefully bearing the aquabreathers she had promised. Ragnvaldr’s face was the first I saw and I smiled as I saw it. A grin formed across his lips as well. The faces of Tobih and Angel soon followed as I finished descending the stairs.

Angel tossed me a bag rather quickly and by some miracle, I caught it. Each of them held a similar jute bag. I opened mine as Angel addressed us, “Get dressed and we’ll be going.” Inside of the bag revealed a swimsuit and aquabreather. In my excitement, I hadn’t considered what I would even be wearing into the water.

“Did you gamble for these, too?” I teased.

“Want me to take it back, human?” she retorted and held out her hand as if to ask for it. I shook my head and bolted back upstairs, closing the door behind me.

“Hey! I called that room!” Tobih shouted after me.

“You only called the bed!” I yelled back to him, stripping quickly. I was actually going to see the ruins of Old Lion’s Arch! I had dreamed of this so many nights in Divinity’s Reach. The stretchy material of the suit accommodated my figure, as it would have several other small females. I strung the aquabreather around my neck, allowing it to hang there. I folded my clothes hastily and placed them on top of the dresser. As I was fully dressed, I made my way back downstairs to find that everyone else was still changing, even Angel.
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Mar 28

Chapter 2, part 8: Inside the Detail


“Hank?” the dark-haired woman confirmed.

“Hank,” I repeat. It is nice that she does not seem to be at all fazed by the fact that she is talking to a Golem possessed by a norn, or a norn displaced by a Golem, depending on your point of view.

She frowns. “No family name?”


We sit – well they sit, whilst I remain standing as usual – close to where we first met the two humans, William and Amber. With a head of red hair and a beard to match, William reminds me of a dancing flame with an infinite supply of energy; even seated, the man radiates impatience and a need to be doing something. His manner is warm, although he says little, but every gesture and expression is almost always followed by a smile – quite unlike his companion. Amber is precise and free with a haughty expression, no doubt the product of wealth. Questions are matter-of-fact without any pretence of friendliness, despite the pair’s bizarre interest in our welfare. Neither Genni or Treen seem to be bothered, and answer when asked without omitting any potentially sensitive information. I find this odd, given our circumstances.

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Mar 27

CoT Webcomic Design a Character Contest Judging is Complete!

Well, the time has finally arrived! The CoT Webcomic Design a Character Contest has come to a close!

It was a long and arduous decision process with many a night spent arguing over which characters were the right fit.

Well dear readers, the time has come to announce the winners….but before that, we wanted to thank everyone who submitted. We loved reading through your entries and there were so many that it made our ultimate decision a very difficult one. So, once again thank you all.

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Mar 26

Chapter Nine: Getting Mice to Squeak (part 1)

gw051“So what’s going on with the secros?” asked Daniel as he began to remove his boots while on his bed.

“Chaos,” I answered. “Absolute chaos.” I then began to explain everything that I saw yesterday. How the charr were forced to hide in safe houses, and my meeting with Slim.

“Sounds pretty intense,” said Daniel as he stood up and walked over to his closet. “So what did you and Slim talk about?”

“Well as of right now no one knows who these assassins are looking for. But Slim has an idea.” Daniel simply looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to elaborate. “We plan on using me as bait, capture one of the assassins and draw out as much information as possible.” Daniel’s eyes widened, I could tell that he was not exactly on board with the idea.

“All that’s easier said than done, big guy.” He said with concern. Daniel began to change out of his armor and slipped into something more appropriate for city folk to wear. “What are the specifics of the plan?”

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