Nov 09

Chapter 10: Part 7 – Brisk Escapes

We had all settled in for the night. Cots and blankets were scattered across the floor and most of them were filled. The few that were empty belonged to those on watch. I was drifting in and out of sleeping, myself. The excitement from the night was keeping me up, but Ragnvaldr would rub my back with his hand if he saw me awake. It was easier for me to fall back to sleep with the calm feeling it created within me.

Tobih tossed and turned all night as well. Usually he was a sound sleeper, having slept through the explosion back in the Granite Citadel even. I thought he may have been nervous about the journey into Orr. It was so close, and we needed to prepare mentally just as much as we had prepared physically. Maybe one could never prepare enough mentally to enter a place like Orr.

He stood up and tidied up his cot. That told me he didn’t plan on coming back to it any time soon. He whispered something to Cinder, waking her from her light sleep, before leaving. She curled into different position before sleeping again.

Even with as curious as I was, my eyelids became heavier with each passing second. I found myself dozing off again…
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Nov 08

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 25: The Sinner in Me

EBS- B1Chpt 25

The ground rushed up to meet me and we collided forcefully. I could taste metallic in my mouth from Alec’s strike and as I struggled to push myself up, I spat out red. As Alec sheathed his greatsword on his back, he advanced on me and I pushed myself back away from him until I knocked into Tuborg. He toppled over and I shook my sleeve, depositing the small blade I took from Torx’s belt. I made eye contact with the Sylvari and he nonchalantly nodded and scooped up the blade before anyone could see.

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Oct 31

Shards Of Memory – Anniversary Special 3 – Public Reliquary, Divinity’s Reach

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Divinity’s Reach had its sprawling plazas and long boulevards, but it could challenge Lion’s Arch for its narrow backstreets and hideaways. Rata Sum was well organised, the Grove organic, and Hoelbrak daunting in it’s massive scale, but nowhere else could create as much confusion as the slums in this great human city. Jerem had not travelled to the Black Citadel but he doubted even its’ gladium quarter would come close. It was here now that he walked, through narrow alleyways and across rickety wooden walkways.

It had cost him hundreds of gold pieces to arrange this meeting. The ministry once pretended they were contrary to corruption, but the veil had fallen and everyday in those splendid halls was open bribery. With the diminishing grandeur of human civilisation, once-wealthy families turned to whatever means necessary to keep themselves in the life to which they were so luxuriously accustomed. Tonight, Jerem would provide this lifestyle, whilst serving his unseen masters.

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Oct 26

Chapter 6: Part 4 – Cruelty and Depravity


Of all the races of Tyria, there’s none I find more unpredictable than sylvari. Norn, humans, even charr possess qualities that make them understandable to the average asura, but sylvari? Perhaps it’s because they’re little more than children, in a sense; perhaps that I’ve never spent much time around sylvari, Caolinn aside – or maybe it’s the history between our two peoples, a dark moment for asura if ever there was one, that makes me feel uncomfortable in their presence. Whatever the reason, whilst it was a relief to get away from the Inquest, from the moment we stepped into that sylvari camp, I felt on edge.

We were greeted by a prickly headed sylvari, his skin purplish-black and his expression cheery. In fact, I had the impression he was laughing at us. “What a sight you three are! A norn, an asura and a sylvari – should that be a joke? Is this just a passing visit, or are the Inquest really after you? Oh, you must have really rattled their circuits!”

I found myself staring at the stranger with my mouth hanging open. Leaving aside the fact that it didn’t take much to ‘rattle the circuits’ of the perpetually belligerent Inquest, I wasn’t sure which thread of his ridiculous statement to respond to first.

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Oct 24

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 24: Shadow of the Past

EBS- B1 Chpt 24

I pushed myself up to sit while the roar of the crumbling cavern still echoed in my ears. Every part of me ached and the underside of my forearms burned from having landed on them. I had thrown myself onto the ground harder than I had realized but I was hardly keeping the integrity of my skin in mind when I did so. Sitting on the cold stone, I inspected my arms to find torn sleeves and tender skin underneath. Drops of red blood had started to bead up from the scrapes and blended in to the material of my crimson tunic. They were not serious and could be dealt with later.

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