Sep 02

Chapter 6: Part 1 – A Familiar Face


It’s a long, long trek between Kryta and the furthest reaches of southern Maguuma. I knew this on an intellectual level, I suppose – I’d certainly spent enough time in my life poring over maps – but in the weeks that followed, Erin, Caolinn and I were to experience that time and distance in the most excruciating of ways.

Both had agreed to join me, at least, after our sojourn to Kryta and the burial of Blaise’s body. I’d half expected the sylvari to go her own way now that Spark was no longer a threat, but she was more committed to Darr’s cause than I’d realised.

“We protect Tyria,” she’d said stubbornly, with the first glimmer of real emotion I’d seen in her for a long time. “I’m not about to throw that away.”

I didn’t argue. Not only did I need all the allies I could get, but Caolinn was right about one thing: Zurra and the Inquest were every bit as dangerous, probably moreso, than Spark. Their reach was bigger, their aims more sinister, and where the Inquest were concerned, there’d be no qualms of conscience at the last minute, not even over the death of a friend.

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Aug 31

Chapter 10: Part 4 – Brakewater…?

Part4Before we actually made it to Brackwater, our carts had to trek across the swamp ahead of us. The water was mostly shallow, so our carts could make their way through it, only very slowly. I could already see the plant-made houses behind the trees and thorny fence.

Cinder had exited the cart in order to scare off any drakes lurking around the water. Her scruffy “Get lost”s and “Go on, get out of here”s made it seem as if she was scaring off drake hounds rather than drakes themselves. I couldn’t see her most of the time, so I’m sure she was doing much more than yelling at them to keep them off the ankles of our dolyak.

Everyone seemed a lot more accepting of Tobih’s lies than I originally thought they would be. None of them pressed him for more details though I could tell they were all curious. Even through curiosity, maybe they still didn’t want to know. Perhaps no one had to know that he was sick until he was ready to tell them as well.

“What kind of place is Brakewater?” Tobih asked as he looked up from his hands clasped together in his lap.

“Brackwater.” Cinder corrected as she climbed back in. I assumed all of the drakes had been taught a lesson. “It’s a quiet outpost as far as the people living in it goes. Not a lot of them there but it’s also attacked by undead often so take that as you will.”
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Aug 29

Shards Of Memory – Chapter 10, Part 3 – Ascalon Settlement

wayfarer-foothills-svanirs-dome-throne-roomTheir echoes filled her ears, and she turned her head slowly, seeking out the lingering vibrations. The group had been here for a long time, sweating in the heat of the day. The quiet hum of the kodan, the high whirring of the golem, the deep thudding of the giant, the powerful timbre of the norn, and the quick twang of the asura mingled in amongst the locals, just hidden beneath their daily activities. She followed the scent, down to the fighting pits, keeping her cowl low and avoiding the guards.

You lost them...’ The voice echoed from somewhere between her ears, deep and malicious.

‘They were here Master’ Sonorous Peals replied to the voice in her head. ‘They travel west. I can find them.’

Return now. The Father wishes to speak to you.

‘As you wish.’ Sonorous Peals’ body had gone cold. Jormag wished to speak to her.

The voice withdrew, and she sat in the deserted fighting pit. The lamplight flickered around her, and she meditated on Tranquillity.

The world around her hummed into life. She sensed the multitude of vibrations around her, each overlapping the other, waves of energy pulsing and shifting constantly. Everything became connected, and the tapestry of reality flooded her consciousness. She raised her bell, holding it to her ear, tolling it gently. Her larger bell she held above her head. In a moment, she ripped the bell downwards, slicing the air in front of her. She opened her eyes, and walked towards her portal.


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Aug 29

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 20: A Growing Concern

EBS- B1 Chpt 20

*Please note that this chapter is told from Seren’s point of view*

Sounds of chatter woke me up from a fitful sleep. I struggled to open my eyes and eventually managed to force them open. My messy room eventually came into focus and with a grumble, I swung my legs over the side of my bed and sat up. Whatever it was that had my fellow guild mates talking and so loudly had me a little intrigued but mostly annoyed. I was exhausted from the little expedition our Supreme Lady Commander lead. A chance to find Rhys’ killer turned out to not only be a bust, but was also close to being our last. How could she run off like that and leave us with that monster?

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Aug 24

Chapter Four: Blindness in Amontillado IV



The creature moved too fast for Baen to get a good look at it, but as it darted past us and rushed towards the window I got the impression of dark hair or feathers with skin like black, exposed muscle, larger than even a charr, patches of sinew glowing here and there on its body with a fell green light. I couldn’t imagine how it had managed to tuck its bulk under the bed, but as it burst through the window, a skeletal, whip-like tail trailing behind it, neither Baen nor I had time or inclination to ask any questions. My sword slid into its sheathe as I took the lead, Baen rushing along just beside me, her eyes giving me sight as I leapt through the window after the creature.

I landed on the roof of Fiegrsonn’s neighbour, buckled a little under the impact, then came up running as the creature leapt to the next rooftop, silhouetted for an instant against the afternoon sun as it did. It did indeed have hair – or something like it – that formed a billowing mass in the air as it moved with a sinous, serpentine grace. I couldn’t shake the impression of feathers, somehow seeming less solid than normal feathers should, as though motes of ash drifted off of them with each movement.

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