Jul 22

Being Bait – Kumara – Chapter 4 Part 9


Garron and I kept glancing at Tot over our tankards, trying to be as inconspicuous as we could be. We sat together at one of the smaller tables in a corner of the tavern, whereas the captain sat at a table in the middle with his boatswain and first mate.

When we arrived at this small port, we could easily see the shiverpeaks in the not-so-far distance, which explained the amount of norn moving through town. In my opinion, it made for a much better atmosphere compared to a city with mainly mice. Still, it would have been nice to have Kaya and Amethyst along—even though we did not tell them about our suspicions—however they had drawn the lots to stay and guard the ship.

Hearing Thornfang give a soft growl, I turned away from the window I just stared through and saw the captain standing at our table, shifting his glance between Garron an me.

“Sir?” Garron said.

“Look, mates, did ya really think that I wouldn’t notice that ya’ve been tailin’ me?”

“Uh, well, maybe?” I replied, not quite sure what else to say.

The captain shook his head, but could not conceal a trace of a smile.

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Jul 15

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 39: Brothers and Sisters in Arms

EBS- B1 Chpt 39

With Alec distracted by the invading group, I took the opportunity to reach for the sword he had thrown at the ground. He was right about it being fake in the sense that it wasn’t the blade I guard, but it was still a working blade and very sharp. I curled my fingers around the hilt and swung my arm back, cutting into Alec’s bicep. Ignoring his cries of pain, I didn’t hesitate to shift my weight so I could connect my elbow with his side as he started to slide off my back. A shot rang out but it hit the cavern’s ceiling as I scrambled towards the nearest wall. Debris rained down upon us and I felt small pebbles strike me hard on my back like little knives.

As I dug my fingers into the cold ground during my retreat, I felt tingling vibrations and looked up to find one of the two Aatxes charging. Wisps of shadow rolled off of its stocky body and curled horns. It’s ghostly illuminated eyes narrowed at me as it neared and I could hear the labored breaths it took with every gallop. I rolled out of the way just as the great beast passed, but I heard a cry from Alec and I looked over to find he had been knocked hard onto his back almost to the other side of the cavern. He remained still on the ground. With multiple sources of motion going on all around, the Aatxe turned from Alec’s still body and charged into the fray.

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Jul 14

The Journey’s Beginning

Lion's_Arch_loading_screenIt was not a good time to travel to Lion’s Arch. In the middle of the trip, a ferocious rain started to fall, making what he thought to be a peaceful trip a complete mess. However, it seemed this fact bothered him little. He just sat on his bed while everyone outside was shouting, while everything was shaking up and down. Only the sight of a man standing before him caught his attention, breaking the trance he was in.

You don’t seem really happy, do you?” Said the man ironically.

I’m not in the mood, Sky” replied the Norn, with certain resentment in his voice towards the old man.

You were talking with her again, were you? Everyone would think you are crazy if you told them your strange… power”

You know it’s nothing really useful. I don’t know much about it, nor how to control it” lamented the young Norn. He was feeling a bit dizzy, with sight lost, looking to the ceiling, as if waiting for something or someone to come through.

Aye, aye. Stop flirting for a bit just now, I have a new assignment for you.”

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Jul 11

Chapter Nine: Mercy Kill I

ChapterNine copy



I had a short eternity, it seemed, to consider how I had come to be here. Covered in the blood of friend and foe alike, I was now surrounded by pirates – living, dead, and wounded in what passed for a manor house. A beautiful woman, my friend, bloodied and broken, lay a dozen paces from me with a norn crouched over her. He had his breeches undone and his intentions were as clear as they were unforgivable. All of this because I had been approached by a Lightbringer when I’d been just a slip of a girl.

It’d been the Order that had sent me to this cursed city, had given me the supposedly simple assignment – masquerade as a would-be smuggler, find out who The Misericorde was. Weeks later I had fought pirates, Lionguard, the mangled remains of walking corpses and the monster that seemed to lead them, and through it all I had found a strange sense of camaraderie – and perhaps the possibility of more than that – with the miscreants I was lying to.

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Jul 04

Chapter 6: Part 15 – The Destroyer

AmberHeader6-15Being asura, you would think the Inquest would have a fairly decent grasp on scientific and technological concepts. In a lot of ways, they do, being equally as capable at research and development as any other krewe. There’s a certain lack of care about their endeavours, though, a disregard for life and limb, even their own. Put simply, in every Inquest experiment I’ve come across, someone is likely to die.

That had, in fact, already occurred by the time we made it back up to the caldera. Our progress wasn’t exactly fast, Ivar being injured and Erin refusing to leave him behind; the fact that her intentions weren’t beneficent made little difference to our speed. It didn’t help, either, that the rumbling ground had thrown the whole complex into chaos, Inquest lackeys running in all directions, and a fair few destroyers on the loose. These, we dispatched where necessary, though I’ll admit to feeling a little gleeful at seeing three of them go chasing an Inquest guard off down a tunnel.

And then we entered the caldera, where chaos took on a whole new meaning.

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