Dec 13 2017

Chapter 5.1: Plan B

Chapter 5, part 1: Plan B

Minkus didn’t get his eyes more than halfway open before he reflexively closed them again, wincing at the intense ache that ran from the back of his skull to his eye sockets. For a moment he could focus on nothing but the fingers of pain stretched across his head. He moved to ease the throb …

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Dec 10 2017

Lightforge – Kumara – Chapter 5 Part 4

Since my travels began, few things felt as comforting as a well-filled coin purse. And right now, my purse was loaded. Norn are a strange race, once you beat their champion—which should be their best—suddenly they all want to challenge you. As I was hurting for coin, I felt no need to deprive them of …

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Dec 07 2017

Wintersday Contest 2017

Hello Tyrians! Once again, Chronicles of Tyria is making preparations for Tixx and Toxx’s arrival.  The tree is up and decorated, tinsel adorns the walls and the wreath is in place. The snowmakers will start soon, orphans are lining the streets of Divinity’s Reach and the ale is already flowing. However, we are starting the …

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Dec 06 2017

Chapter 4.3: Waylaid

Chapter 4, part 3: Waylaid

Several hours later, they were well on their way, enough miles down the road that the monastery wasn’t even in sight behind them anymore. Ventyr led the party, walking out in front, with the rhythmic tap of his staff conducting not only him, but the pace of the whole party. Minkus should have been captivated …

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Dec 04 2017

The Hornet’s Nest: Part 4

In all her years as a spy, Caolinn had never been caught. It wasn’t just that the targets Darr sent her after were frequently inept – she was too careful to ever let herself get into a compromising position in the first place. Something about this mission within the Chantry of Secrets had thrown her …

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