Dec 21

Chapter 8: Part 8 – Hands of a Scholar

Causeway Chapter 8: Part 8   Hands of a Scholar
“I wonder what he’s cooking,” Tobih sniffed the air around us, “Whatever it is, it smells really nice.”

“Pretty sure he said he would make a veggie chili,” I replied, peering over the side of the cart to see if I was correct.

Tobih looked a bit excited. “I love a good hearty meal.”

“We’ve had hearty meals for the past… well, I can’t remember not having something so heavy on the stomach now.” I slumped a bit, confirming that it was indeed chili. “I wish that I could have something sweet for once, you know? I love his cooking, but.. well… I guess- I guess I come from a place that sweets are more than common.”

“You lived on Manor Hill, huh?” He could guess so easily.

“It wasn’t really a choice I got to make.” I was reminded of how my ‘parents’ had treated me more like a runaway child who was likely to do it again. “…. I guess I did anyway, huh?” The last part followed without my realizing.
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Dec 19

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 2: Returning Home

display Guild Wars 2 Lions Arch 300x167 Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 2: Returning Home

As Seren and I made our way through the Bloodcoast entrance into the southern hills of Lion’s Arch, we were greeted by the familiar caresses of gentle ocean bay breezes and the calls of sea birds. We had made good time thanks to Seren’s swiftness abilities and were able to make the uneventful journey back home almost one full day early. That was more than fine for me. I was ready to be home.

It was a sunny late morning in Lion’s Arch and I could smell the salt in the air laced with a hint of charred metal and oil. I welcomed the familiar sights and sounds, now bittersweet as they were. Our once majestic city had been fractured and torn asunder by Scarlet Briar in her attempt to access a ley line pulsing with strong magic beneath the city. The people of this world put aside their differences and petty squabbling in order to band together to stop Scarlet. Even though we defeated her, it was not in time. The crazed Sylvari still managed to drill her Breachmaker into the ley line in the bay, causing a new dragon’s awakening with the effects felt throughout Tyria. The fallout here was great. Many lost their lives and the city itself lay in ruins, but the people who survived continued on with their heads held high and hearts filled with pride. We would rebuild our city and our lives.

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Dec 15

Chapter One: Of Whispers and Valedictions II

ChapterOne2 copy Chapter One: Of Whispers and Valedictions II

Three figures waited for us in the opulently furnished grand hall, the last hurdle before the grand doors of the Varr mansion and the world beyond. Baen stayed a few paces behind me, looking over my left shoulder, looming like a welcome pressure at my back.

The first of the three was a man, old and stooped now, with a weathered face and wisps of white hair that had once been a proud mane. Farrert had been chamberlain to the Varrs since before my father’s time, and though I’d never asked I suspected the man to be in his eighties by now. It was a wonder he was still alive, much less still walking around and barking orders to the lesser servants. He’d been a decent sort, competent and hard working, but he was a creature of my father’s, and that made peace between us impossible. In addition, I knew how unnerved he was by my eyes, or more specifically my vision. He would use every excuse to look at something innocuous or even close his eyes when I was nearby. Now, for example, he stared at his feet as I approached, studying his dark shoes. Coward.

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Dec 11

Prologue- The Spearhead of Ice

78840 frozen river free widescreen natual wild wide free wallpaper e1418036539259 300x150 Prologue  The Spearhead of Ice

Ulfridda sighed as she stood from Bear’s shrine, her old bones creaking in their sockets, and she drew her tawl around her a little tighter. Blast, that she was old, and the morning sun could no longer rouse her. Blast, that the nights chill did not call her to sleep either, and steadily she had become more nocturnal. So every night she trekked from her modest cottage through the pass to the wayfarer foothills, nodding solemnly at the Wolfborn of the Eastern Watchpost, and making her climb slowly down to the Heart of the Bear. She drew her small flame closer now as she began to make her way back up the hill, not straying from the road. Sons of Svanir were common in these parts and they would not pass up the chance to capture an elementalist of her quality, especially a female to enslave, or worse.

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Dec 08

Chapter 5: Part 1 – Mouse in the Snow

AmberHeader5 1 Chapter 5: Part 1   Mouse in the Snow

There is a saying amongst humans, that you can be most alone when in a crowded place. It’s true, in a way, for those who need the constant reassurance of the company of friends, and wallow in loneliness otherwise. Asura tend towards solitariness, though: our krewes, our creches, our cities are all constructed for practical reasons, to gather knowledge and expertise into a single location. We often don’t actually like one another very much, but we are nothing if not pragmatic.

This, then, was the most alone I had ever been: not in a city, not in a crowd, but in a cave in the Shiverpeaks, whilst a blizzard raged outside.

