Jul 21

Chapter 4: Part 6 – Elementals and Energies

AmberHeader4 6 Chapter 4: Part 6   Elementals and Energies

The night was cool and silent, the dew of early autumn coating the grass in a filigree of glimmering drops and silver spiderwebs. A bright moon was peeking through a tattered veil of clouds, casting flickering shadows across the uneven ground. Shadows through which we crept, single-file, following Blaise’s lead.

In any other situation, I might have questioned the wisdom of letting Blaise lead in anything, but it was clear he was a skilled scout and tracker as well as a ranger; besides, this was territory he knew, had hunted in and patrolled long before he split from the Seraph.

I pulled a sour expression at that last thought. ‘Split from the Seraph’ was one way of putting it – ‘betrayed to their deaths in the name of profit’ was another. I didn’t have a lot of sympathy for Blaise’s predicament, or his desire to prove himself worthy again, not when all his troubles were ones he’d brought down on his own head. Still, Spark seemed determined to give him a chance, and I couldn’t really blame her for that.

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Jul 20

Chapter 8: Part 3 – The Drakes

part4 Chapter 8: Part 3   The Drakes
Each of us were finally in our ideal positions when Ragnvaldr gave the command to attack the marsh drakes surrounding our wagon. Angel rolled out of her seat where Tobih jumped over only a second later, both of them brandishing their weapons. Ragnvaldr knelt down on one knee and aimed for a group of three while I turned around and focused on the enemies behind us. Flames burst around a single drake and one next to it gained a face full of burning embers that flew off the crackling flames. In the few seconds the fire had to live, I was already focusing on turning the ground beneath the two of them into lava.

I saw a bright line of light on my side next to Tobih. It acted as if it were a wall to a drake that was trying to pass through as he was taking on another drake on his other side.

Seeing that the wall wouldn’t last forever, I drew my arm back, pulling fire from the flame of the staff and throwing that towards the drake, who recoiled from the singeing flames.

Ragnvaldr was working behind me, barraging the group of three with numerous arrows. As one endured the hail of arrows and moved towards the cart, he steadied himself and drew a single arrow, inhaled, concentrated, adjusted, then let the arrow fly. The resulting shot caused the drake to tumble backwards a few feet.
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Jul 16

No Gathering Tool Equipped #017

 No Gathering Tool Equipped #017

Jul 14

SAB : part 3

Welcome back to CoT Translations!


This week, we are going back into the Super Adventure Box for one last time.

We’ll start from an important message from Moto. This message can be seen in the Super Adventure Box : Back to school release page.

Games make you smarter SAB : part 3

Games make you smarter?

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Jul 13

Chapter Eleven: Distractions (Part 1)

gw060 Chapter Eleven: Distractions (Part 1)It had been a week since we captured the boy that worked for the fringe. We were slowly able to get more information from him, though it was not much. He was a walker, the lowest rank in the echelons of the fringe, barely a recruit. higher up were wanderers, travelers, and then stalkers. At least that was the highest rank he knew. according to the walker, they had several bases in all of Tyria, however he had yet to see any of them. As much information as we wanted to siphon from him, there was only so much he knew. Despite our victory, the secros still had to hide their charr, proceed with extreme caution, and look for this “heartless one”.

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Jul 10

No Gathering Tool Equipped F1

Alas, no new comic today, but to still provide new content, attached is a sketch Saune did of Tryffyn. Our plan is to use these filler style images whenever we have a time crunch and can’t provide you with a new comic issue, enjoy!

 No Gathering Tool Equipped F1

Jul 07

Chapter 4: Part 5 – Traitors and Deserters

AmberHeader4 5 Chapter 4: Part 5   Traitors and Deserters

I had never noticed, until that day on the hillside in Harathi Hinterlands, just how loud birdsong could be. The creatures were trilling all around us, pleased with the sunshine and the gently swaying trees and whatever else it is birds like. I could hear them because everything else was silent, the tension surrounding our party wound as tight as one of the springs in Spark’s ingenious weapons.

It was Spark I was most worried about – or what she was about to do to Blaise, at least. She was outwardly calm, but very dangerous people get a glint in their eye when they’re about to snap, and Spark was nothing if not dangerous.

Blaise could see it too, but couldn’t seem to gather the nerve to even stammer a reply. He was staring at the charr with the expression of a mouse caught between a cat’s claws; I could only hope Spark wasn’t about to turn this into a confrontation between predator and prey.

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Jul 06

Chapter 8: Part 2 – The Cartographer

part3 Chapter 8: Part 2   The Cartographer
The morning was deceptively peaceful; it was as if you could feel the dangers from the marsh rush over your body if you stepped anywhere near it. There was an uneasy feeling that gathered around our cart as we made our way towards the wet grounds. Birds chirped in the land behind us, but those chirps turned into the croaks of frogs and toads.

The ground felt as if it was absorbing the wheels of the cart until we hit a rocky path that had previously been created to help transportation along. With the morning still brisk, I had bundled up in a blanket and was leaned against Ragnvaldr, who was chatting away with Tobih about general battle tactics. Ragnvaldr preferred to use his trusty longbow while Tobih chose what weapon to use based on the journey or the battle. As a result, Ragnvaldr was skilled in the use of his weapon, but Tobih was completely average in all of his, though being just that was a skill itself.

Angel was whistling a tune in her driver’s seat. She refused to let anyone else drive and I suspected that her claim to the seat was her attempt to feel like a leader. Not that I minded a single bit. Angel made a good leader. Despite her bursts of rage and her anger issues, she had a good head on her shoulders when it came to planning and keeping the team on track.

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Jul 02

No Gathering Tool Equipped #016

 No Gathering Tool Equipped #016

Jun 27

The Short of It – Kumara – Chapter 3 Part 1

CoT 3 1 The Short of It   Kumara   Chapter 3 Part 1

Two weeks have passed since I left Silias’ tavern behind. Every time I was done resting for a bit—I was in no hurry to get anywhere—I picked a new direction. I was not heading in any specific direction, as long as it led me deeper into the jungle. I often encountered little streams where I could drink, and there was more than enough food in this jungle, if you knew where to look.

Wandering about without a specific goal, and without worrying about food and shelter, my mind finally got the time to rest and to give all the events that happened a place: my flight from Ascalon, the battle with the grawl, Graymane’s death.

However, it was also boring.

Sitting with my back against the tree, I closed my eyes to listen to the wind playing with the leaves. The continuous rustle was both soothing and… unnerving. The sound was restless, as was I. It was time I got going again.

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