Aug 29

Chapter 7: Part 2 – The Minds of Asura

AmberHeader1-5It was a relief to hold a meeting somewhere other than a musty cave or an abandoned building, or even the middle of the wilderness. Indeed, it was actually a relief to see Darr again, even if he was sitting in a tavern so loud I could barely hear myself think.

We shuffled into the seats around Darr, and for a moment he just beamed at us. The last time we’d seen him, I recalled, Spark had just activated Souleater, only to make a break for Ascalon. Finally, we were back together again – minus one.

“I’m sorry about your ranger friend,” Darr began, flicking a hand in the direction of the bar to order us drinks. “That sounded like quite an unfortunate incident, by all accounts.”

Whose accounts? I wondered. I’d been under the impression that Darr’s intelligence gathering operation was comprised solely of himself and Caolinn – and, inadvertently, me – but perhaps he’d expanded in recent weeks.

I glanced at Spark, but she gave no reaction. I was certain she was genuinely remorseful over Blaise’s death, but she’d never exactly apologised, and I didn’t expect her to now. Indeed, the conversation might have been about someone else entirely, given the blankness of her expression.

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Aug 28

Shards Of Memory – Chapter 12, Part 1 – The Throne Room


Zuhaira reflected, once the group had retired to bed, on what she had seen that day.

She had witnessed them open the box, and speak with the golden head inside. It spoke with a strange accent, or it spoke with strange words, she did not know. It had been a long time since she had been forced to mingle with the landwalkers.

She sat and watched, trying to identify which of them was the strongest. The older woman brimmed of power, buzzing beneath her skin, like lightning in a jar. The small one spoke with intelligence but was nervous, and did not speak up unless there was a pause. The two kodan were alike in many ways, although the smaller spoke with more certainty and more often than the larger. When the larger spoke, she could hear his voice from all corners of the room, never from his mouth, like catching an echo around a corner. She dismissed the giant, as he was young, and clearly untrained. He was strong, and muscular, but his shoulders were unset and he played with the snow leopard cub like a child. She would watch, and wait more before she issued her challenge.
She slept lightly, and awoke when she heard them speaking loudly over breakfast.

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Aug 28

Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Contest!


(Défilez plus bas pour les instructions en français)

Its already been four years since Guild Wars 2 came out. Time flies!
To celebrate this occasion, the kind folks at Arenanet have sent us some goodies to share with our readers.

As is tradition with CoT, this contest will have a slight story twist. A lot has happen since launch and  we want to hear your story. We’ll like to know what your favourite memory from your time playing the game is. It can be written in character (if its a moment from the story or a RP moment)  or out of character (if it was a fun moment with friends or a random chat you had in guild chat) as you wish.

Screenshots of that event are appreciated to liven up your entries.

After the deadline, three entries will be chosen at random. Each winner will win one of the prize packs below.

Contest Rules

  1. Entries must be in English or French.
  2. Send your favourite memory in e-mail form to (All entries will be deleted once the contest is over. We will not keep e-mail addresses for future advertisement)
  3. Specify in your entry if you would prefer a Medium or Large shirt.
  4. Specify in your entry if you would prefer a Kiel or Evon Pin.
  5. Entries must be sent prior to the deadline. September 10th 2016 11:59pm.
  6.  Contest winners will be contacted on the 11th.

Each Prize Pack includes

  • 1 White Rytlock Gw2 T-shirt (M or L)
  • 1 Rytlock/Living World Notebook
  • 1 Kiel or Evon  Pin

Bonus Prize

If you include your Twitter moniker in your entry and you are already following us (@ChroniclesTyria), you get the chance of winning a gem code worth 400 gems. We will raffle off 3 codes between today and the deadline. Winning a gem code does not exclude you from winning one of the prize packs.

Note : This contest is international. Physical prizes will be sent world-wide. If you have any additional questions or need some clarification, please contact us on Twitter @ChroniclesTyria . This will be faster than by the e-mail provided above.


(Désolé en avance pour les fautes de français)

Cela fait déjà quatre ans depuis le lancement de Guild Wars 2. Comme le temps passe vite!

Pour célébrer cette occasion, Arenanet nous a envoyé des prix à faire tiré auprès de nos lecteurs et fan de la franchise.

