Jan 20 2018

A Flurry of Steel and Claws – Kumara – Chapter 5 Part 6

That morning we set out as soon as we finished our breakfast. Although we did have to hurry Svart, who never was the fastest eater and now had the opportunity to speak to a friend as well. “We could have left a little bit later,” he huffed as he stepped out into the crunching snow. …

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Jan 17 2018

Chapter 6.3: On the Study of Magics

Chapter 6, part 3: On the Study of Magics

After Minkus had finished neutralizing the toxin that had already begun to spread from Jindel’s wound, Ventyr decided that further healing of the wounds themselves could wait until the morning. The thing that everyone, including Jindel, needed the most that night was sleep, and they were only going to get a few hours before the …

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Jan 16 2018

The Hornet’s Nest: Part 6

It didn’t surprise Caolinn to learn that even in a lair she’d shared with Darr for years, there were secrets to be uncovered. She’d always got the impression that he wasn’t willing – and perhaps wasn’t even capable of – sharing everything with her. The Order of Whispers had instilled a code of deception in …

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Jan 12 2018

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 16: Rude Awakening

I had never been a graceful morning riser, so imagine my surprise when I awoke in the pale, early morning light and couldn’t even lift a hand to rub my tired eyes. Trying not to panic, I was immediately thrust into complete consciousness. The ice crystals were visible all along my peripheral vision, so my …

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Jan 10 2018

Chapter 6.2: Demanding Answers

Chapter 6, part 2: Demanding Answers

For the first two miles, Ventyr’s conjured wind drove the traveling party through the Queen’s Forest at as fast a pace as they could keep. Their only goal was getting far enough into the woods that the bandits would be unable to find them when they finally burrowed out of the hill. The elementalist’s wind …

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