Sep 01

Chapter 4: Part 9 – Flikk’s Legacy

AmberHeader4 9 Chapter 4: Part 9   Flikks Legacy

A curious mix of exultation and disappointment fell over our party as we regrouped. Spark, Weir and particularly Blaise were triumphant, their victory over the centaur shaman and its summoned elemental everything they’d hoped for. I supposed I should feel equally pleased – I was the one who’d disarmed the shaman and ultimately caused it to lose control of its spell – but fiercer worries crowded over me.

Zurra. She had been there, and I had lost her, again. By the Eternal Alchemy, I seemed fated to continually cross paths with my enemy, yet never be able to bring her to justice. Zurra herself, in her tireless work for the Inquest, seemed almost to have forgotten I existed. It was a humbling thought.

Darr was equally cowed. He too had been on Zurra’s tail, though he wouldn’t say how he’d known where to find her. I still didn’t know who he was working for, and though I didn’t have much choice but to trust him, it wasn’t willingly.

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Aug 27

No Gathering Tool Equipped #021

Comic 21 1024x529 No Gathering Tool Equipped #021

Aug 21

No Gathering Tool Equipped F3 (Chronicles of Tyria Webcomic)

 No Gathering Tool Equipped F3 (Chronicles of Tyria Webcomic)

Aug 18

Chapter 4: Part 8 – The Shaman Falls

AmberHeader4 8 Chapter 4: Part 8   The Shaman Falls

There are times when it pays to be cautious of one’s allies, to study their motives and try to rely on them as little as possible. There are also times when circumstances spiral out of your control and you need all the help you can get.

Times like now, when I was confronted by an earth elemental of colossal size, the centaur shaman summoning it, and my arch-enemy perched overhead, overseeing the whole thing. Now, I didn’t actually think Zurra had anything to do with the centaur gathering, but she had to be here for a reason. Just as we had arrived in the vicinity because of Blaise’s desire for revenge against the centaurs, so too must Zurra have her motives and schemes.

Because if there was one thing I understood better than any other when it came to Zurra, it was that she was never without a scheme or two.

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Aug 14

No Gathering Tool Equipped #020

 No Gathering Tool Equipped #020

Aug 11

Spear, tapestries and a book.

Welcome back to CoT Translations!


This week, we’ll look at a few random items I’ve found or some guildies sent me while exploring Tyria.

We’ll start with a particular underwater weapon that you might want to be cautious while you’re wielding it.

TNT1 Spear, tapestries and a book.

TNT (Credit goes to Vainard Volcae)

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Aug 06

No Gathering Tool Equipped #019

 No Gathering Tool Equipped #019

Aug 04

Chapter 4: Part 7 – ‘Can We Kill It?’

AmberHeader4 7 Chapter 4: Part 7   Can We Kill It?

I hadn’t seen Zurra in weeks, but there she was, as brazen as ever. Zurra, whose experiments for the Inquest had caused untold destruction. Zurra, who had killed my master and wanted nothing better than to see me dead.

Well, the feeling was certainly mutual.

Which put me in something of a tricky situation. Weir, Blaise and I still had our backs to one wall of the canyon, and Zurra was beside the other; between us were somewhere in the region of two hundred centaurs, their shaman, and the elemental he was in the process of summoning.

No matter how eager I was to reach Zurra, that elemental was starting to draw my attention. I hadn’t paid much heed to the shaman’s summoning – though Caolinn, who we’d left further up the cliff-face, had certainly been affected by it – but now I didn’t really have a choice. The very ground was shaking, the air thrumming with power, and thrusting their way out of the rock beneath the shaman’s feet were a pair of colossal hands.

It would be true to say that, for all my esoteric knowledge, elementals weren’t my speciality. In fact, I’d never seen anything like it.

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Jul 30

Chapter Eleven: Distractions (part 2)

gw061 Chapter Eleven: Distractions (part 2)I had forgotten how irritating Itan’s voice was, and I had also forgotten how easily I could ignore it. Once I had recovered from my injuries, I received an unusual sight once I had returned to my warband. Quite a few of them had actually seemed happy to see me, going as far as to asking how I was feeling and if I was ready to cut down some more Flame Legion. I was surprised enough as it is with all the questions, I was uncertain as to how to answer. Luckily Garfas appeared at the right moment and answered most of them for me. Everything appeared to be going back to normal until Itan showed up. He seemed especially upset today, and I was the easiest target in sight.

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Jul 30

No Gathering Tool Equipped #018

 No Gathering Tool Equipped #018

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