Apr 22

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 34: Bloodied Hands


I always found fascinating what people felt when faced with the prospect of battle. Some get so nervous they empty their stomach of the contents of their previous drink or meal. Some succumbed to fear and run away. Some allowed their hate for their opponent fuel their battle fire. Some held onto hope so tightly in their hearts that they would believe victory was on their side.

I tried to feel nothing.

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Apr 18

Chapter Seven: Suttlest Beast III

ChapterSeven2 copy

I was almost entirely mobile again in a four days, the cuts and scrapes were healing and my ribs were now considerably less painful. I didn’t feel fully back to my old self, but a steaming bath and the opportunity to dress into something passably stylish made me feel more prepared to face Lion’s Arch again.

Baen and I had only had the chance for brief conversations, but she’d been making regular forays into the city, often with Coalpaw. Ostensibly, it was to collect supplies but she’d made secretive attempts to contact Tianne. She’d failed, but when she learned that The Gilded Anchor had been burned to the ground she had assumed – and I agreed – that the Lightbringer was well aware of the situation.

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Apr 17

Chapter Eighteen: The Blade (Part 1)

gw006My boots dug into the dirt of the canton as I stood before Ash Checkpoint Thirteen. It was one of the many headquarters for Ash Legion operations, rarely anyone outside the legion was welcome here, I was an exception of course. Ever since Fumus was back, Ash was treating me much more differently, especially after the successful sabotage of the flame legion’s recent operation. They knew who I was, not at I was that hard to pick out in a crowd. Short, moody, articulate, and a necromancer. Magic users were few and far between, but you could always pick them out if they carried a staff or some sort of focus. There was also an air of prominence about them. It is difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t use magic.

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Apr 11

Chapter 6: Part 11 – The Enemy of my Enemy

AmberHeader6-11There’s nothing quite as terrifying as seeing your enemy get what she wants. The box – the very same one I’d stolen from Torwen and the Nightmare Court, then insisted Erin lug all this way – sat between us on the table, and Zurra didn’t seem able to take her eyes off it.

“Thank you for returning this to me,” she said, sounding genuinely grateful. “You’ve no idea how much trouble it would have taken to recover it otherwise.”

I winced inwardly, because it sounded like I’d done the Inquest’s job for them. “Why would you want anything the Nightmare Court had?”

“Because it wasn’t theirs to begin with.” Zurra finally looked up, a gleam in her eye. “You may be aware that, in some areas of Tyria, the Inquest and the Court have been able to work together, but not here. Early interactions between us have left the sylvari somewhat… antagonistic.”

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Apr 09

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 33: Death’s Door

EBS B1, Chpt 33

The surrounding flora slowly changed from primitive broad-leaf vegetation to a heartier spattering of sturdy trees and grass covered hills as we crossed north into the Bloodtide Coast. We followed the tracks, which continued to lead north but they ended at the edge of a plunging drop set against the hillside. The gentle lapping of water echoed up through the large opening in the ground where a pirate ship had been lost long ago.

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