Jun 26

Hide Your Fires VIII


I leaned to the left, avoiding the enormous arrow the norn archer sent my way and swung my greatsword around, energy crackling along the length of the weapon. My beam caught the Son of Svanir square in the chest, breaking his bow into pieces and sent him tumbling back. His vision went dark, and I marveled at my new strength – while my actual weapon was still crude and bulky, my execution was something I was becoming more and more pleased with. This was the first time I’d had a chance to use it against real targets. Targets that fought back.

We’d struck the Svanir camp shortly after nightfall, Elsif and I both agreeing to come with The Mourn Knights, though I suspected my mentor had come more out of curiosity as to the methods of Ciani’s men than any real bloodlust. With their apparent reputation, I could hardly blame her for that.

And they had not disappointed.

The sentries had been silenced in a feat of near perfectly synchronous killing. The next death had been a half-asleep zealot relieving himself against a tree, then the Knights had moved their way quietly into the camp and started by clamping heavy cloths over mouths before knives entered hearts.

Nearly a dozen of the Svanir were dead before the alarm was sounded, and then Ciani and the remainder of her troops moved in. They swept into the cave with a smooth, military precision. No roars, no shouts, not till the battle was joined.

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Jun 21

Chapter 7: Part 20 – Family

I woke to sunlight streaming in through an open window, casting lines of light across a ceiling I didn’t recognise. For several minutes, I simply lay there, watching the play of shadows, letting my mind turn over the fact that I couldn’t put a name to where I was. Some distant part of me knew I ought to be worried, but I couldn’t bring myself to care. I wanted to believe, in that moment, that all was right with the world, though I had a nagging feeling that wasn’t the case.

“Do I even want to know where I am?” I said aloud, not expecting an answer. To my surprise, I got one.

“You’re still in Rata Sum, and it’s an hour after noon,” came a voice.

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Jun 18

Chapter 12: Part 4 – All of the Secrets

“Why are you hiding it from me?” I tried to push the words on him gently.

He and I walked hand in hand, but the tension in our environment still kept us from looking at one another often. Tobih pushed a strand of hair behind his ear and continued to scour the area for threats. “I don’t know what you mean,” for a moment, as he spoke, his eyes found mine. When they did, he looked down and covered his face with his hand. “No, I can’t,’ Tobih muttered through his palm. “We can’t go back.”

This Tobih seemed different from the one I was used to. The internal conflict was contorting that comforting smile I had come to know from him. I could see his pain. “I want to rest,” was what he said but it sounded more like an admission of defeat. I couldn’t blame him either. The lack of sleep, the weight he was carrying, the sickness in his body, and not having even a moment to legitimately rest- it must have been torture.

I squeezed his hand tighter and looked at the golden-haired norn ahead of us. She was strong, but how far would it last? When would she find her breaking point? Angel couldn’t sleep because of her past but how long would, or could, she hold up without it?
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Jun 17

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 8: Gathering the Pieces

Having been lost in thought, I didn’t hear Dee come into the main hall chamber where I had been waiting for her the next morning. I lit a match in the fire, and then held the small flame up to each of the new candles that now dotted the mantle. Their flames gently illuminated the relics left behind after their owners’ deaths, and after tossing the match into the fire, I stepped back to regard them all. Our friends’ deaths weighed heavily on my shoulders. Although I wanted to buckle under that heft, I forced myself to find the resolve hiding deep within to not just go on, but to make sure their deaths were not in vain. I had to destroy this blade so no more lives would be lost. I had to do whatever it took.

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Jun 13

Chapter Twenty Six: The Threads That Bind Us

Light shined over my eyes, my memories up until that moment were a blur. I wasn’t certain as to how long I had been in that wagon. It felt like a little more than a day, perhaps even longer than that. All I could remember was that I was kept tied up, they allowed me to leave the wagon to stretch my legs, but they didn’t remove the cloth over my eyes. During those moments I could feel dry heat, despite it being winter, the nights that came were freezing, yet my body barely shivered. I was aware of the sensations that struck me, but I felt so numb to it all. If I were to guess then I would say that I was taken to a desert.

“You see,” A familiar voice spoke to me. Salus. “I always knew that we’d speak face to face again.” My eyes eventually adjusted, I could see his face behind the intense rays of light in the dark room. At that point it was evident that I was going to be interrogated.  “I didn’t expect you to turn yourself in, however.”

“You were killing my friends,” said Anavari.

“Intelligence says they’re no longer your friends, though,” countered Salus. “Some even tried to turn you in themselves.” Memories of fighting Argus returned to me, I thought of how many others wanted me gone, dead even. It wasn’t a secret, and it made something inside me seethe with anger. It was a quiet part of me, but one that was quickly growing in power.

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