Jun 12

Hide Your Fires VII

Ciani breathed out, released the arrow, and sent it whistling through the early morning mist. It buried itself right beside her first, shaking yet another clump of snow from the wooden dummy she’d borrowed from Elsif. There was an odd, alien elegance to her as she drew another arrow from her quiver, lay it against her bowstring, raised the bow, and drew. I saw her breath rise into the air, curling in front of her dark face like as she released.

The days had turned to weeks since The Mourn Knights had arrived, though they’d frequently come and gone on their forays to track the Svanir group. Thanks to Elsif’s assistance they had now discerned the pack must be hiding in the nearby caves, but there was a veritable labyrinth of ancient caverns beneath the snow-covered peaks to search.

Ciani was patient, however, and I’d not spotted a hint of frustration in her. Every morning she was up before dawn, exercised, then spent time practicing with her bow before one of her men brought her breakfast. Together with Elsif, the lieutenants, and the night time scouts they’d then study maps of the area, dividing up search quadrants with an organised efficiency that reminded me of my mentor’s easily forgotten military background.

The Mourn Knights – with the exception of the now sleeping scouts – would be gone for the day then, hunting, searching, while Elsif and I resumed our training in private. I was becoming stronger every day, honing skills I hadn’t even realised weren’t perfected yet, and I didn’t want Ciani and her ilk slowing down progress, regardless of how fascinated with them I had to admit I was.

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Jun 08

Chapter 7: Part 19 – Freedom

Pain. For a long time – or what felt like a long time, anyway – I could remember nothing else. There was only blackness, and a streak of fire through my torso, all the way up one side and curling around my back. It grew and grew, encompassing my entire world, until nothing else had ever existed, or would ever exist again.

Lumm’s portable gate spat us out with a snap like a thunderstorm, and Zurra and I both went tumbling across the ground. Even in my agony, I’d managed to cling to her, only our sudden emergence dislodging my grip. There was blood on my chest, more trickling down my back, though at least now we were out of the gate, I could think clearly again. Zurra had shot me, that much was plain; right now, that seemed like the least of my problems.

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Jun 02

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 7: A Truthful Start


Dee and I sat across from each other for quite some time while I tried to guess what she might be feeling. It was hard to decipher because her face had gone completely flat, devoid of any detectable emotion, but I imagined it was something similar to what I felt the first time I discovered my family duty. Remaining silent, I sat nearly as still as stone as I waited for Dee to say something.

“Bear’s back,” Dee finally uttered as she sat back in her chair and let her arms rest on the chair’s arm rests. Her eyes went wide. “You have got to be kidding me.”

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May 28

Chapter Twenty Five: Embers

Thoc found himself in some sort of bunker. An underground room in the dead center of the land. It was smart in a sense, quick access to all the other encampments. The first carved out room was a simple one. A bed roll, cooking implements, stacks of books scattered about. There was a door that lead deeper, possibly chambers for other uses. Anavari walked over to the cooking pot he had set up, which Thoc noticed was an iron legion stove much like his own to heat up meals. The darker charr took a wooden bowl and poured what seemed like beans and meat into it. He placed a spoon inside and handed it to Thoc.

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May 19

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 6: The Beginning

291 Season of the Colossus 1073AE

I write this first entry three days after it has come into our possession. My family has now been named the blade’s warden and the following account is for future descendants when it is their time to take over this duty. It is imperative that whomever becomes its warden, take upon this calling with the highest sense of responsibility.

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