Oct 22

Chapter 12: Part 6 – Claws

Angel threw a bit of wood on the fire. I knew we were probably running low on it now and there hadn’t been a chance to find any dry wood since we come into Orr.

“It is about time that you hear my story, anyway, Tobih,” Angel’s resolve sounded strong at first but at the end of her sentence she paused before continuing.

“A young norn girl, barely old enough to even bear child, once lived in the Far Shiverpeaks. She was lonely; a girl whose family never made it home one night. Her home was made close enough to Sifhalla to put funny ideas and attitudes into her head. She had come to see her worth depended on the number of beasts and foes she could slay. She had come to see Tyria as a world full of nothing but beasts.

The more dangerous a foe, the more fun it was for her to slay it. A wolf pelt was worth more to her than a wild hog’s. A pelt of a black bear was more interesting to obtain than a wolf’s. As she overcame the many beasts that lived in the area, she looked naturally looked for the next beast elsewhere.

A lone human ventured out into the harsh weather of the Far Shiverpeaks. An unfortunate soul who had crossed paths with someone who had no semblance of morals.”

She paused again.

We waited for her. It was already more than I had even heard from her story before and it was just beginning.
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Oct 20

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 13: Truth in the Dark

I hobbled my way across Cragstead to the tavern, sat down at one of the tables in the back, and settled into a chair with a sigh. After Alena’s little experiment, she made sure to cast a well of energy around me to help my body restore itself. The magic may have healed my wounds shut, but it didn’t take away the pain. When I was able to pass for walking, and after swearing her to secrecy, Alena and I parted ways. She went off to mull over the results while I made my way to the tavern. I hadn’t ever been one to drink much, but after tonight’s activities, an ale sounded downright delightful.

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Oct 18

Chapter 3.1: Prototyping

Chapter 3, part 1: Prototyping

Minkus had thought Penny’s tenacity at research was enough to rival his most advanced peers back in Metrica. That, however was only the beginning. If she was persistent in research, she was downright obsessive in work.

It was several days into the golem-pack project—a term only used by Minkus and Eddie when Penny wasn’t paying attention—that Minkus realized things were dramatically different when the engineer worked on something personal. Now that she’d begun work on her project, Penny only ever came out from behind the curtain to eat or relieve herself, both of which were happening at increasingly longer intervals.

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Oct 11

Chapter 2.2: Golems Are Creepy

Chapter 2, part 2: Golems Are Creepy

Penny and Minkus worked together on a near-daily basis. Early every morning, thanks to a deal they’d struck with the librarian, the two would arrive at the Durmand Hall, lift open the surprisingly weighty tome, and begin skimming the next section of its contents for pertinent information. Each day, Minkus stood for the better part of an hour beside the far end of the librarian’s desk, where Penny sat hunched over the tome, quickly flipping back and forth between the brittle pages without the slightest indication that she was aware of the presence of anything else in the room. Minkus’ role was to follow along and let her know when their hour was up and it was time to return to the shop for the day’s work. Though she would have preferred to keep on at the project at hand, the shop still needed to operate for customers who came calling, and, lest she miss out on the payday coming, she and Eddie still needed to construct the six turrets Sigmund expected to have in his possession within the season. Before departing the Hall, she would give him her transcription and translation requests, pointing out the sections that were important, and leave him to his part of the labor. When he finished, he’d return to the shop with the new text and schematic copies, which Penny added to her growing collection. This went on for weeks.

Finally, one morning, Penny had only been skimming for about twenty minutes when she slammed her hands on the book and leaned back in the old, creaky chair. Both Minkus and the librarian started, looking up to see the most satisfied grin either had witnessed on the studious machinist’s face.

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Oct 08

Chapter 12: Part 5 – Naivety

The sky eventually became murky. The horizon blended with the wet earth in front of us. It was surprisingly a welcomed change when it began to drizzle. Though it was wet and soaked through my clothes, I could appreciate that it was also cool and seemed to carry the smell of rot to the ground with it. For the time, Orr actually smelled clean.

We passed through coral and mushrooms that grew in the place of trees or on the hollow shells of where trees once stood. We trod through paths that still looked beaten or paved and we trekked across a bridge over a mighty chasm. Even though I was supposed to be looking out for potential threats, these things caught my attention instead. Orr was so much more different from any of the architecture I had seen in my life. Orr as a city was said to have been more advanced than Ascalon or Kryta, especially in the art of magic. Towering carved rings that disappeared into the clouds revealed to me just what people had meant when they wrote of such things.

Only a little further ahead did we find a place to make camp. Tobih seemed to be feeling a little better or maybe he was just hiding his pain yet again. Either way, it was a lot nicer to see that pure, unrestrained smile on his face again. We holed up in a decrepit building on the edge of a cliff. Though we were by the shoals, the building was far enough above that we could barely hear the waves hitting the stones and ruins at the bottom.
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