Jan 08

Chapter Twenty One: Awry (Part 2)

I found my hand grasping at the table in front of me to keep myself upright. The memories that had flooded in made it hard for me to keep my balance.

“Anavari?” I felt Daniel’s hand on my back. “What’s wrong big guy?” I opened my eyes, shallow breaths escaped me as I tried to piece together what exactly I was doing before my relapse. I saw food being placed onto tables, bottles of wine, Daniel dressed in a rather elegant suit that brought out the color of his eyes. We were setting up the party, it was today, a few hours from now.

“I…” the words struggled to come out, I was still experiencing the shock of the images that had flashed in my mind just moments ago. “I’m fine, just a particularly… unsettling memory appeared to me.” Daniel’s eyes expressed concern.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked.

“… No,” I said, straightening up, brushing off my shock. “We can hold it off until later, we have work to do.” I forced a smile. Daniel was obviously unconvinced, but he understood the urgency of the situation. He took in a deep breath and nodded.

“Okay,” he said. “But next time we’re alone, you’ll share with me what you remembered.” He said.

“I promise,” I said.  We returned to our preparations.


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Dec 25

Chapter Twenty One: Awry (Part 1)

“This will definitely not work,” said Thoc as he sat by my side as we overlooked the plains of Ashford from the citadel walls.


“Not with that attitude,” I muttered. “I hate to say this but you should be a bit more optimistic about it, it’s not as if there’s much room for error. It’s an extremely simple plan. I head out with you, call in for backup, Gafas goes, you return and tell everyone we got killed by flame legion.”


“Itan won’t buy it,” said Thoc. “You two have been killing off flame legion left and right. You’re starting to gain a reputation for it.”


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Dec 22

‘Twas the Night Before Wintersday

‘Twas the night before Wintersday, when all through the hall,

Not a creature was stirring, not even Dee’s princess doll;

The stockings were hung on the mantel with care,

In hopes that Toymaker Tixx soon would be there.


The Wardens were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of buttered spirits danced in their heads;

The minions at rest, and I done with the booze,

Had just settled down for a long Wintersday eve snooze.

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Dec 21

Chapter 7: Part 9 – An Interlude

There is a very great difference between believing yourself ready for a momentous occasion, and being actually, well, ready. You can tell yourself over and over that you’re prepared, but these things sneak up on you, so that one moment you’re oiling your daggers, wondering just how much good they’re going to be, and the next you’re looking out at not just a single enemy, but an army.

I speak not in general terms, of course, but in very specific ones. After hours of waiting, of pacing, of itching to have something – anything – to do, we suddenly found Zurra was a lot closer than we’d believed possible. I’d climbed to a high observation platform with Erin, both of us expecting to see nothing more than the distant golem; perhaps we’d miscalculated, or time had just sneaked up on us, but the golem was suddenly close, nearly close enough to touch, or that’s what it felt like.

Erin gave a low whistle. “That’s a feat of engineering, and no mistake.”

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Dec 20

Chapter 11: Part 8 – Burning the Bodies

I stared at the ground, finding ridges in the mud that barely caught my attention. We all kept our weapons out just in case we were attacked. We were sometimes, but nothing like the swarm we had seen before. It was as if the risen were going about the daily lives that they had left behind. Tattered noble-like clothed risen walked the same streets we did. When their eyes landed on us, it was as if they were suddenly transformed. Usually it was Angel who took care of them. I was only used to burn the bodies one by one as we passed them by. It was a small repetitive task that kept me busy physically, but what I really needed was something or someone to occupy me mentally. The smaller group was quieter though.

We arrived at a split in our path. There were two roads before us.
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