Apr 20

Chapter Two: Shadows of the Maned City V


I allowed Coalpaw and Baen to assist me down the hatch and into the dinghy, trying not to vomit on either of them as I was lain down in the unsteady craft. The rocking of the little vessel did nothing for my nausea or headache, but I managed to keep from blacking out or further embarrassing myself as Coalpaw, Baen, and finally Tatianna joined us.

Coalpaw and Baen rowed, elbowing a complaining Fotti aside. Tatianna sat in silence, scowling into the darkness and answering questions with sharp monosyllables. Conversation overall was understandably sparse, for which I was grateful given my condition, and when the dinghy bumped against a rickety pier nearly an hour later I doubted more than two dozen words had been exchanged.

My balance was still shaky, but at least the pain in my head had shifted from a constant roaring excruciation to a throbbing ache with occasional spikes of agony. Nevertheless, Coalpaw again picked me up and carried me out of the boat, only lowering me onto my feet when we were on the sturdier wooden boards of the pier. Baen draped my arm over her powerful shoulders to keep me upright, and I stifled my complaints, knowing it would only make the humiliation worse.

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Apr 19

Chapter Fourteen: Frayed (Part 2)

gw030It was odd entering someone’s house who everyone still believed to be alive, of course word would spread once people would notice that Krale hasn’t been seen for a few days, they will become suspicious from not seeing his servants for that matter. I expected the ravens to dispose of the bodies and gather all the evidence, at least gathered enough to make sure the Secros, Fringe, and Krale were not linked in any way. Their evidence however, wasn’t much to look at. A spare set of fringe armor, some maps of cantha and elona with notes with several locations crossed out, I assumed it was where they had been searching for the Heartless one. Finally there was Krale’s journal, this was an interesting piece, mainly because the ravens had received orders that whatever the journal could contain, it was meant for my eyes and my eyes only.

I appreciated the faith Slim had in me, however I would not ignore the fact that it was a bit unprecedented. I was never good with unprecedented, Garfas was, and  that was why I relied on him to react accordingly. Garfas could not follow me to Krale’s mansion however, he was not a Secro, and he was still reluctant to show himself in front of anyone I knew closely. It made sense to me, him introducing himself would lead to questions, and suddenly him keeping facts about me hidden would become much more difficult. It was mostly for my own good I suppose. At the very least we agreed to meet back up once I returned home. Maybe I could talk to him about Fumus, I had begun to remember him lately. I was remember a lot more things lately, at an accelerated rate in fact. It was a concern for another time however, right now I was tasked with extracting whatever information was useful in Krale’s journal, and then take it to an observer immediately after.

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Apr 17

Nothing Lasts – Kumara – Chapter 3 Part 6



I have lived in this asuran lab for a while now, but I had not seen it so… lively yet. Kaya was no longer the only one who smiled, the krewe members actually greeted one another in passing and most of the time they were chatting happily amongst each other. They did their best to include me in their conversations whenever I was around, but most of the time I really had no idea what they were talking about.

Rearranging the crystal matrix? Calibrating the etheric tuners? Just give me fire and metal and I know what to do.

Still, I appreciated their effort, so most of the time I pretended to follow what they are saying.


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Apr 15

Shards Of Memory – Chapter 6, Part 1 – The Durmand Priory

Guild-Wars-2-TabletsGixx did not come out to greet them when they arrived. The scholars of the priory did not even notice Koda’s Breath, Ulfridda and Melinda until Korr and Ounce climbed the stairs and entered their stone halls. He ducked around hanging chandeliers, and Ounce darted amongst the many floating tablets that lined the walls. The Scholars kept their distance, whispering amongst each other quietly.

This doesn’t make you uncomfortable?” Ulfridda asked Koda’s Breath quietly.

I am used to crowds. I lead the Spear and regularly addressed an audience”.

You were a leader in a past life then kodan?” Melinda asked over her shoulder.

I was the Voice of a sanctuary.”

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Apr 13

Chapter 5: Part 9 – Free Agents


Out of all the places Spark could have chosen to test her weapon, it had to be the swamps. In all honesty, Bloodtide Coast made the perfect location – sparsely populated, yet close enough to Lion’s Arch for easy access – yet I couldn’t help but wish she’d gone elsewhere. I was used to the heat, even to the humidity and the biting insects, but Bloodtide felt like a world away from the relatively tame lands around Rata Sum, where there was a fresh lab – and thus civilisation – around every corner.

But Spark needed remoteness and limited witnesses to her activities, so here we were.

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