Nov 30

Chapter Six: Ophidiophobia I

ChapterSix11 copy

“I don’t know if he was telling the truth or not.” I was telling Baen as we made our way through the side alleys of Lion’s Arch. Both of us were limping, bruised, bloodied, but fortunately none of our injuries would have any real lasting impact. “He was definitely lying about something, but I think that goes without saying.”

“He’s scared of Tatianna though.” Baen said, Grapple licking her palm as the beast whined in what I assumed passed for concern. “I’m pretty sure that much was true at least. And I don’t think pirates frighten that easily.”

“Let’s just play it carefully.” I said. “I don’t want to antagonise her if we don’t have to. We’ve built a degree of trust now, let’s not squander it until we have to.” Baen looked at me for a moment, then shrugged. “Besides, whether she killed her father or her family or whatever doesn’t change anything for us.”

“Not sure I’d be able to trust anyone who’d turned on their family.” Baen replied. “But whatever you say. Just keep your head in the game, alright?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

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Nov 21

Shards Of Memory – Chapter 11, Part 1 – Divinity’s Reach


Divinitys Garden Orrery

“Heroes of Ascalon Settlement, welcome to Divinity’s Reach!” The earnest human gatekeeper shook each of their hands vigorously, a smile dominating his face. “You saved my little sister and her family, you are welcome here. If there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable, please ask.”

Ulfridda smiled awkwardly, and rubbed her hand. “If you could please point us in the direction of the Shining Blade Headquarters, we have an invitation to see the Queen.

“Of course!” The young man stretched his arm out, and pointed with an open hand. “Follow the road up, to the palace. You will go past the Ministry, and into the gardens up there.” He paused, taking breath. “The headquarters are up there, just ask for directions when you get there.”

Ulfridda thanked him, and gave him a silver coin. He tried to give it back, but she gave him a stern look.

“Let’s go.” Koda’s Breath walked with Serene Wrath, up towards the Palace. Divinity’s Reach, he understood, was built into six sections, each with a high and low road, the former leading to the palace. They climbed this grand boulevard now, dodging the masses of humans going about their day. The midday meal had just begun, and they were out in force, groups meeting to eat together and socialise.

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Nov 20

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 26: A Beautiful Curse

EBS- B1 Chpt 26

Death would have been better than what I knew was in store for me. Alec’s gift was not a gift at all, but rather a curse. The crystal contained a catalyst, causing the subject to relive memories surrounding the most painful moment in their life and become compelled to watch them even when the subject tries to look away. The curse often started out with a beautiful memory before the event, a happy reminder of times past but then were strangled with the sheer pain of that particular point of time. The deadly combination was enough to break even the strongest of hearts.

It was one of the cruelest punishments on the mind and heart that I could imagine.

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Nov 15

Chapter Five: Who Loves Silence IV


I was able to use Baen’s eyes and the one glance Sahir threw over his shoulder to navigate well enough to follow him into the alley. I saw him kick open the nearly horizontal door that led to another cellar. But inside, in the near pitch blackness where he sought to hide, he could see almost nothing and I had no time to orient myself with what little he was seeing when he tackled me.

My pistol was knocked from my hand and I brought my arms up to shield my face as I felt his hands pull my head down to meet his rising knee. I took the first blow on my forearms, which smacked up into my face and my ruined spectacles cracked and fell from my face in pieces. I pushed the second knee aside, grabbing a hold of his leg and upending him with a shout.

He grunted, and I though I could hear when he rolled to his feet his leg sweep caught me completely off guard and sent me down. I snarled, clones flickering into view with a thought and rushing at him, but before they reached him he grabbed at something in the dark and a loud creaking filled the air. I realised what he was doing, but too late, and tucked by body into a fetal position to shield my head with my arms as the heavy shelf crashed down onto me.

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Nov 10

Chapter 6: Part 5 – Die Trying


Pain. Black and red and green, flashing across my vision, and pain the like of which I’d never felt before. It radiated from my abdomen, spreading hot tendrils up my side, into my chest and arms and head, until I could barely breathe for it – and the fact I was moving didn’t help. Every jolt sent a fresh lance of agony through my body, and by the Eternal Alchemy, there were a lot of jolts.

It was a struggle to make my eyes open. The black and red, I realised, were the insides of my eyelids, interspersed with the green of trees whenever my eyes temporarily rolled open. There were arms beneath my back and legs, carrying me cradled like a progeny, and though some great wad of material was bundled into my stomach, I could feel warm blood pooling against my skin.

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