Jul 31

Chapter 11: Part 4 – Searing Cauldron

The path wasn’t clear. The risen wandered aimlessly around the land between here and our destination. There were only a few, but it seemed like enough to swarm us if alerted.

“We need to think up a plan to get through them,” I suggested.

“There’s not that many, I can take them all down,” was Angel’s rather obvious response.

“If we burn them too closely to the outpost, we could potentially draw in more risen and cause trouble for those inside.” I looked around the area, trying to figure out a place to potentially burn the bodies. Until we figured that out, we couldn’t move onto killing them.

Ragnvaldr walked further down the bridge, “Behind the cliffs, there’s a tall building. A lot of the walls have fallen in, but the cover around it should hide the smoke well enough, unless we have risen eyes looking towards the sky.”

I walked towards him to see the building, but I stopped when I saw him hold his hand out to tell me to stop. “Is there something wrong?”

“I don’t want you coming this close yet.” So he was worried about me.

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Jul 30

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 40: Whispers in the Shadows

EBS- B1 Chpt 40


“Let’s see how you like it,” Alena muttered angrily as she snapped one of the magic blocking collars around Alec’s neck. Her flesh golem loomed behind her, his hollow eyes observing Alec closely as his mistress circled around the man. Alena had initially pocketed one of the collars for study later, but the little Asura had seen an opportunity for revenge and took it. No one stopped her. “Grenth’s horns,” she grumbled, fiddling with the controller. “Anyone seen the conductor? Little metal piece about this big.” Alena measured the space between her fingers. “If we can find it, I could probably repair the zapping function and give him a taste of his own medicine.”

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Jul 22

Being Bait – Kumara – Chapter 4 Part 9


Garron and I kept glancing at Tot over our tankards, trying to be as inconspicuous as we could be. We sat together at one of the smaller tables in a corner of the tavern, whereas the captain sat at a table in the middle with his boatswain and first mate.

When we arrived at this small port, we could easily see the shiverpeaks in the not-so-far distance, which explained the amount of norn moving through town. In my opinion, it made for a much better atmosphere compared to a city with mainly mice. Still, it would have been nice to have Kaya and Amethyst along—even though we did not tell them about our suspicions—however they had drawn the lots to stay and guard the ship.

Hearing Thornfang give a soft growl, I turned away from the window I just stared through and saw the captain standing at our table, shifting his glance between Garron an me.

“Sir?” Garron said.

“Look, mates, did ya really think that I wouldn’t notice that ya’ve been tailin’ me?”

“Uh, well, maybe?” I replied, not quite sure what else to say.

The captain shook his head, but could not conceal a trace of a smile.

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Jul 15

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 39: Brothers and Sisters in Arms

EBS- B1 Chpt 39

With Alec distracted by the invading group, I took the opportunity to reach for the sword he had thrown at the ground. He was right about it being fake in the sense that it wasn’t the blade I guard, but it was still a working blade and very sharp. I curled my fingers around the hilt and swung my arm back, cutting into Alec’s bicep. Ignoring his cries of pain, I didn’t hesitate to shift my weight so I could connect my elbow with his side as he started to slide off my back. A shot rang out but it hit the cavern’s ceiling as I scrambled towards the nearest wall. Debris rained down upon us and I felt small pebbles strike me hard on my back like little knives.

As I dug my fingers into the cold ground during my retreat, I felt tingling vibrations and looked up to find one of the two Aatxes charging. Wisps of shadow rolled off of its stocky body and curled horns. It’s ghostly illuminated eyes narrowed at me as it neared and I could hear the labored breaths it took with every gallop. I rolled out of the way just as the great beast passed, but I heard a cry from Alec and I looked over to find he had been knocked hard onto his back almost to the other side of the cavern. He remained still on the ground. With multiple sources of motion going on all around, the Aatxe turned from Alec’s still body and charged into the fray.

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Jul 14

The Journey’s Beginning

Lion's_Arch_loading_screenIt was not a good time to travel to Lion’s Arch. In the middle of the trip, a ferocious rain started to fall, making what he thought to be a peaceful trip a complete mess. However, it seemed this fact bothered him little. He just sat on his bed while everyone outside was shouting, while everything was shaking up and down. Only the sight of a man standing before him caught his attention, breaking the trance he was in.

You don’t seem really happy, do you?” Said the man ironically.

I’m not in the mood, Sky” replied the Norn, with certain resentment in his voice towards the old man.

You were talking with her again, were you? Everyone would think you are crazy if you told them your strange… power”

You know it’s nothing really useful. I don’t know much about it, nor how to control it” lamented the young Norn. He was feeling a bit dizzy, with sight lost, looking to the ceiling, as if waiting for something or someone to come through.

Aye, aye. Stop flirting for a bit just now, I have a new assignment for you.”

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