Comme est la tradition pour CoT, nos concours possèdent toujours un coté littéraire. Depuis le lancement du jeu, nos écrivain(e)s vous ont offert l’histoire de leur personnages. Cette fois-ci, nous voulons connaître votre histoire sous la forme de votre souvenir préférer pendant votre temps à jouer Guild Wars 2. Que ce soit une histoire racontée en première personne (d’un segments de l’histoire du jeu ou d’un moment de role-play entre amis) ou que ce soit ”out-of-character” (un moment plaisant entre amis, un évènement organisé par des joueurs ou une simple discussion dans le in-game chat), c’est comme vous voulez.

Si vous avez une prise d’écran de cette évènement, l’inclure pourait enjoliver votre soumission.

Suite à la date butoir, trois gagnants seront choisis au hasard parmis les soumissions et gagnera un ensemble de prix. (Détails ci-dessous)

Instruction pour le concours

  1. Soumission peuve être en Français ou en Anglais.
  2. Envoyer votre souvenir favori sous forme de e-mail à (Toutes les addresses e-mails vont être effacé suite à ce concours. Les e-mails ne seront pas utiliser pour de la publicité dans le future)
  3. Spécifier la grandeur de chandail désirer (Medium ou Large).
  4. Spécifier l’épingle désirer (Kiel ou Evon).
  5. Soumission doive être envoyé avant la date butoir. 10 septembre 2016 11:59pm.
  6.  Gagnants du concours vont être contacté par e-mail le 11 septembre.

Chaque ensemble de prix inclut

  • 1 Chandail Rytlock Gw2 blanc (M ou L)
  • 1 Calepin Rytlock/Living World
  • 1 Épingle Kiel ou Evon

Prix Bonus

Si vous incluez le nom de votre compte twitter et que vous nous suivez (@ChroniclesTyria), vous courrez la chance de gagner un de nos 3 codes de gemmes d’une valeur de 400 gemmes chacun. Ces codes seront tirer avant la date butoir. Gagner un code de gemmes ne vous exclut pas de gagner l’un des ensembles de prix.

Note : Ce concours est international. Les prix physiques seront envoyés où que vous habitez. Si vous avez des questions, contacté nous sur nos réseaux sociaux pour recevoir une réponse immédiate.

Aug 16

Chapter 11: Part 5 – Pact Camp Mausoleum

part5The outpost shouldn’t have been much further but it was difficult to see through the fog that was coming in by sea. A small shiver made its way through my body as the air turned cooler. The jungle we had left behind was night and day compared to the dead land we had just stepped into. Boots and shoes on the bridge were a cacophony of clanks and creaks. Ragnvaldr lead at the front. He not only was easy to follow, but seemed to know where he was going in this sudden fog. Tobih and I were sandwiched in between him and Angel. Under Ragnvaldr and Angel’s guidance, we agreed to let Angel guard us two humans from behind while we traveled.

Ragnvaldr halted suddenly, causing me to bump into him. He looked behind at me; when he turned to face forward again, he walked slowly forward. “This doesn’t look good. Keep your wits.”

He kneeled down at the body of an asura on the ground. He lifted the asura’s hand and let it fall back to the ground. “This was recent. I hope they’re still alive inside.” He stood up and motioned for us to stay back. Angel pulled the greatsword from her back.
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Aug 15

Chapter 7: Part 1 – No News is Good News

AmberHeader5-5A golem the size of a small town would, you’d think, draw a certain amount of attention. In the days that followed, though, there was curiously little chatter about Zurra’s creation, and though we felt a series of continued rumblings from the volcano behind us, no-one in the vicinity seemed to think it anything out of the ordinary. Of course, much of the area we passed through was utterly deserted, desolate swamp and the like, but to find not even a single curious scout was disheartening. Zurra had built – and loosed on the world – the mostly deadly golem ever seen… and the world hadn’t even noticed.

Things didn’t get much better in Lion’s Arch. It was a relief to be back there, of course, after days in the wilderness, but even the most informed inhabitants of the city seemed to know nothing of Zurra’s activities. There were no high-ranking members of the Order of Whispers available to hear our concerns, according to Caolinn, and Erin had no greater luck interesting the Priory in our findings. For now, we were on our own.

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