May 19

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 6: The Beginning

291 Season of the Colossus 1073AE

I write this first entry three days after it has come into our possession. My family has now been named the blade’s warden and the following account is for future descendants when it is their time to take over this duty. It is imperative that whomever becomes its warden, take upon this calling with the highest sense of responsibility.

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May 08

Chapter 7: Part 18 – The Belly of the Beast

I reached the colossus with only three things in my possession. The first was the T.A.F.D.A. targeting module, the one that would hopefully bring down the golem. Second was the half of Lumm’s portable gate gun that would, in theory, allow me to escape the destruction I was about to create. And third, if you’ll forgive me for referring to them in the singular, was my collection of weapons. What more could I need?

The goggles, I lost somewhere in transit. Lumm had insisted I wear them, but by the time I exited the portable gate, they’d somehow disappeared. I didn’t have time to wonder whether I would have had my eyes sucked out of my head if I hadn’t been wearing them, because it appeared Lumm’s targeting with the gate had been a little off. By the time I got my bearings, I was soaring through the air, wind streaming past me, and the side of the colossus looming before me like a vast, gleaming cliff.

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May 06

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 5: Fight or Die

The battle with my hairbrush was epic. It hadn’t occurred to me just how many knots could form in my hair after about a week of neglect. I ran my brush through again, making sure there were no more tangles and then pulled back the front section and secured it with a silver clasp. Examining myself in the mirror, I sighed, then abruptly looked away. As a result of all the lives that had been lost in my wake, I felt so much shame and guilt when I looked at my reflection now. I wondered if I managed to fix all this, my perception would change. I wondered if I’d ever like what I saw in the mirror again.

Having tamed my long, red hair, I moved on to changing into a set of real clothes for the first time in a week. I adjusted the red, fur-lined attire, noticing that the clothes felt a little looser than before. I hadn’t eaten much lately, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to find my clothes a little on the baggy side. After I pulled on and laced up a pair of calf-high black leather boots, I stood in the middle of my room, looking over at my bookcase. I smiled knowingly at the secret one of the shelves contained, but it would have to wait. There was one thing I needed to do first.

I quietly slipped out of the guild hall with a black cloak draped around my shoulders. With the hall as empty as it was these days, it was much easier to leave without being seen. As I started making my way down the hill, I put up my hood and made my way to the aerodrome on the south edge of Lion’s Arch, near the Vigil Centerhouse. They had only recently begun construction on the facility, so calling it an aerodrome was generous. However, the framework was nearly done and the foundation had been completed. It would be an aerodrome soon enough.

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May 04

Chronicles of Tyria’s Fifth Anniversary Contest

This year, Chronicles of Tyria is celebrating its fifth anniversary of existence within the Guild Wars 2 community. It all started in 2012 before the release of the game with the story of Naveen, and our team has been growing ever since.

From Alucardalina’s distant past to Kaede’s undercover mission for the Order of Whispers, our adventurers have been fighting the Inquest, dealing with their forgotten past as a Heartless and tried to protect an ancient artifact. Elder Dragons have pushed some out of their homelands, while others have been avoiding dealing with their past.

Our seven writers have been sharing their stories and adventures in Tyria with you for several years, and now its time for you to share how creative you can be with us.


In collaboration with Arenanet, we were given a ton of GW2 gear to share with you guys to celebrate this milestone.


How to enter the contest

**Due to shipping costs, physical prizes are only available to participants in North America and Europe. However, international participants can enter a secondary raffle to win some gem codes also provided by Arenanet**

NA/EU Contest (Physical Prizes)

  1. Take a screenshot of a location in Tyria that inspires you. (Remember to remove the UI by pressing Ctrl+Shift+H)
  2. Write a few sentences about it. (Does it remind you of your favourite Living Story episode? Stir up a story or a memory from your time playing the game? A poem? A Haiku? A roleplay moment you had with some guildies? An original scene between characters? BE CREATIVE! But keep it short! It needs to fit in the comment)
  3. Submit your entry by using the comment section below. Your comment should include a link to your screenshot (imgur, flickr, tweet, tumblr*), your written entry and your desired T-shirt size.
  4. The comment section will close on May 18th at midnight EDT.
  5. 5 Winners will be chosen randomly 1-2 weeks following the end of the contest as we go through the entries. Inappropriate entries will be removed from the raffle without any further warning. 
  6. Winners will be contacted and given a few days to respond or their prize pack will be given to someone else. 

*If the screenshot entry is submitted via tumblr, the written entry can be attached to the screenshot directly on the tumblr page. This should be the method used if you feel that your written piece might be too lengthy for our comment section.


International Contest (Gem Codes)

  1. Follow this link to our Gleam contest page.
  2. Follow us on twitter and retweet our contest by using the Gleam interface.
  3. Every action will earn you raffle tickets.
  4. This raffle will end on May 18th at midnight EDT.
  5. 5 Winners will be announced in the days following the deadline.




5x Guild Wars 2 Prize Pack*

Each pack will contain the following:

1x GW2 Black HoT Gamescon T-shirt

1x GW2 Grey T-shirt

1x GW2 Cap

1x Edge of Destiny

1x GW2 Mousepad

1x set of 20 GW1 Pins

*Picture of one pack above.



5x Gem codes (400gems)



We are eager to read your stories, adventures and poetry. May the Six watch over you when the raffle begins.

If you have any questions about the contest, you can contact us on twitter @ChroniclesTyria.





May 02

Hide Your Fires VI


“They’re not knights as you might understand them,” Elsif explained to me as Ciani’s men were setting up camp. “Closer to mercenaries, but not quite that either.”

“Then what?” I asked. We stood in the lodge, away from the band, speaking quietly to avoid being heard.

“They take contracts as sellswords or assassins, but they’re known for being extraordinarily selective in which ones they take on,” Elsif replied. “There’re centuries of tradition tied to the process, but from what I’ve heard they’ll turn down any job that they don’t consider challenging enough.” She crossed her arms, leaning back against the doorframe. “Their history isn’t exactly well documented, even by the Order, but they – or at least a Fallstar – have fought in just about every major conflict since The Searing.”

“Family business then?”

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