Aug 02

Chapter 10: Part 2 – Cinder

Tullia made good on her words. We were seeing no trouble from the Nightmare Court. I was relieved, even if Angel let it known that she was not. More than once she spoke of threatening them to get their attention. The rest of us weren’t so keen on battle, it seemed. Ventari’s Refugees was more focused on making friends than quickly burning bridges. Even the Nightmare Court wasn’t too evil for the guild to seek help from… at least most of them.

The cart rocked as we made our way through the valley and across a bridge that crossed a small stream. Grawl eyed us from inside dark caves that the water snaked through. I kept to myself and tried not to stare.

We were silent for the time being. The majority of us didn’t want to notify the threats in the area of our presence anymore than we already were with the sounds of our carts. Ragnvaldr stroked my hair as I leaned against his side. While I had been dozing before, I wasn’t able to since Tullia had visited our cart.

A booming laugh came from the cart in front of ours, which startled me. Tobih, who had been stoic, cracked a smile and proceeded to laugh out loud as well.

“What are you doing?” I whispered at him.
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Jul 31

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 18: Empty Handed

EBS- B1 Chpt 18

Once Seren had finished removing as much of the toxin from the spider queen as she could, she gave De Koninck clearance to move about which the Norn did immediately. “Bear’s back!” De Koninck exclaimed as she struggled to push herself up. “Fire?” Her broad frame wobbled over weak and unsteady legs but the Norn managed to find her footing with help from Molson’s sturdy frame as he squared his shoulders and let her lean against him. She was never one to let an injury keep her down and she would be hard pressed to let one keep her down now.

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Jul 27

Chapter Four: Blindness in Amontillado II



I had often found that it didn’t matter what tier of society I found myself in, money was the great motivator. Noblemen were just as susceptible to silver and gold as the lowliest mongrel peasant. The price might vary, but the principle remained the same.

The healers and apothecaries at the hospital closest to our little scuffle the evening before were no exceptions to this rule. We flashed a few coins and they were perfectly happy to tell us that Deputy Fiegrsonn had indeed come in the previous evening, along with several other wounded Lionguard, many who were still in recovery. We avoided those, making it clear we only really had interest in the the deputy, and discovered that he had insisted on going home after basic treatment. Typical of his people, I mused to myself, feeling a spark of satisfaction. This would make our task considerably easier.

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Jul 27

Chapter Sixteen: Flow (Part 1)

gw049The light that broke through my window was what finally stirred me awake, somewhat at least. I could barely open my eyes, let alone think a coherent thought. It was all a blurry mess of images and sounds. I woke up to a series of figures standing before me.

“How long will he be out?”

“Hard to say, could be days or maybe even weeks.”

“Are you sure you can’t save it?”

“Impossible at this point, he’s lucky enough to be alive. On top of that, we need to be pumping him with magic every few hours.”

“But he’s going to be fine, right?” That was Daniel’s voice, despite barely being able to see anything I stirred in my restrained state and tried to reach out to him. I immediately felt a swarm of hands push me down and restrain me, I had neither the strength nor the sense to resist them.

“How is he awake?!”

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Jul 22

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 17: Venom

EBS- B1 Chpt 17

Warm tears unexpectedly wet my cheeks as I tried to bite back the bittersweet memories of my dear friend Rhys. I wiped them away and then took in deep breathes in order to calm myself. Since I had found his body, I had been trying so hard to keep back the storm of emotions swirling in me in order to get through this whole mess. However, being here in the midst of this creation he was so proud of poked holes in the walls I had built up. If I could not contain my emotional hurricane, the risk of this shell falling apart grew more likely. Gods, it already felt like the façade was crumbling piece by piece every day since finding him.

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