Jun 09

Anniversary Contest Winners!



Hello Tyrians!

Its been a few weeks since the deadline of our anniversary writing contest. The judges have read every entry and voted several times, but we finally managed to choose a top 3. We’ve had to go through several rounds of voting as we received many great poems, limericks and haikus. Since the voting was so difficult, we decided to award a small in-game prize to every participant that did not make the final top 3. Keep an eye on your inbox as we will need your account name!
Without further ado here are the winners of our contest starting from third place.

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Jun 05

Chapter 11: Part 3 – The Last of Life

Tobih was able to talk the Pact into letting us go quickly. I was told by Tobih that he and Angel had thoroughly went through the plan with their strategists. When asked what our pilgrimage was for, he only mentioned to them that it was personal, but my life depended on kneeling down at the gods’ past home. The humans seemed to understand, but were still wary. The rest of the races that had joined thought it was nothing but foolish. It was expected, but it wasn’t going to deter me from going.

With a few more talks with those in command, we were eventually granted passage. The Pact was already sending people out to create camps all over Orr. They gave us the information on each one, telling us that our help would be invaluable, especially in delivering messages from one camp to the other if we happened to choose their safe routes. It sounded like the obvious choice. It seems that they were looking to set up a lot more and needed help burning undead after clearing them out of strategic locations. Any help Ventari’s Refugees could provide would be worth letting us free into the dead lands.
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Jun 03

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 36: In The Blood

EBS B1, Chpt 36

Rhys winced as he watched me run the blade along my palm. He ran a shaky hand through his recently teal dyed hair. “Is that really necessary? You have been here for almost a week and I am surprised that you haven’t bled yourself dry yet.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Whatever is the matter, Rhys? Afraid of a little blood?” I teased him as I held up my red covered hand and wriggled my fingers. It didn’t bother me much at all, but I knew how much Rhys hated the sight of blood. He took a step back, his wary eyes locked onto my extremity as his face took on an unusually pale shade. “It is quite necessary, I assure you, and is the final step in sealing this place up. Sort of like a key to a lock. After I attune these sigils, the energy in my blood will be the only thing that can charge the seals and open the way. If someone else manages to find this place and get in using whatever method they choose, the fail safes will lock in place and they will meet a quick end.”

“Better quick than slow,” Sir Fendall pipped up as his broad frame emerged from the opening at the base of Grenth’s statue. Quickly, the warrior ascended the steps, his long, white hair swaying behind him. He leaned against the pale stone and crossed his arms over his chest. “Still, I sometimes wonder if we’re going about this the right way.”

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May 30

Chapter Eight: Theatre of Coils II

ChapterEight2 copy
The main entrance was a scene of utter chaos.

The front door had been breached, and pirates were trying to push in, but the heavy fire from the crew of The Covenant kept them at bay. Two corpses lay strewn in the broken doorway, and besides the general shouting from outside I could hear the wailing of a dying man. Syman and Tatianna were crouched by an overturned table, Wilhar was hidden at the corner of a hallway and Fotti lay at the top of the stairs, looking through the scope of her rifle, trained on the door.

“East is clear.” I said, sliding into cover beside Tatianna. “It’s Ingesbror – he’s in command, and I think there are about forty of them out there.”

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May 30

Chapter Nineteen: The Cloak (Part 1)

gw011I gasped loudly when I found myself back in the room with Daniel and Slim. It was a startling shock back to reality, I needed a moment to compose myself. It was as if I needed to remind myself where I was, who I was with, how I had gotten there, what were we doing.

“You okay, big guy?” Said Daniel as I realized that he had his hand over mine the entire time. My own hands released the sword they were firmly grasping.

“Yes…” I said taking a moment to place my blade on the coffee table and then scooting closer to Daniel.

“You spaced out for a second there, you sure?” Daniel sank into my form as I wrapped an arm around him. “You’re shaking.”

“I remembered something,” I said. “Quite a few things actually.”

“What was it?” Asked Daniel sitting up. I could see the enthusiasm in his eyes.

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