Mar 26

Chapter Nine: Getting Mice to Squeak (part 1)

gw051 Chapter Nine: Getting Mice to Squeak (part 1)“So what’s going on with the secros?” asked Daniel as he began to remove his boots while on his bed.

“Chaos,” I answered. “Absolute chaos.” I then began to explain everything that I saw yesterday. How the charr were forced to hide in safe houses, and my meeting with Slim.

“Sounds pretty intense,” said Daniel as he stood up and walked over to his closet. “So what did you and Slim talk about?”

“Well as of right now no one knows who these assassins are looking for. But Slim has an idea.” Daniel simply looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to elaborate. “We plan on using me as bait, capture one of the assassins and draw out as much information as possible.” Daniel’s eyes widened, I could tell that he was not exactly on board with the idea.

“All that’s easier said than done, big guy.” He said with concern. Daniel began to change out of his armor and slipped into something more appropriate for city folk to wear. “What are the specifics of the plan?”

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Mar 26

Comic : Travelling and Local Climate

Comic 006 Comic : Travelling and Local Climate

Mar 19

Comic : Inventory Upgrade

Comic 005 Comic : Inventory Upgrade

Mar 17

Chapter 3: Part 9 – Deathwish

AmberHeader3 9 Chapter 3: Part 9   Deathwish

The norn believe you should laugh in the face of death, that danger is one big adventure to be conquered, and that having songs sung of your deeds is worth the price of battle. I, on the other hand, follow a more asuran line of thinking: death is not something to be sought, so don’t pick fights you can’t win.

Except, it seemed, I just had.

The ranger – who I was calling ‘Deathwish’, for lack of a better name – had crouched down on the outcrop he’d claimed, an axe held ready at his side. He was still swaying from blood loss and exhaustion, though, and his other hand was useless, bound across his chest. That’s what having Spark shoot you in the shoulder will do to you, after all. I had to get to him, and fast.

Easier said than done, of course. I slipped into invisibility and started to run across the valley, but a great howl went up from the grawl and they started to charge up the hill. Whether they could sense me or not, I was about to get squished under their stampeding feet – and besides, they were heading straight for Deathwish.

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Mar 16

Chapter 7: Part 7 – Quelling the Beast

gw195 Chapter 7: Part 7   Quelling the Beast

Tobih didn’t skip a beat as he stood up from his chair and walked to Angel’s side of the table, “My old man taught me. Said I’d need it when we took Ascalon back.” That sheepish smile came over his face like always. He wore it well. He brought her arm down and gently took the letter from her hands. She reluctantly gave it up. From there, it made its way to a table and Tobih parted with it long enough to find his bag and pull a book from it. It was leather-bound in blue and gold leafed. A matching ribbon dangled from between a few pages at the bottom. Taking the letter from the table again, he nestled it between the pages of his book and closed it. “If it’s important to you, then let’s keep it safe,” He set the book down onto the table.

Angel hadn’t moved an inch. It was obvious that she didn’t know what to do at this point. The color had drained from her face completely and I kept trying to read her but to no avail.

“I’m sorry, we shouldn’t have gone through your personal belongings,” his voice was soothing and he moved more slowly than he had earlier as he approached Angel.

She exhaled and looked around the room before focusing on Tobih, “No, humans are curious creatures. I can hardly blame you for what I left around.”

Tobih had quelled the beast.
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Mar 14

Chapter 2, part 7: Do you feel lucky?

Feel Lucky Chapter 2, part 7: Do you feel lucky?Our explanation diminished rapidly in terms of importance as the news broke throughout first the curious onlookers gathered at the gate, and then spread like wildfire across the Krytan city, Divinity’s Reach.

Lion’s Arch has fallen.

The officious man turned out to be a member of the Seraph, their local militia, and apparently of some regard judging by the reaction of those who dogged his every step, responding without hesitation to a series of quickly issued commands. Before long, the area surrounding the gate was occupied only by those emblazoned in a silver-gold uniform.

Lion’s Arch has fallen.

A collective hush gathers about the city, blanketing the streets to rest upon sellers’ cries and courtiers’ scandal, encircling the majesty of rising spires to thread through office and room alike with a cautious touch that alights on supposition and whispered hearsay.

Lion’s Arch has fallen.

To whom? Charr, Centaur, Risen, Pirates – Pirates? They’re all pirates in Lion’s Arch! A nervous laugh – too soon to make light of the situation? What threat? The sun shines and multi-coloured bunting, strewn about the street, tells not of threat, nor clashes or the fall of some far-flung ramshackle port that postures as a centre of free commerce.

But, Lion’s Arch has fallen.

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Mar 14

Keep Your Eye Out For The Foostival!

So you’re in Europe, and you’re a fan of Guild Wars 2. You think to yourself, “Man, I wish there was a place where people like me could gather to talk, laugh and express how much we love Guild Wars 2….maybe some kind of….festival?”

Well fear not dear Tyrian, there is such a place for you, the Foostival!

“Foostival?” I hear you say, “What is this Foostival you speak of?” Well let me explain it to you.

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Mar 13

Chapter Eight: Gaps (Part 3)

 gw050 Chapter Eight: Gaps (Part 3)

I always did curse myself for my abysmal sense of perception, and bad luck as well. The one time where the scouting reports were actually right and  there were Flame Legion in the region, I was assigned to it. At this point my only hope of salvation was Garfas and Thoc, but that possibility was becoming less likely as I was tied up and transported further east of the Plains of Ashford. We had been walking for over an hour, occasionally stopping to take a break.  Two charrs were escorting me, both clad in a dark armor. Obviously they were the more stealthy types; the fact that they also didn’t make a single noise throughout the entire trip was a clue too.

Eventually we reached the side of a cliff, Several more flame legion were positioned by the entrance of a cave along with the corpses of a few trolls. It looked like they had cleared the place out as a temporary hideout. I gave a brief glance behind me, a small part of me hoping for the impossible… then I felt the rope around my neck tightened as it was violently tugged and I fell off my feet. I crashed into the floor and slid on the dirt, feeling the small rocks on the ground digging into my robe. “Keep up!” roared the charr in front of me finally deciding to speak. Now was not the time to rebel, I got back up and continued the path.

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Mar 12

Comic : What Red Circles?

 Comic : What Red Circles?

Mar 05

Comic : Overburdened

 Comic : Overburdened

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