Oct 18 2017

Chapter 3.1: Prototyping

Chapter 3, part 1: Prototyping

Minkus had thought Penny’s tenacity at research was enough to rival his most advanced peers back in Metrica. That, however was only the beginning. If she was persistent in research, she was downright obsessive in work. It was several days into the golem-pack project—a term only used by Minkus and Eddie when Penny wasn’t paying …

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Oct 11 2017

Chapter 2.2: Golems Are Creepy

Chapter 2, part 2: Golems Are Creepy

Penny and Minkus worked together on a near-daily basis. Early every morning, thanks to a deal they’d struck with the librarian, the two would arrive at the Durmand Hall, lift open the surprisingly weighty tome, and begin skimming the next section of its contents for pertinent information. Each day, Minkus stood for the better part …

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Oct 08 2017

Chapter 12: Part 5 – Naivety

The sky eventually became murky. The horizon blended with the wet earth in front of us. It was surprisingly a welcomed change when it began to drizzle. Though it was wet and soaked through my clothes, I could appreciate that it was also cool and seemed to carry the smell of rot to the ground …

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Oct 07 2017

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 12: In the Name of Friendship

“When I suggested we take a walk, I really meant to walk, not climb,” I said as we finished scaling the northern hillside of Cragstead. My hands gripping a rock on the top of the steep hillside and my foot lodged in a steady foothold, I pushed myself one last time and reached the top. …

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Oct 04 2017

Chapter 2.1: Finding Zinn

Chapter 2, part 1: Finding Zinn

Half asleep and chewing on a crust of dried bread, Penny descended the stairs from her apartment to the shop. The old wood creaked and groaned beneath her, like it did every morning, and like every morning, she didn’t notice or care. It was one of the many benefits of a solitary life: no one …

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