May 26

Chapter 6: Part 13 – Theories


It’s strange how little you can find you know a person, even after spending months in their company. Take Erin, for example. I’d been fairly certain the norn would feel as lost and uneasy without her weapons as I did, but here we were, peering into the darkness where her brother was supposedly hiding – and, empty-handed or not, she didn’t seem concerned.

“You’re sure about that?” Erin sounded dubious, and understandably so. “Ivar’s really in there?”

Spark shrugged. “Zurra sent him down here after he was injured. Took a rifle shot through the leg, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

Erin grunted. “I noticed.”

As I said: unconcerned, and also colder than I’d ever known her. Erin had a serious nature for a norn, of course, but I’d never known her to display such singular focus – or to so completely ignore everyone else around her. Whatever empathy she usually possessed was long gone.

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May 19

Chapter Eight: Theatre of Coils

ChapterEight1 copy

“Down!” Tatianna spun me away from the window, pulling me down as the shouting began. There were voices outside, yelling and calling, and she slowly rose to a crouch to risk a quick look out the window. My bedroom wasn’t on the ground floor, and I could see her trying to peer down across the garden to the drenched street below. The rain limited her vision, but she could make out figures moving quickly around the hedges. Figures clearly armed. One lay sprawled out in the street, the top of his head spread open like a shattered fruit. The work of Fotti’s rifle, I surmised.

“Krait spit. They’re here.” She said. “Used the rain for cover, they’re already at the damn hedge. C’mon.” She pulled me to my feet, and I had barely a moment to snatch my weapons from their stand near my bed before we were out the door.

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May 15

Chapter Eighteen: The Blade (Part 3)


“So what do you think?” I asked Mara who handed a cup of tea to Ferris and me. She sat across from us and began to drink from her own cup.

“I think that you need to stop bringing in random people into my house,” she said obviously upset with Ferris’ presence.

“Fumus trusts him,” I said. “And he’s helping me make sure a flame legion assassin doesn’t come up and stab me in the back.” I said that last sentence with a bit more of a bite that I would have liked, but I was tense. “This is serious Mara, I would really like your opinion.”  

“Well it’s insane,” said Mara as she set her cup down. “But… it will work.”

“You can’t be serious!” Said Ferris. “There will be repercussions to this! The legions wi—”

“The legions won’t know,” said Mara. “With Fumus you’re guaranteed to get through it unscathed. Besides they’d already have you at the very least locked up for all the unauthorized operations you’ve been doing for them.”  

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May 14

Secrets Revealed – Kumara – Chapter 4 Part 6



Even though the four of us have had several days to mull over all the evidence we found, we failed to think of any new leads that could aid us in our investigation. Then again, we did not have much to begin with but a hole in the mast, a dagger and a rotting corpse.

Secretly I have been eyeing all the human and sylvari crew members, but the only one that did seem a little off was the first mate. Although I would love to pin the murder on him and personally throw him overboard, I knew he only seemed off because he hated me as much as I had come to hate him.

As I was once again swabbing the deck, a sylvari passed me by, excitement all over his grainy face. We were approaching port now, which got the majority of the crew all excited. Sure, most of them loved being out at sea, but the shore does offer some services hard found on a ship.

Casting a glance to my left I saw rocks and dirt glide by in the distance. The coast. I still loathed the very idea of entering a—mostly—human port, but there was a job I had to do; an investigation. Sure, I could send the other three ahead without going myself, but I doubt that they would accept that. And besides, there was also Thornfang. The poor hound obviously longed to be able to run around again, not to be confided in a wooden box floating on the water, and I for one knew exactly how he felt. Still, it did little to ease my unrest.

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May 09

Chapter 6: Part 12 – An Ingenious Eye

AmberHeader6-12When is an ally not an ally, a friend no longer a friend? Where Spark was concerned, that was a question I couldn’t find an answer to. I’d thought, for a time, Spark and I actually wanted to achieve some of the same goals, and maybe that was still true – but the charr was also controlling, manipulative, and in the end her single-minded drive had got one of our number killed.

Now, facing her again, trust seemed rather hard to come by.

Spark had moved to the door of the refectory and was peering out into the apparently deserted corridor. “We need to move.”

I stayed exactly where I was. “Have you visited his grave?”

Spark gave a slight grunt. “The ranger’s?”

“Blaise,” I said, and I could feel my voice rising. “His name was Blaise, and if it hadn’t been for him, we’d all be dead.”

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