Apr 23

Chapter 12: Part 3 – A Weight to Bear

“We have been stalled for long enough,” Angel said while picking herself off the ground. Her great sword reflected light across my face as she made to stow it. It was a natural reaction for her, but she must have remembered where we were as she was performing the action and opted to keep it by her side instead.

Tobih stood up from his crouched position, “I agree. It’ll be better if we keep moving forward. There are advantages to fighting in an area like this, but I’m afraid we won’t reach our destination if we just sit here.”

At least an hour or two had passed since we saw the bird flying overhead. All of us had been silent throughout so that we would be able to hear any approaching enemies. I couldn’t sit down with the adrenaline I felt rushing in my veins; in the end I had stood and watched the horizon in front of me.

“I don’t want to be out here during the night, either.” I scratched my arm and surveyed the land around us once more. Ahead of us, in the path of the road, stood circular structures, obviously crafted by men.

“None of us do,” Angel sighed and started marching forward towards the stone creations. Tobih picked up two bags and tossed them across his shoulders and waited for me to do the same with my bag before leaving.

I adjusted my bag as we walked. When it was finally comfortable enough I turned to Tobih and asked,”Your armor… Is it heavy?”
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Apr 12

Chapter 7: Part 16 – Bad News

I seem to spend a lot of my time being the bearer of bad news. Maybe it’s having an asuran intellect, and thus deciphering the implications of events before anyone else does. Maybe it’s having friends and companions who are wilfully optimistic, and prefer not to see the complications and repercussions of their actions until it’s too late.

Or maybe it’s just the life I lead. It’s difficult to dedicate oneself to revenge and not live surrounded by suffering. That was the bargain I’d made with the Eternal Alchemy, with burdens I was happy to shoulder if it meant seeing Zurra’s fall – I’d simply never imagined that anyone else would make the same choice.

But Caolinn had done. I hadn’t been able to stop her; a part of me knew I hadn’t really tried. Not only did I know so little of the sylvari, to the point where I felt unable to reason with her, but who was I to question her decision? If she needed vengeance, she should have it, as I still hoped to do.

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Apr 03

Hide Your Fires V

Most mornings had started in much the same way. Elsif’s stirring in her furs would rouse me from whatever mangled semblance of a dream had played through my sleeping mind, and I would rise. There would be little conversation while we prepared for the day, but the last two and a half months of it had bred a routine in us so little chatter was needed. Hard drills to start while Elsif prepared something resembling breakfast and packed the rest of my supplies for the day.

It would barely be dawn when she – or rather her clones – led me out to some fresh patch of wilderness so that I could train with my greatsword and what Elsif had started calling my web. I had been getting better at both – my powers were becoming more focused. I couldn’t quite split a pine in half yet, but the increasingly more durable and varied array of illusionary constructs that my mentor was sending at me were nevertheless becoming easier and easier to destroy with a well placed beam. Better still, my web was becoming easier to make, stronger, more responsive.

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Apr 01

Rebel Love Song


***This piece contains strong language. Reader’s discretion is advised***

Greetings, my name is D’Arcblayd VI from house Lucius. I have long white hair as pale as snow, white skin like bone, black robes like midnight, balk wings (because the backpiece is fucking awesome), dark brown boots and gloves with the sigil of grenth on them. I’m eighteen, in case it wasn’t obvious and I go to a school in divinities reach that teaches me how to use my magic.


I’m the most popular person in school and I always get girls and other guys asking me out. But there is only one man who can give warmth to my cold dead heart. That man is Logan Thakery. He looks like Troy Baker except with shoulder length black hair (AN: If you don’t know who that is get the fuck out)


One day I was skipping class and saw him walk past me, he had a schoolo uniform on, because our school has a uniform but I wear my robes because they’re cool. He walked up to me with his jacket open, showing off his Black Veil Brides.


“Hi Blayd!” said Logan smoothly.


“Oh my grenth!” I said to Lagoon. “Lagan I didn’t know you like BVB! Their my favorite!”


“Bitch I don’t like them,” said Logan. “I freaking love them! They’re having a concert tonight in the pavilion, want to come with me?”


“Like a DATE!?!!!” I gasped. Logain shook his head yes. “But what about Jenah!?”


“We broke up,” Logan grumbeled. “She was cheating on me with Rytlock!”


“That bitch!” I said. (AN: Fuck Rytlock and fuck Jenna tey are teh worst! First rytlock is a stupid revenant so he’s a poser wanabe necro and Jenna is a skanky mesmer!)


“So I’ll pick you up at seven?” Asked Logan. I shook my head yes excitedly.




That night I dressed up nicely for the concert, I had a black t-shirt with teh black veil brides logo,  lace gloves reached out to my elbows, black leggings with a lace skirt, black combat boots with the sigil of grenth on them, white foundation, with black eye liner and black lipstick. My friend Caithe came into my room just as I finished.


“Bitch you look hella sexy!” She said. “Is it true that you’re going out with Logan to the concert?”


“Shut up hoe!” I said. “It’s not like that! He just broke up with Jennah so I don’t think he wants anything.”


“Blayd!” Caithe huged me. “He is SOOOOO going to kiss you.” I blushed!




That night I waited for Lagan outside my dorm, he appeared wearing a black suit with a t-shirt under his jacket. He had white foundation on and black eyeliner. His eyes were green (because he’s a necromancer, he gave up being a guardian and joined necromancy a few years ago).


“You look sexy!” Said Logan.


“No you!” I said. We held eachothers hand and walked to the pavilion. There was a stage and a huge crowd around it. The bad hadn’t appeared yet but we were all excited. Then the music started and the band appeared. We started a moch pit and before I knew it I was making out with Logan. The music went through us as we danced and shouted.  When the concert was over we decided to spend a little more time together and walked in the empty streets. We both loved the midnight in the city because of the dark gloom of the city.


