Mar 23

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 4: Dysphoria


My door flung wide open as Dee and Quint burst into my room, ready to save me from whatever trouble they imagined waited inside. However, all they found was me leaning against my now-righted chair as I rubbed my sore neck and Danae sitting on the floor, holstering her pistol. As the ship captain rose to her feet, she didn’t show much concern for the greatsword Dee thrusted to within a few inches of her throat.

“Are you okay?” Quint asked as he stepped between Danae and myself. He checked me over for wounds but I furiously waved him off.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I insisted.

“We were just having a discussion,” Danae offered as she casually retrieved her belt and scabbard that had fallen to the floor during the scuffle. She flashed Dee a friendly smile while fastening the buckle on her waist.

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Mar 21

Hide Your Fires IV


I wondered if it was easier for those who had been born truly blind.

Having never known colours, light, or the relative pleasures and horrors of vision, I wondered if they lived in a state of blissful ignorance. Were they frustrated when told of something they could never experience? Or was it a matter of not being bothered what they didn’t know?

There had been times when my gift had been unpleasant, more a hinderance than a help. Through the eyes of others I had seen things I had not wanted to see – my ability was not restricted by walls, something that some didn’t know and those who did sometimes forgot. It was the habit of people to think themselves alone and unspied on when they closed their doors.

But my family, by and large, had adjusted for me. As befitted my station, I would have been given large personal chambers in the estate, but when my innate magic had become apparent my parents had deemed a change to be in order. When I was old enough to have my own room, I’d been given the expansive quarters in the west wing of the mansion, where it was unlikely that I would inadvertently spy on the lives of others in the Varr household. They gave me Maei, ordered the whining thing to be with me at all times as my eyes, and until I dismissed them entirely at my own ascension to head of the family, two other personal servants and a pair of bodyguards, all to make sure I’d never be alone.

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Mar 14

Chapter 7: Part 14 – Quick Thinking

We couldn’t beat the colossus, that much was abundantly clear. T.A.F.D.A. could slow it down, though, and that was all I could ask for. All the defenders of Rata Sum had to do was protect the city long enough for me to find a way to get aboard the golem, and there defeat Zurra. It really was, I told myself, incredibly simple.

If only that were true. Zurra would have every safeguard known to asura-kind on the colossus, to ensure she couldn’t be boarded. It would be virtually impossible for me to out-think every single one, when Zurra had spent months building the thing and I had only hours – if that – to counteract them. No, if I was going to get onto the colossus, I would need to find a tactic Zurra hadn’t even considered, a hole in her defences. There had to be at least one, but one was all I needed.

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Mar 12

Chapter 12: Part 2 – Corrupted Gods

Even though the sun had began to rise, clouds covered the sky which made it appear darker than when we originally had set off. Tobih and I walked side by side as Angel lead the way. She had insisted on looking ahead of us for any signs of trouble, but it seemed as if something was bothering her. I wondered if the disappearance of Ragnvaldr had affected her more than she let on. Angel was like that, though. In all of my time spent with her I had gotten to understand her a little better. While she was certainly a thinker, she was also emotional. She just managed to keep the latter part hidden.

I envied her. She was emotional, yet she was still strong. Maybe the two went hand in hand.

My eyes fell to my hands. I felt like I had a lot of power within me but I also knew that I wasn’t sure on how to harness it. I began thinking that maybe I could have prevented what had happened if I was a little more diligent in training it.

“These old statues are corrupted,” Angel luckily pulled me from that dark pool of thinking before I could completely submerge myself in it. She pulled her hand back seconds after laying it on the stone hand of Balthazar.

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Mar 12

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 3: A Visitor

A sharp rapping came at my door at about midday and I looked up, glaring from where I sat slumped in my chair. Purposefully ignoring the knocks, I picked up my iron poker instead and pushed the dying embers around in the fireplace, kicking up a few small flames. I reached for a small piece of wood from a freshly piled stack, and tossed it in to feed the fire. The flames kicked up and spilled their warmth over me, and I sighed as I settled back into my chair.

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