Sep 21

Chapter Five: Who Loves Silence I


With Coalpaw’s right to do business in the Undermarket restored, we spent several more hours meeting and speaking with various characters, each one less savoury than the other, and by the time we were finished I was exhausted. My body ached from our earlier battle with the monster and the exertions of the last few days were beginning to take their toll on me. What I wanted, more than anything, was to lounge in a hot bath, curl into bed, and just ignore the world for a decade or two. None of those were possible in the immediate future, I knew. There was no way I was going to visit a public bathhouse, certainly not while maintaining my low-born act, so a bath was out of the question, but while the bed at the Anchor was hardly comfortable it did seem extremely inviting in my mind’s eye.

Having found a fence to work with, and reassured by Coalpaw’s endorsement of him, we had handed the satchel and its precious contents over to the leering asura. The floppy-eared pirate had grinned viciously, but assured us our payment would be forthcoming the next day as he handed us what I understood to be collateral in the form of a heavy bag of coins. It was strange, not having the sword hilt with us anymore, and as we left the bustling stall I felt as though we had forgotten something with its absence.

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Sep 18

Chapter 6: Part 2 – A Tarnished Legacy


When I thought about it now, it seemed an extraordinarily long time since those days in Flikk’s workshop. I couldn’t actually put a number to it in terms of days or weeks, but it felt like half a lifetime ago that we’d been there together, tinkering with golems and arguing over the temperature of tea. More importantly, though, in all the time I’d worked with Flikk – close to three years – he’d never once mentioned or even implied he might have family. He’d always been a loner, utterly self-contained; even my presence in the workshop frequently seemed an imposition.

I couldn’t help running through every conversation Flikk and I had ever had, though, searching for some oblique mention to the son who’d now appeared. Given that said son was holding us captive, I had a lot of time to think.

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Sep 13

Chapter 10: Part 5 – Friendship

The sky had been growing darker since we first saw the outpost in our sights. Night was falling on us.

“I’m going to go scout out the area a bit. I’ll be back.” Ragnvaldr informed those setting up in the building we were staying in as he stepped out.

I waved to him, “Want me to come with you?”

“Actually, I was wondering if you could help me out for the night, Claire.” Kiffi said, tugging on the side of my skirt. I glanced down at her and then back up to Ragnvaldr.

“Looks like I’m staying here after all. Be safe out there.” I smiled and waved at him again. He nodded back to me and went to his own business. To be honest, I had begun to worry about him. I was still learning so much about him and while he was normally more of listener than a speaker, he had become significantly quieter since we had left Lions Arch.

Kiffi and I both walked to the building together. “This will just take a few moments.” She sat down with the group and began conversing about who was going to take watch and when. It was decided that they would work in pairs to be more efficient. Zen and Tullia would take the first shift. Cinder and Kiffi the next. Kau would take the last watch with Cinder, who insisted on getting all of her sleep immediately and just staying up for the rest of the day.
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Sep 12

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 21: A Shattered Path

EBS- B1 Chpt 21

*Please note that this chapter is told from Seren’s point of view*

I was very aware that if Nienna knew I was in her room, she would have my hide and maybe more but it was a risk I felt I had to take. I needed to know what secrets she hid and if any of them could affect any of us. Pushing away any sense I had left at the time, I tried her chamber door and surprisingly found it unlocked. I had expected her room, of any of them, to be secured but I imagined no one went in anyway because most of us weren’t willing to risk her wrath. I had been on the receiving end after all and knew first-hand how unpleasant it could be. After letting my eyes adjust to the lack of light, I began my search. Nienna’s room was dim, cold, and less organized than I expected a Supreme Lady Commander’s room would be. I had imagined immaculately organized bookshelves, tidy tables, and a perfectly swept floor. Maybe a perfectly roaring fire with a bubbling kettle. I couldn’t help but feel a little relieved that she lived like the rest of us.

Her bed was made and the bed curtains drawn back but there were random articles of clothing and armor pieces strewn around on it and the floor. Her windows were shut tight and the shutters were closed almost all the way, only letting in a small stream of light. Shards of wood from a broken chair were scattered over her floor but some had been pushed aside and I thought I saw drops of blood on at least a couple of the pieces.

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Sep 08

Chapter Sixteen: Flow (Part 3)


What am I doing? I thought as I stared down as the slumbering charr using my chest as a pillow, surprisingly it wasn’t as heavy as one would think. The third night in a row I had spent with Garfas, each one a bit more active than the last. I was beginning to wonder if I was getting any sleep at all. Thoc was beginning to wonder if my stay was going to be permanent, for a second I considered the idea, but brushed it aside. It would rouse too much attention, especially amongst the warband. As if they weren’t suspicious enough already. Thoc had realized what was going on right away as soon as Garfas and I returned to the warband. Itan didn’t seem that fazed, Thoc had done a good job at playing off our absence. We remembered to thank him and he immediately noticed that something had changed between us. After telling him he seemed supportive, befuddled but supportive.

Now here I was, both of us enjoying a day off and sleeping in. Not that I was complaining. As much as I enjoyed this however, I still felt a nagging voice dancing behind my thoughts. A charr’s duty is to his legion, a charr’s family is his warband, a charr must put his warband before everything else. Did that ring true to me? Was I ready to put the warband before everything else? I pondered that thought as I gently placed my hand on Garfas’ head. He purred slightly before nuzzling into me. Whenever I looked at him the mere thought of the warband vanished. It was evident to me that my devotion towards him was vastly superior than what I had for the warband, even for the iron legion. Was this love? And if it was, did he feel the same? Charr are supposed to see these “trysts” as something casual. Was this casual for him? “Do you love me?” I muttered under my breath, not expecting a response.

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