Feb 25

Shards of Memory – Chapter 3, Part 3 – Hoelbrak

SaRudfjHoelbrak had become a flurry of activity. The joyous celebration of the lunar new year had been overtaken by a sombre anticipation, as Hoelbrak prepared to play host to the jotun. The House of Ymir, Ulfridda had explained, was an ancient bloodline of jotun seers, sages, stargazers and mountain-kings. King Ymir had survived the mythical rise of the ‘Swallowers’, ancient beings which rose to swallow the world every age. In jotun mythology, the Swallowers wiped the world of life, poisoning the very fabric of magic and when satiated gave way for the new dawn of Tyria. They believed that their bloodlines, being a remnant from the previous rise, allowed them access to greater magics than the lesser races. Ulfridda elaborated that their blood was their obsession, and inevitably their downfall. Centuries of inbreeding had caused the brutality of the species, wars ravaged between brothers, sisters, parents and children that threatened to split the mountains themselves.

A letter had arrived to demand the terms of the parley: a tent was to be erected, seats for five of the jotun party, and a drawing of the crest of House Ymir which was promptly replicated into a grand tapestry. Although Knut requested she attend, Ulfridda had verbosely and rudely refused and determinedly held a blank face whenever the subject was raised in polite conversation. Koda’s Breath had not left her side since his release and their thwarted attempt to leave Hoelbrak and had caught her swearing profusely under her breath on more than one occasion.

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Feb 23

Chapter Two: Shadows of the Maned City I

ChapterTwo1v2 copy

Anyone with even a basic knowledge of history knew the story of Lion’s Arch. I’d studied it thoroughly as a child, so I knew how the first city had sunk beneath the ocean when the awakening of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan had pulled the drowned nation of Orr from the depths. This newer city had been rebuilt by survivors and settling pirates and turned into a cultural melting pot where racial identity and national feuds were secondary to the shine of gold and silver. I had never been here before, but I had an idea of what to expect from a place founded by thieves, even if time had mellowed them into something vaguely resembling legitimacy.

As Baen and I made our way through the northern entrance into the city itself, the first thing that struck me was the smell. I had been able to catch the air of the sea from the fields, but stepping through the gates and into the city itself was like stepping into a different world. I could smell the ocean, mixed in with what seemed like every scent imaginable: bubbling laundry lye, burning wood and the stench of sweat. Not far from appeared to be a furnace, spewing acrid smoke from a chimney was a giant norn standing before an equally giant heated plate yelling at the top of his lungs to come and sample his culinary wares. Across the lane from him were a pair of asura, bickering loudly across a stand laden with bottles and jars that bubbled with punguent, indescribable liquids.

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Feb 22

Chapter Thirteen: Idiots (part 2)

gw010It was a long day of tinkering with the warband. These were the few days that I actually enjoyed my duty. Mostly it would be everyone working together to find more innovative ways to take out our enemies. It was mostly guns or other mechanisms, sometimes new designs for engines or simply plot out new concepts. I was mostly a solitary one during these days, since most of my ideas would involve magic. Thoc would handle any technical aspects the project would require while Garfas would provide the metal work and structure. If the Project involved any sort of energy they would ask me, I was a little more versed in that area than Thoc.


This time was quite different. I felt much more included with the process, helping everyone with their new project. A more efficient shield that could project a reflective barrier, it was something simple but making i use less energy would make a huge difference in battle. Itan also played a minimal part in this process so it was cheerful smiles all around. If anything he would only come in to check on us every few hours or so. Other than that we would spend most of the day tinkering and experimenting. It was days like this where I remembered why I joined the iron legion.

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Feb 20

Surprise Attack – Kumara – Chapter 3 Part 4



Following the three Inquest members proved to be quite easy. Not only did they carry a bright torch, they were also talking as if they had nothing to fear. The dolyak they were leading did not help their stealth either. Even so, Kaya and I did our best to remain silent, moving through the undergrowth like shadows, just in case one of our prey did listen to its surroundings.

After what felt like ten minutes of following them, we came across a rocky overhang, well hidden by the trees and rocks surrounding it. It was so well hidden, that we only noticed that there was a fire burning when we pushed past a large bush. Under the overhang, there was quite a bit of space, more than enough to fit a herd of dolyak.

Awaiting the arrival of the their three krewe members, two other Inquest jumped to their stubby little feet. One of them was tinkering with what seemed like a turret, but now had his pistol trained on its comrades. The other guard clutched onto her staff like it was her first day at the fahrar. Both of them, however, relaxed upon seeing that the intruders had been their krewe members.

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Feb 18

Shards of Memory – Chapter 3, Part 2 – Hoelbrak

rhpIUDusk fell on Hoelbrak and the lights of the lodges bathed the Might and Main in a soft glow. The lunar new year had come and in the spirit of renewal Knut had organised a feast. Games, ale, meats of every kind and laughter filled the open expanse, the cold night never a deterrent to the lighthearted norn.