“D’Arcblayd,” said Logan depressingly. “I think I’m in love with you!”


“Oh Logan!” I said romantically. “I’m in love with yiou too!” Logan then started singing rebel love son, his voice almost souded like Andy Biersack except more solemn and sexier. I looked into his eyes, the pain an betreyal in them matched my own. We kissed again and he hugged me.


That night Logan came with me to my dorm. We both said goodbye and he sang one more song with his majestic voice. It was almost like a mesmer charming me, but logan wasn’t a skanky mesmer but a necromancer.




The next morning I left me bed and changed out of my silk pajamas into black robes with green embroidery, black gauntelets, my hood of grenth, and some black high heel boots. I was getting ready to head to class with Caithe, she’s a necromancer too. But when we left our room we both gasped.


There were mordrem EVERYWHERE!


“Oh my grenth!” said Caithe. “What is goin on!?”


“How should I know, bitch?” I said taking out my gun (because necros need to use guns Anet!). “Lets kill these posers!” I started firing my gun at the morderm and Caith used her staff. Then we saw logan walking with a bunvh of minions around him.


“Blayd!” said Logan, he ran up to me and kissed me. “I was so worried! Are you alright?”


“Of course I am!” I said proudly. “A bunch of fucking posers, I bet they don’t even know who BVB are.”


“Yeah!” said Logan.


“Lets teach them all a lesson!” said Caithe. We started fighting more mordrem and suddenly a big dragon made of wood appeared.


“Oh my grenth!” I said. “What is that?!!!”


“The shadow of the dragon!” said Logan. “Run my love, he’s too pwoerful.”


“Like hell I will,” I said flipping my hair. I pointed  my gun at him and started to shoot. The shadow of the dragon was pushed back by my magic bullets, he was getting ready to run.


“Insolent foold!” the dragon said. “Let us see how you like it when I take what is most dear to you!” Before taking off the dragon grabbed logan and flew off with him.


“NOOOO LOGAN!” I screamed, trying to reach for him, my wings started flapping but the dragon was gone once I started flying. “LOGAN!”




Logan was kidnapped by mordremoth and divinities reach was ruined. I couldn’t stay there any more not with the love of my life captured by the eldre dragon.


“Caith,” I said to Caith. “I’m going to the jumgle to get logan back!”


“But bitch!” said Caith with a gasp. “That’s crazt! You’ll get killed!”


“I am D’arcblayd VI of house Lucius” I said. “I will not let my boyfriend be imprisoned by a pervy jungle dragon! Are you coming or not?”


“Okay,” saud Caithe. And so we began our adventure to the jungle to rescue my logan!




We flew to the jungle and I dropped Caith on the floor. We found some mordrem and I shot them all dead.


“Fucking posers,” I said and put my gun away like revolver ocelot.


“Wow Blayd your so good with taht gun!” said Caithe. “So where do you think Logan is?”


“I don’t know Caith!” I said with tears going down my snow white face. “Logan is in the hands of a pervy dragon and I don’t know where they went!”


“You’re looking for the dragon?” Suddenly we found a gold robot thing floating towards us.


“Who the fuck are you?!” I asked.


“I am Ruka the wanderer,” said Ruka. “And I know where mordremoth is.”


“Bitch where?” I said “That dragon took my lagoon!”


“He is deep in the jungle, but it’s too dangerous!”


“I need to save logan!” I screamed. “I’ll fight that poser dragon!”


“Very well, then I shall teleport you to him!” said Ruka. He teleported us to the heart of theorns. The place was filled with poison and mordrem. I shot them with my gun and Caithe was using her staf. We finally reached the top and found Logan tied up in front of………MORDREMOTH!


Mordymoth laughed ebvily when he saw us.


“Pathetic human, you think you can defeat me?”


“Blayd my love!” shouted Logan, “Run he’s too strong!”


“No!” I said “I’ll beat you mordremoth!” I used my magic and summoned hundreds and hundreds of skeletons. “I’ll kill you with teh people you killed Mardemoth. All the skeletons attacked and I shot him in the head. The dragon was dead.


“Nooooo!” Said Mordremoth. “Curese you D’Arcblayd! I will have my revenge!” And then he died.


“Logan!” I freed my lover and we both made out over the body of the dragon, because were grim.


“We did it bitch!” said Caithe and she gugged me. “We saved Tyria!”


“I did!” and that was the story of how I D’arkbled VI of house Lucius saved the world, and I will save it again for my eternal and dark love Lagann Thakery.


***Editor’s Note : This work of fiction was inspired by the infamous Harry Potter Fanfiction ”My Immortal”. The strong language in this piece was used to make fun of the very unique style of the work that inspired it. ***

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters,  places, love affairs, incidents, dragons, magic inconsistencies, changes to the lore, are either the products of the author’s delusions or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual members of Destiny’s Edge, living or dead, or actual living story updates is purely coincidental.


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Mar 29

Chapter 7: Part 15 – A Closed Book

Most friendships, I have come to understand, are not predicated on lies and secrecy. Friends are supposed to be open with one another, to share their worries – and I suppose, with Erin, I largely found that to be the case. The rest of my band of adventurers, though, might have travelled half the known world with me, and given more than I could possibly have dared ask in the fight against the Inquest, but they also tended to keep their thoughts to themselves.

Take Caolinn. Here she was, poking around in a control panel outside the Inquest recruiting station, and I had no idea why. What could she possibly be doing down here, when her fighting prowess would have been so valuable up above?

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