May 12

Chapter 5: Part 11 – Collateral Damage


Fighting Risen really is the most unpleasant experience a law-abiding asura can ever hope to have. Even for those of a particularly warlike, combative disposition, a battle against the undead is a singularly unappealing prospect. There’s little tactical prowess required against them, for one thing: the massed ranks of the Risen are generally mindless, and overwhelm through sheer force of numbers, meaning brute force is the only viable means of overcoming them. Being surrounded by undead – which are, lest we forget, dead and rotting – is also about the foulest situation imaginable, second only to finding your year-long research project is about to be overshadowed by someone else who’s studied the same thing – and done it better.

Not that I had much time for contemplation. I knew I was jumping into the middle of a fight against the Risen, and that I might regret doing so. I also knew it was an unnervingly long way down, although that second fact didn’t really hit me until I was already in the air.

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May 10

Chapter 9: Part 7 – Refugees’ Return


“Look, they’re here!” Tobih excitedly exclaimed, throwing his arms out as if to present them. It was the first gathering of the guild since Wayfarer Foothills. The pure excitement from Tobih sparked like electricity through the room.

“How do you do?” Kiffi approached Ragnvaldr and I. She was so small as to only reach my waist when she stood upright. She held out a clawed hand and when I took it, we both shook. The formality she was presenting towards me felt a bit unusual. She did the same for Ragnvaldr, who had to stoop down to take the hand she offered.

I didn’t want to respond that the journey was difficult. I didn’t want to respond that I was terrified of so much. But I didn’t feel as if I could respond very positively either. “We’re hanging in there,” that’s all I had.

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May 09

Shards Of Memory – Chapter 7, Part 1 – The Special Collections


Koda’s Breath’s nose wrinkled with the stench. It made him nauseous, the smell of boiling flesh. Slick tar covered every surface of the Special collections and the air shimmered with the heat emanating from the hot liquid. Ulfridda wore a white cloth across her nose and mouth while Alepe had dug out an old aquabreather from somewhere in the Priory and retrofitted it to filter air. Korr had stuffed hay up his nose and it stuck out in tufts.

Ulfridda crouched behind the barricade that the Scholars had made between the Special Collections and the Statue of Abaddon at the entrance to the basement. She spoke in a hushed tone, as the wandering tar elemental seemed to hunt by sound.

Koda’s Breath and Korr, you two be the front line. This elemental creates a miasma which poisons a large area around it, siphoning health into itself. Korr, I want you to try and block that magical energy, while also keeping its attention.”

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May 08

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 12: Vengeful

EBS- B1 Chpt 12

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It had been a long time since I had been so violently active but the groans escaping from yet another dying bandit in front of me proved I had not lost my deadly touch. With a pitiful whimper, the bandit buckled and fell to his knees. I pushed on his shoulder with my red leather boot to help him find the ground. The fight had been going better than I had expected. We had taken down many bandits while only taking on a few minor wounds ourselves. The pain from my shoulder had started to cut through despite the large amount of adrenalin in my body, making it difficult to move it. Still, I was able to manage by using mostly my axe hand. Against these untrained men and women, it was all I needed anyway.

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May 04

Chapter Three: Under Cerberean Authority I

ChapterThree final

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Coalpaw was alone when we found him at the end of what a miserable little waif had told us was the ‘Old Woman‘s Road’, though why it was called that we hadn’t bothered to ask. The charr was apparently impatient, because the moment we came into view he waved at us to hurry and began walking away, clearly expecting us to catch up.

Baen and I broke into a light jog, and I was relieved that I had mostly recovered from my injury the previous evening. I still occasionally felt a spike of pain in my head, brilliant lights hurt my eyes and there was a sizable bump beneath my hair, but I had barely bled and the morning of rest had done wonders.

“There’s trouble.” Coalpaw rumbled when we had caught up with him. “The captain’s trying to sort it now, but this is exactly the sort of thing we wanted to avoid.”

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