Hoelbrak had quietened down significantly since his trial. Koda’s Breath had mostly gone about his work with Ulfridda, who kept him close at all times. They had discussed the possibility of Serene Wrath’s escape during his meditation sessions, and as a precaution, she had forbidden him from meditating. This had proven to be troublesome as the act of meditation was a part of his daily routine, even after he had lost his memories. Not being able to meditate could have dire effects on the Voice of a Sanctuary, although the types and kinds of effects remained to be known.

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Feb 16

Chapter 5: Part 6 – Loyalty and Betrayal

AmberHeader5-6Norn and asura, though we might seem like entirely different creatures, are more alike than you might think, or so I have found. There are obvious differences, of course – our sizes, our intellects, our propensity for reasoned thought versus hitting things over the head – but as I walked through Lion’s Arch with a silent Erin, I knew exactly what she was thinking. She was angry, and anxious, and feeling guilty; I knew this, because I felt exactly the same way.

Similarities, then, as I said. Neither of us wanted to talk about what had just happened, and were thus content to stew in our own thoughts. We were both furious at Spark, of course, and worried about what she might do next. As to the rest, Erin felt bad about leaving me alone to get into such a situation, whilst I hated the fact that I’d needed rescuing at all. I kept forcing my life into Erin’s hands – no wonder I felt guilty.

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Feb 13

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 6: A Deathly Discovery

EBS- B1 Chpt 6

As my fingertips made contact with Rhys’ front door, I felt the wood retreat under my touch and silently ease open. I flashed an uneasy glance aside to Seren and she immediately reached for her mace, unclipping it from her belt as silently as she could. I reached for my axe and dagger as well and took a deep breath in and let it out before I made a move to enter the home. Gripping my dagger tightly, I pushed open the door with my knuckles and stepped over the threshold with Seren on my heels.

There was little light inside the spacious foyer so Seren and I moved slowly, stepping lightly on the stone floor so as not to announce our arrival to anyone who might still be inside. I had been here twice before for tea, so I already had general knowledge of the layout. I recognized the ornately framed painting of the goddess Lyssa hanging on the wall to my left. It had been painted by Rhys’ great grandmother who had a mastery of art rivaling the greats and Rhys was quite proud to hang the work of art on his wall. The two intertwining women on the silver and amethyst canvas watched me with their piercing violet eyes, each with a knowing smile, as if they could see deep into my soul. I abruptly broke my gaze from the piece.

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Feb 11

Shards of Memory – Chapter 3, Part 1 – Hoelbrak

User_Lon-ami_Fang_of_the_SerpentKoda’s Breath was roused from his meditation, unsure of how many days had passed since he had been locked in the cage. He was escourted through the Eastern Watchpost under armed guard to the Great Lodge. There, he was chained to a heavy boulder, and forced to sit on a stool.

Norn justice was stereotypically haphazard. Trials were set up in a style that was convenient, not that could provide consistent results. They abstained from tribunals like the charr, or the complex adversarial system of the humans, and opted for tests of the great spirits.

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Feb 09

Chapter One: Of Whispers and Valedictions VI

ChapterOne6 copy

Nebo Terrace wasn’t a large settlement, but its walls were sturdy and had stood the test of dozens of centaurs attacks over the years, or so Halleston was all too eager to chatter about as we arrived. He seemed more and more unnerved by his gruesome cargo and with Baen keeping fairly quiet it was as though he was desperate to fill the air with words. I could sympathise, but it was with some relief when Halleston pulled us to a stop at the gates and he fell silent at the guard’s challenge.

Baen hopped down, waving one of the Seraph guards to the back of the cart and quietly explained an abridged version of what had happened. As she told it, we’d found the bodies on the road and brought them back with us, nothing more. She made no mention of the bandits or our little skirmish. Even if the Seraph went to investigate – and I had my doubts that they would – we’d be long gone and I didn’t think we’d have to worry about being pursued for questions concerning the deaths of a few murderers.

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Feb 08

Chapter Thirteen: Idiots (Part 1)


I can’t do this on my own.


Who ever said that you were alone?


I was awaken by the sunlight striking my face, my eyes were immediately blinded by the incandescence. I sat up, trying to put my head back together. I gathered my thoughts and recollected what had happened the night prior. I instantly remembered the fight against Krale, Daniel’s mental collapse, the mission being a failure. I realized that I would have to explain everything to Serenity, that would probably be a disaster. Though I found a more pressing matter once I had come to most of my senses. Daniel was gone.

I shifted my position on the bed, noticing that the human was no longer on it. Remembering that this was his room to begin with I began to take a closer look. It was messy and unorganized, but that was normal for him. What was not normal however, was that he left without so much as a note.

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