Nov 23

Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 3)

gw007 Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 3)

Editor’s Note : This chapter contains scenes of mild-gore. Readers discretion is advised.

There is nothing wrong with me.


Then why do your eyes look so sad?


“Yes,” I said into the black night, into the row of murderous eyes before me. “why?” Constant inquiries bombarded my mind as I charged in. It was nothing new, at this point I was used to it all, it was growing rather annoying to be honest. Never knowing what was the next step, yet having it thrusted upon you and being expected to act at a moments notice. That was what ran through my head as I hacked my way through the first wave of enemies. I had already started noticing patterns among them, so fighting the fringe started becoming much easier.

During the fight Krale just stood there, observing his subordinates. Our eyes locked as I spun to avoid a dark armored assassin lunging at me. One by one I was cutting them down, their recklessness being their downfall. Their fighting was so savage yet so calculated, however it carried a certain conviction behind it. As if they knew they were going to die, as if they were ready to do so. That was when I realized that they were sacrificing themselves, trying to tire me out for when I had to fight Krale. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 21

The winners are…..

Hello Tyrians!


The selection process for our latest contest has finally come to an end. Unfortunaly, not everyone could become a writer for us even if we wanted to. The new writers joining our team have been picked from all the amazing submissions we received in the past month.

We were so overwhelmed by the quality of the entries that we decided to bump up the numbers of new writers from 2 to 3. Please welcome our new writers.


Varr, a human mesmer, who can only see the world by using her powers.

Nienna, a mysterious human living in Orr for reasons you’ll want to discover.

Koda’s Breath, a guardian kodan from an unknown Sanctuary with valuable knowledge for the norn.


Their first submissions along with their author bio will be published this week, so keep an eye on our twitter account or our facebook page.


~Jalinar, Editor-in-chief.



Nov 10

Chapter 4: Part 13 – A Plan of Escape

AmberHeader4 13 Chapter 4: Part 13   A Plan of Escape

You would think, being as small as we are, asura would have the finely honed instincts of prey creatures, ready to flee at any point. The thing is, we’ve been superior for so long that whatever instincts we once had have been lost – asura are used to reasoning, or building, or even fighting their way out of situations that don’t go their way. Except I’d seen my situation too late and I couldn’t do any of those things. I was trapped.

In her haste to get to work on Souleater, Spark had already commandeered a small room close to the outer wall of Seraph’s Landing. It was little more than a storeroom, in truth, but there was space enough for her to pile her bags in one corner and set out her tools on a trestle table. And amid her tools, nestling in their centre like a skritt’s baubles in its nest, was the weapon. Souleater.

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Nov 09

Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 2)

gw006 Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 2)

Editor’s note : Due to a mishap in the scheduling, this chapter has been uploaded a week later than it was suppose to. We apologize for this error. 

“Are you nervous?” asked Argus.

“I will be alright,” I said taking several large breaths to relax my nerves. “Just, not too accustomed to performing in front of others.” To be honest I was not entirely sure if my anxiousness came from the danger of the mission or from performing, I would say it is an even split between both. I reached into the massive wig draped over my head and neck, and scratched at my itchy scalp. I definitely looked the part of wandering charr minstrel, especially one that didn’t groom his mane all that much. The wig on me was so long and ruffled that it covered most of my face and reached down to my shoulders. My dark spectacles and worn clothing only added to the illusion.

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Oct 27

Chapter 4: Part 12 – Catastrophic Consequences

AmberHeader4 12 Chapter 4: Part 12   Catastrophic Consequences

There’s something about human settlements that puts me on edge. They’re always curiously joyful places, optimistic in the face of overwhelming odds. And the odds usually are overwhelming, given the adversity humans face on every front – but they’re always hopeful, relentlessly so, and it tends to make me nauseous.

Still, it was with a certain sense of relief that I finally saw Seraph’s Landing come into view. We’d been struggling through the Hinterlands for days, dodging centaur patrols, rock dogs, and even a nest of giant spiders. I was grubby and footsore, worn out in body and mind.

