Aug 16

Chapter 10: Part 3 – Talking It Out


The smell of rotted land was getting worse. Still our carts pressed on and into the stench. Angel and Kau navigated the carts through the hill covered landscape. Every so often I could catch a glimpse of the swamp that lay ahead of us. We were lucky to have scared off any opposition with our numbers alone.

“What brought you then, Tullia?” Ragnvaldr seemed focused on learning about our guildmates and had begun to question Tullia about her reasoning for joining the guild.

She seemed a little more hesitant to answer. She eyed Ragnvaldr for moments before replying, “Why do you want to know?” Tullia’s eyes narrowed as she appeared to be sizing him up.

“Curiosity,” he responded and leaned forward again.

“That’s why,” Tullia retorted and crossed her arms.

Cinder gave a few rough pats to Tullia’s back, “She’s not the talkative one. Probably won’t tell you.” Tullia veered away from Cinder’s paws and settled herself back down again.

Tobih spoke up this time, “It’s painful, I don’t blame her.” Tullia dropped her crossed arms a little and looked away from everyone.

“I won’t press, then.” Ragnvaldr said as he straightened up once more, “What about you, Tobih?” Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 16

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 19: Choices

EBS- B1 Chpt 19 “Nothing?”

Clarkus slowly nodded. “Iron Legion last saw him near Thunderbreak Hills. They said those renegades never saw him coming.” The Charr let out a deep, throaty chuckle that ended with a loud huff. “But he never returned to Ebonhawk like he told the Seraph he would.”

Letting out a frustrated sigh, I ran my fingers through my long red hair part way and stopped to cradle my head. as I closed my eyes to think. Where had Sir Fendall disappeared to? Had he received word of Rhys’ death and was on his way back? No, he would have sent word to us.

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Aug 12

Chapter Four: Blindness in Amontillado III



“You want us to walk away?” I asked. “That’s it?”

“That’s it.” Levaunt promised. “Sell your trinket, make your fortune and open avenues for the future. Do this for me, and my friends become your friends, my associates become your associates. Every merchant, every banker, every fence.”

“And if we refuse?”

“My friends become your enemies, my associates close their doors to you.” Levaunt shrugged. “You’re free to walk out the door with your possessions, and you need not fear Sahir or my men unless you try to break the rules. Play nice, obey the laws, and you’ll have nothing to fear. Of course you’ll starve along with Tatianna, but I’ll not kill you.”

Baen and I had long since learned how to keep our faces mostly unreadable, and after a few moments all she did was look at me an shrug. “What do you think, Kaede?”

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Aug 12

Chapter Sixteen: Flow (Part 2)

gw051My eyes slowly pried open, greeted by a set of amber orbs. MY eyesight began to adjust as I made sense of the overwhelming shadow that blinded me, then I realized that it was night time.

“Garfas?” I asked out the the pair of eyes, who else could they belong to? “Where am I?”

“Mara’s hut,” Came an immediate response, it was unusual for him however. His voice was shaky, nervous even.

“Mara’s hut?” I asked sitting up, a dull pain throbbed within my chest and muscles. “What am doing here?” then it all returned to me. “Wait, don’t answer that. I remember now.” I finished with a sigh. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, still feeling exhausted, but not wanting to fade again. I readjusted myself and saw two large arms try to aid me, I held up a dismissive hand to signal that I was alright. There was hesitation in Garfas’ hands as they retreated.

“Um…” Began Garfas in the darkness. All I could see were his eyes. The moonlight shone through the window in the room but it wasn’t enough to illuminate the white charr’s silhouette. “So you’re really here? Is that really you?” The question caught me off guard, then again I suppose it wasn’t out of place to ask something like that. Had I been a regular person, I would have been dead. I should be dead, but I wasn’t, that must be what Garfas was thinking at the moment.

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Aug 05

Chapter 5: Part 16 – A Quiet Place


Asura aren’t typically given to great displays of grief, even when we lose one of our own. We’re not entirely without emotion, of course, not as other races might choose to portray us, but frequently our sorrows end up bound with our work, the two intertwining to become what defines us.

Whilst Blaise’s death wasn’t on a scale of other losses in my past, it hit me hard, and in the days that followed, I found the lure of busyness and work growing ever stronger. It wasn’t just the ranger, either, or the fact that we’d discovered his pet’s limp body beside him – it was the fact that his death had been Spark’s doing, and however she might apologise or try to atone, that was one fact we could never forget.

But Spark was gone, and though he hadn’t immediately followed her, Weir was too. I didn’t know what the guardian was planning to do now, whether he’d go after Spark or not, but it was quite clear he too needed time alone.

“Perhaps we’ll see each other again,” he said dully, as we stood on the rise above Agnos Gorge, dawn’s pale light flooding over the landscape.

And perhaps we won’t, was the implied end of that sentence. I was sorry to see Weir go, but I wasn’t about to stop him, not when he’d lost even more than the rest of us with Spark’s betrayal.

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