May 25

Chapter 5: Part 12 – Grave Digging

AmberHeader5-12It was midnight by the time we finished burying the bodies. The worst effects of Souleater proved to be temporary: rather than linger on, mindless, those soldiers who’d been hit by the blast soon breathed their last. Death, I couldn’t help thinking, was a relief after the state Souleater had left them in. A full dozen of them had been killed by Spark’s attack, and though I was well aware that had never been her intention, the fact she hadn’t stayed to face what she’d done was like a thorn in my chest.

If I was angry, though, Erin was absolutely livid; she told me several times, in murderous tones, that she’d throttle the charr with her bare hands. I’d always thought Erin rather mild-mannered, but now she stamped up and down the beach below Fort Cadence, red in the face and huffing as she shouted orders at the few guards who remained. Whilst they were Vigil and she Priory, their commander was amongst the dead, and I thought the dazed soldiers were secretly quite glad to have someone tell them what to do.

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May 23

Shards Of Memory – Chapter 7, Part 3 – The Special Collections

3-140912122801-285881760He was functional for one day and you already broke him? Well done!” Oilli remarked sarcastically. She was handing tools to Alepe as he worked, not paying attention.

Thats the wrong wrench Oilli!” Alepe snapped. “And I didn’t break him. He broke himself.”

Because you were rushing, as usual, to make your success. People won’t take you seriously if you don’t do it right, bookah.” She wasn’t listening to his retorts.

Thank you, Oilli. You’re here to help me, not scold me. Damn!” Alepe withdrew his hand form the new golem shell, and looked at the Shard. “It’s got a big scratch down the side.”

Use some glue.” Alepe gave her a dark look.

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May 22

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 13: Genesis

EBS- B1 Chpt 13

“Seren’s pretty broken up over that mace,” De Koninck observed as she cleaned the blood off her greatsword with a discarded piece of cloth.

Clutching at my bandaged arm, I looked over at Seren as she gathered the Shiverstone shards and put them into a makeshift pouch. “She is,” I replied. “That mace was her brother’s. He gave it to her when she joined the Vigil and it was all she had left of him after Scarlet.”

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May 18

Chapter Three: Under Cerberean Authority II

ChapterThree2 Final

“That arrogant, krait-sucking piece of filth!” Tatianna raged as soon as we were out of the Undermarket and making our way down the Old Woman’s Road again. “Whole organisation is falling apart and he’s too proud to see it.” Her words were punctuated with a sharp kick to a small stone, sending it skipping down the dusty path.

“I could conflagrate his ship.” Fotti, who had arrived just as we left the cavern, offered with a vicious, toothy grin. “While he was aboard.”

“And have half of Lion’s Arch down on our heads?” Coalpaw rumbled. “We’re in enough trouble as it is.”

“It would make us all feel better.” I offered, which drew a short laugh from the charr.

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May 17

Chapter Fifteen: Heartless (Part 1)

gw036I don’t know what to do

The answer is in front of you.


It was getting hard to breath, the air was frozen, my muscles struggled to move. Moisture in the air clung to my fur and froze immediately, forcing me to wipe away the quickly forming layer of ice. It was so cold, and I was growing so tired. The cold bit down into my flesh, it gnawed at my muscles and dug into my bones. Salus was now an abomination of ice, his form now covered by countless fractals, acting as armor. His power has overwhelming, I couldn’t see how Daniel and I were supposed to  defeat him, or at the very least last long enough for Slim to return. Escaping wasn’t even an option. The few windows in the room were covered in a thick slab of ice, same for the entrance to the room.


Daniel and I would bound in to try and flank him but his barrier would only erect spikes  that would fly towards us. This fight was becoming hopeless. There were no openings, no chance of attrition, no chance of even landing a scratch. But then my eyes began to see things differently, this feeling this fight gave me felt very familiar. I remembered, I remembered myself in this situation of hopelessness before, surrounded by the flame, by my allies side, I was next to Garfas. I was ripped out of my memories as I saw a spike of ice fly towards me and I barely managed to evade.

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