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Dec 07

Chapter 8: Part 7 – Promise

part7 Chapter 8: Part 7   Promise
We spent a lot of that day on our own agendas. Angel had gone off on her own adventure; we last saw her talking with some of the patrols and could only guess that she was helping them out. I knew that she preferred a fight over standing idle. My guess was that she was with the patrol because she was looking for some extra practice before we entered Orr. Or perhaps she was learning the new strategies of and against the Risen from those who encountered them often.

Tobih was taking the extra time to do a few touch-ups on his armor and weapons. He sat by the water with a cloth in one hand and a sword in the other. When it came to the items he owned, he spared no attention to detail. It still impressed me just how small he was beneath his bulky armor. The lights from the trees shimmered across the blade and the armor that lay on a blanket next to him.

Ragnvaldr and I took this time to be relatively alone again. He sat in the cart and I had laid my head to rest in his lap. I stared up at the canopy of leaves above us as we conversed about a number of topics. There was little time for us to bond, just the two of us, on our current phase of the trip.
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Dec 05

Eternal Blade Saga,Book 1: Shadows of the Past, Chapter 1: A Visit to the Past


Eternal Blade P1Chpt1 Eternal Blade Saga,Book 1: Shadows of the Past, Chapter 1: A Visit to the Past

The unnatural howl of the Orrian winds rarely sent a chill up my spine anymore. I had fought and wandered these forsaken lands searching for answers to my past so often that I was sure I had bled over every inch of them by this point in my life. Many others had bled for Orr as well. Some of them had bled and died here for me and it were their cries that haunted my dreams at night and my memories during the day. Too many had died for me before and now I worry there will be many more yet to come. Yet, this was the nature of our world now with the awakening of the dragons and the terrors they have brought upon us. It was a harsh world filled with frightful creatures and horrific enemies.

Generally, I would not have cared. Over the years, I had come to believe that in our world, a person was better off on their own, with no one to rely on and no one to rely on them. I truly believed it was safer, not only for me, but also for the people around me. I stayed away from people and for the most part that worked, but no matter where I travelled, there were always a few who against my better judgment, I allowed to travel with me. To my regret, I ended up burying each one.

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Dec 01

Chapter One: Of Whispers and Valedictions I

ChapterOneOpening Chapter One: Of Whispers and Valedictions I 
“Because you’re not what I would have you be,
I blind myself to who, in truth, you are.”
-Madeleine L’Engle


My father, Quintus III of Varr, head of one of the great noble houses of Kryta, stared up at me as he died.

The bedchamber windows were thrown open, letting the warm Krytan breeze roll in from the fields and waterways that dotted the ancestral lands of the Varr, sending the thin gossamer curtains fluttering with the sound like bird’s wings. The breeze carried with the sweet scent of the distant vineyards, the distant roar of the falls, and the faint cries of the ever-present crows that roosted nearby. The old lord whimpered in his bed, as if suddenly afraid to let go of the life he’d already surrendered. His mind had fled eight months ago, and it simply had taken his body that long to realize it was already dead.

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Nov 23

Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 3)

gw007 Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 3)

Editor’s Note : This chapter contains scenes of mild-gore. Readers discretion is advised.

There is nothing wrong with me.


Then why do your eyes look so sad?


“Yes,” I said into the black night, into the row of murderous eyes before me. “why?” Constant inquiries bombarded my mind as I charged in. It was nothing new, at this point I was used to it all, it was growing rather annoying to be honest. Never knowing what was the next step, yet having it thrusted upon you and being expected to act at a moments notice. That was what ran through my head as I hacked my way through the first wave of enemies. I had already started noticing patterns among them, so fighting the fringe started becoming much easier.

During the fight Krale just stood there, observing his subordinates. Our eyes locked as I spun to avoid a dark armored assassin lunging at me. One by one I was cutting them down, their recklessness being their downfall. Their fighting was so savage yet so calculated, however it carried a certain conviction behind it. As if they knew they were going to die, as if they were ready to do so. That was when I realized that they were sacrificing themselves, trying to tire me out for when I had to fight Krale. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 21

The winners are…..

Hello Tyrians!


The selection process for our latest contest has finally come to an end. Unfortunaly, not everyone could become a writer for us even if we wanted to. The new writers joining our team have been picked from all the amazing submissions we received in the past month.

We were so overwhelmed by the quality of the entries that we decided to bump up the numbers of new writers from 2 to 3. Please welcome our new writers.


Varr, a human mesmer, who can only see the world by using her powers.

Nienna, a mysterious human living in Orr for reasons you’ll want to discover.

Koda’s Breath, a guardian kodan from an unknown Sanctuary with valuable knowledge for the norn.


Their first submissions along with their author bio will be published this week, so keep an eye on our twitter account or our facebook page.


~Jalinar, Editor-in-chief.



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