It didn’t help, of course, that after Caolinn’s revelations – that she’d been working for Darr, spying on Spark all along – I was wary of getting too close to either the charr or the sylvari. Caolinn’s intentions were good, true, but her faultless duplicity made me uneasy, as did her assertion that Spark was planning… something. Well, I’d known for a long time that Spark wasn’t just out here to enjoy the scenery, but for much of our journey I’d been able to blissfully ignore just what she was up to.

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Oct 26

Chapter 8: Part 6 – Bathing

part6 Chapter 8: Part 6   Bathing
The next morning greeted me with sun rays falling gently in between the canopy of leaves above us. The water glittered under each band of light and the area was quiet but lively. The researchers were already working on creating their potions and salves while those protecting the camp were already on a lookout by the one opening in the valley.

I was the first to wake that morning of those who did sleep. The boys had slept in. When I sat up I realized that I had been using Ragnvaldr as a pillow. He slept so calmly and deeply that he didn’t even notice when I brushed those blond locks of his out of his face. I gently placed a kiss on his cheek before quietly making my way off of the cart. The most difficult part was maneuvering around Tobih, who had fallen halfway off of the bench he had claimed. I smiled as I successfully removed myself from the cart.

Angel was nowhere to be seen at the moment.

“You look like you could use a nice bath,” I heard a voice nearby say. I turned to find my Norn friend sitting on a branch, “Come bath with me.”
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Oct 13

Chapter 4: Part 11 – The Right Path

AmberHeader4 11 Chapter 4: Part 11   The Right Path

Night had descended over us by the time I rejoined my companions. Someone had lit a crackling campfire in a small clearing, and most of the party were huddled around it. Spark was mending a rifle propped across her lap, Weir roasting some unidentifiable hunk of meat over the flames, and Blaise neatening the fletchings on some of his arrows. Caolinn, curled beside the fire, appeared to be asleep; Darr was nowhere to be seen.

Spark glanced up at me, her eyes reflecting the glow of the fire. “You were starting to make me worry, cub.”

For a moment, my mind was blank. I’d wandered off into the trees for a chance to speak to Darr alone, but how long had we been away from the group – and how to explain our absence? Fortunately, I didn’t have to.

“Your patrol,” Spark prompted. “Anything?”

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Oct 06

Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 1)

gw003 Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 1) “So what’s HE doing here?” Asked Daniel pointing at Argus.

“Didn’t you mother ever tell you pointing was rude?” asked the norn.

“Why do you think I’m doing it in the first place?” asked Daniel. Simon gave out an amused snort. Argus was not amused.

“Argus is here because we’ll need his services.” Said Serenity as placed a large sheet of paper onto the table we were standing around. Serenity had lead us to her home to share the information she had discovered. Upon arriving we found Argus there, yet Slim and Salus were nowhere to be seen. Serenity motioned us to draw closer, to inspect the sheet of paper more closely.

“What is this?” I asked, noticing that this was some sort of blueprint of a building.

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Sep 29

Chapter 4: Part 10 – Guilt by Association

AmberHeader4 10 Chapter 4: Part 10   Guilt by Association

In all our lives, there are times for silence, and there are times to speak and be heard. Quite what made me open up to Darr, that chill evening at the end of summer, surrounded by the hills and glades of Harathi Hinterlands, I couldn’t say. Perhaps I’d simply been dwelling on my past too long, bottling it up until the pressure became to great; or perhaps, in some small part of me, I wanted Darr to… understand.

“Mikk,” I repeated, breaking the stillness that had fallen between us. “I fell in with him out of desperation, more than anything. He’d been out of the crèche a year longer than me, and he’d learnt to be self-reliant. No college wanted him, and he couldn’t find a place in even the most basic of krewes. They all said he was shiftless, lazy, self-absorbed. Untrustworthy.”

Darr, still crouching before me, rocked back on his heels. “And was he?”

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Sep 24

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