Feb 08

Chapter Six: Ophidiophobia V

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I was lying on the deck, the side of face screaming in pain and my arm twisted awkwardly beneath me. My other hand still had its fingers curled tightly around the hilt of my sword. Someone was looking at me across a wall of flame and a shattered, twisted section of the deck. I saw white-grey fur. Laissa, the other charr. Baen’s mouth moving, shouting something, my name perhaps, but it was lost between the bells in my head and the deafening crack as the mast came tumbling down between us. I saw it, somehow managed to gather enough of myself to roll across the smoking deck as quickly as I could to avoid the worst of it. I tucked myself into a ball as cinders and scraps of burning tackle flew into the air.

“Go!” I shouted, not knowing if anyone could hear me, my tongue thick and my mouth coppery with blood. I flailed wildly with my sword arm. “Go! I’ll get out on my own!” I could barely hear my own voice, but as I staggered to my feet I knew it had been a stupid thing to say anyway. There were a few eyes nearby, but no-one was looking at me I had no way of orienting myself. Everyone was looking around at the mangled bodies of dead pirates, staring at their own horrific injuries, or frantically diving into the water to escape the doomed ship. The creature was nowhere to be seen.

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Feb 02

Chapter 6: Part 8 – Erin’s Betrayal

AmberHeader6-8Whatever else you might think about them as a people, the anger of norn is a terrifying thing. Consider them stupid, or clumsy, or lacking in subtlety all you like, but when it comes to being blinded by rage, utterly driven by it, no-one can quite compare to a norn.

As we sat there, Erin and Caolinn and I, on a ledge overlooking the heart of Mount Maelstrom, I found myself at a loss for words. I wanted to protest that the figure crossing the rough ground below us couldn’t possibly be Erin’s brother, because she’d told me herself he was dead – and even if there was the slightest chance he was alive, the possibility of him being here, now, was absolutely infinitesimal.

In the end, it was Caolinn who asked, “Are you sure?” She didn’t know Erin’s history, after all; I don’t think she even knew Ivar was supposed to be dead.

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Feb 01

Chapter 11: Part 1 – Games

From the top of the hill, I could see the ocean laid out in front of us. In the distance, there were tall peaks, some of them further back looked a little more man-made and rounded. It was difficult to make out exactly what they were since they were so far in the distance.

Surprisingly, a lot of Pact members were beginning to occupy the area. The ruins not too far from us were apparently converted in to a place of Pact operations. This meant that the roads directly in front of us were clear. I was really relieved at this discovery. I had built up my courage to even leave the camp and get this far. That dead land in the distance, though, was more than discouraging.

“Second thoughts, huh?” Angel pointed her face down towards me. I couldn’t tell if she was mocking me or genuine.

I shook my head, “Nothing as grand as that. Well, maybe a little, but after Tobih’s speech it might be disappointing to go back now.” I joked a little and cast him a smile; like always, he returned it to me. That smile had been growing on me for a while and I now made excuses to see it, though I’d never let on.

“We should just get in and out as quickly as possible,” Ragnvaldr responded, “This place doesn’t feel right.” Worry rang in his words and the norn continued to survey the land. He didn’t trust the empty roads and I knew that just as well.

“We should play a game to keep our spirits up,” Tobih suggested.
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Jan 25

Chapter Six: Ophidiophobia IV

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Gunfire and shouting roared across the The Cloven Maiden’s deck, accompanied by flashes of images that moved in and out of range, assailing me the moment we reached the deck. Someone flailed at his own innards as a shambler fell on him like a wall of flesh. Another vision peeked out from behind a barricade, firing almost blindly into the smoke where the vague form of a shambler pulled away from a dead pirate. Chaos, madness.

We moved quickly as I worked hard to focus on the eyes of my companions and nothing else, keeping low. I doubted the pirates, panicked as they were, would take the time to make sure their target was a shambler and not a living being before opening fire.

“Coalpaw had better hurry up.” Baen hissed, amazingly audible above the chaos. She made us stop, crouched at the mast. “Fotti.” She pointed, and though I pretended to look that way I could already make out the small figure aiming the barrel of her oversized rifle over the Maiden’s railing. “Laissa, get to her, update her, and make sure our exit stays secure.”

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Jan 22

Staying On Board – Kumara – Chapter 4 Part 3

Staying On Board – Kumara – Chapter 4 Part 3



The decks were clean, the brass was polished and everything was in its place. There was still the rigging, of course, but why bother sending a charr up there when you had much more nimble bodies on board? It was one of the rare moments where all I could do was wait for a task to be thrown at me.

The wind was soft, cool and refreshing, gently pushing the ship forwards without causing the waves to be too big. These waves, I could handle with ease. Larger waves however send my stomach reeling. Amethyst told me—when she finally stopped laughing—that this was normal, as it has been only a week since I boarded this ship. Not to mention that this was my first sea voyage.

“How are you holding up, eye candy?”

I rolled my eyes as Amethyst walked towards me. It wasn’t hard to image the way she looked at me, as I, like the black charr Garron, had chosen to wear nothing but a pair of trousers. The sun out here on the open seas was far too warm to wear anything else over all this fur.

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