Aug 16

Chapter 11: Part 5 – Pact Camp Mausoleum

part5The outpost shouldn’t have been much further but it was difficult to see through the fog that was coming in by sea. A small shiver made its way through my body as the air turned cooler. The jungle we had left behind was night and day compared to the dead land we had just stepped into. Boots and shoes on the bridge were a cacophony of clanks and creaks. Ragnvaldr lead at the front. He not only was easy to follow, but seemed to know where he was going in this sudden fog. Tobih and I were sandwiched in between him and Angel. Under Ragnvaldr and Angel’s guidance, we agreed to let Angel guard us two humans from behind while we traveled.

Ragnvaldr halted suddenly, causing me to bump into him. He looked behind at me; when he turned to face forward again, he walked slowly forward. “This doesn’t look good. Keep your wits.”

He kneeled down at the body of an asura on the ground. He lifted the asura’s hand and let it fall back to the ground. “This was recent. I hope they’re still alive inside.” He stood up and motioned for us to stay back. Angel pulled the greatsword from her back.
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Aug 15

Chapter 7: Part 1 – No News is Good News

AmberHeader5-5A golem the size of a small town would, you’d think, draw a certain amount of attention. In the days that followed, though, there was curiously little chatter about Zurra’s creation, and though we felt a series of continued rumblings from the volcano behind us, no-one in the vicinity seemed to think it anything out of the ordinary. Of course, much of the area we passed through was utterly deserted, desolate swamp and the like, but to find not even a single curious scout was disheartening. Zurra had built – and loosed on the world – the mostly deadly golem ever seen… and the world hadn’t even noticed.

Things didn’t get much better in Lion’s Arch. It was a relief to be back there, of course, after days in the wilderness, but even the most informed inhabitants of the city seemed to know nothing of Zurra’s activities. There were no high-ranking members of the Order of Whispers available to hear our concerns, according to Caolinn, and Erin had no greater luck interesting the Priory in our findings. For now, we were on our own.

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Aug 12

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 41: A Bloody Flurry

EBS B1, Chpt 41

Snowflakes floated down from the sky in a light flurry and I welcomed their icy touch on my face. I had left a messy trail behind me dotted with blood from my still bleeding wounds so I kept to the back of the group. As we trudged through the almost knee-deep snow, I struggled to keep going. My legs felt like two stiff boards and my back muscles ached with every move, but I had to keep going. Thank goodness my blood blended in with my red attire. I didn’t want the others to worry and I sure as hell didn’t want to give Alec the satisfaction of seeing my weakened state.

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Aug 06

Parting Ways – Kumara – Chapter 4 Part 10



Before me sat a dangerously disgruntled asura, glaring at me.

“You woke me in th’middle of th’night, and for what?” Tot stammered, leaning on a propped up hand, visibly strained from the stress of the previous days and the lack of sleep accompanying it.

I slung the still paralyzed body of the first mate on the floor between us. The captain’s face was somewhere between a frown and an expression of confusion. He took a few seconds to take it all in, after which he turned to me with an impassive look.

“I suppose ya’re gonna tell me what this is about?”

“Yes, you see—“

“Not like I didn’t see it comin’, with th’two of ya always at each other’s throats, but I hope it’s more than just that,” he interjected, danger woven through every word.

Deciding not to waste any time with a too elaborate explanation, I cut to the chase.

“He is the real assassin, captain.”

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Aug 03

Chapter 6: Part 16 – The Status Quo

AmberHeader6-16It’s a strange feeling, finding yourself pitted against someone you wish wasn’t an enemy. I didn’t want to hate Vonn and certainly didn’t want to fight him, but there seemed no retreat from his position with the Inquest. Whatever had happened between him and Flikk, he’d chosen his own path, and it was a long way from what his father would have wanted.

Had Flikk known? I wondered. All that time I worked in his krewe, had he known who his progeny had allied with? I wanted to say no, because if he had known he’d surely have done something about it – but on that score, I found myself uncertain. The fact that Vonn seemed to understand Flikk’s research better than anyone else, and had clearly been brought here by Zurra for that very reason, suggested the pair had at least been aware of one another. Asura families aren’t exactly the single entity humans are so fond of, but this seemed to go beyond casual estrangement into outright betrayal.

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