Dec 07

Chapter 7: Part 8 – A Warm Welcome

amberheader7-8You would expect, in any normal circumstances, for a city being targeted by a giant golem to be one quickly swamped by panic. How could such a creation, after all, arriving without warning, be anything other than a threat? Any other race, I think, would see it as exactly that – but asura, being what we are, are nothing without our curiosity. Zurra’s golem was coming, and most of Rata Sum wanted to know why.

I heard the mutterings and heated arguments as we made our way back up through the city. Who could have conceived of such a thing? Who even had a lab big enough? How could anyone have secured the funding to build it? What was it for? My companions, I could see, were ready to shake some sense into many of the perplexed asura we passed, but I knew better. The golem could start tearing Rata Sum from the sky, and there’d still be some of my people trying to get close enough to see what weaponry it had been equipped with.

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Nov 22

Endless Sky, Restrained Earth


In the cell, during the escape

Drac was standing in the jail, waiting until the ship arrived in Lion’s Arch. He had the dagger Patrick kindly gave him in hand, prepared to defend himself from any sudden attack. I don’t know how this thing is used, though… he thought while looking at his hand, holding the strange weapon.

He heard footsteps getting closer to his cell. They were slow, though steady, creating an anxious feeling in Drac’s body. He started to tremble as the shadow of the torches grew bigger. Then the figure stopped and Drac could see it. Snapping his fingers, the lights extinguished themselves.

“It is told that your specialization is decided once you first use a weapon” told the figure, unrecognizable due to the sudden lack of light.

“W-who are you?” yelled Drac, feeling true fear. He took two steps back, his body still trembling, even harder than before, feeling the ominous presence the man emitted. He held the dagger with both hands, facing it towards the strange man, trying without success to threaten him.

“Is my name of any importance?” Asked with certain arrogance the man. By his voice, one could tell he was a young man. “You can call me a servant of God.”

“I trust no God… the Six abandoned us long ago” said Drac, confused about the man’s affirmation.

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Nov 20

Chapter 11: Part 7 – Smoke Filled Room

Where is he?

My heart beat so hard I felt it was going to explode in my chest. I couldn’t find him outside. I ran into the burning innards of the building. Dark smoke-filled the room and even though it was starting to fill my lungs, I began digging through the bodies on the floor. While there was a minute moment of relief when I didn’t find him, panic welled up inside me still. I felt a hand grasp mine and pull me out into fresh air. It was a large hardened hand, one of a norn, but it wasn’t his. Angel now carried me from the building and set me down onto the ground against a wall.

Tobih sprinted towards me and eventually took hold of me. He held me more tightly than he ever had before. “Thank the gods,” he whispered only that.

“Where is he?” I couldn’t muster much more than those words. Numbness began to take over as my mind prepared itself for the worst. The strength behind Tobih’s embrace left me feeling as if something had happened.
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Nov 14


My arm ached as I worked it back into its sling. The healers had done their work, but the soreness hadn’t quite passed. I’d been reassured that while the dislocation wouldn’t leave any lasting damage the fractures could impact me permanently if I didn’t give myself the time I needed to recover. It was a warning I had taken seriously – I needed the rest and I couldn’t allow Tatianna to jeopardise my future.

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Nov 14

Chapter Twenty: The Trap

anavari%20paint“Astrid!” I called out as I entered the norn’s clinic. It was a small location, barely enough room for a few patients and some medicine, of course like any other Secro hideout it had hidden rooms underneath. The norn came into view, tying up her hair and jumping once she saw that I had the two ravens draped over my shoulders and Argus being pulled by Simon.

“Spirits, Anavari!” She said as she ran over to take one of the ravens from me. “Did you do this?”

“They wanted to give me to the fringe.” I said. “So, I knocked them out.”

“They what?!” Astrid said as she unceremoniously dropped the raven onto a hospital bed. I moved over to the next bed over and dropped the one I was holding. Simon dragged his master to the last bed in the row and Astrid aided in the final step. I sat down on a nearby seat, and waited as she diagnosed their injuries. “No sign of necrotic energies on them,” she said. “Large and wide bruises.”

“I hit them with the flat end of my sword,” I said. “Punched them a few times, but I didn’t use magic. I didn’t want to kill them.”

“Bastards,” said Astrid, as she finished tying her hair and reached for her staff. “Did they ambush you?” She waved her hand over the raven and a sphere of water manifested in the air before her.

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