Nov 08

Chapter 7: Part 7 – In the Firing Line

amberheader7-7There is rarely such a thing, in asura eyes, as too much curiosity. It’s a character trait our entire race thrives upon, the very reason we’ve survived – and, according to some of our kind, one of the reasons we’re superior to everyone else in Tyria. Curiosity, though, has to be twinned with intellect, with common sense – and what we were about to do wasn’t very clever at all.

“Can’t they be activated from inside?” That was Caolinn, referring to T.A.F.D.A., and you would have thought she had a very good point. The trouble was, the defence array had never got out of the testing phase, and so had never been connected to any of Rata Sum’s internal systems. In order to determine what repair work it might need, and indeed to activate it at all, we had to be outside.

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Nov 05

The Journey’s Beginning III


“Aye, she kneeled before the norn and started begging ‘stop, please, I beg you, no more.’ ” said the lionguard to a fellow companion as they guarded the ship’s gang plank. He was mimicking the charr officer’s voice when she confronted Patrick. “She then started crying, repeating ‘no, no… no’. I felt frightened.”

“What was he doing? Why would they carry such a monster in this ship?” Said the companion, staring into the lionguard’s eyes.

“He did absolutely nothing. He just sat down, closed his eyes. That norn is indeed a monster.”

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Oct 31

Chapter Nine: Mercy Kill V



Tatianna was still.

The long, heavy silence hung in the air like a tangible thing as she stared at the squad of Whisper agents that surrounded us. I could almost hear her thinking, calculating just how far she could make it before they gunned her down.

Should she transform, we both knew she could take them. The monster she could become was resilient enough for that, but transformation would take time, time she didn’t have. Her minions could save her, swarming up, but through the eyes of the agents I knew they weren’t close enough either.

“Back off!” She warned, moving down suddenly. She lay atop me as one hand took my chin and the other grabbing the back of my head. “Or I’ll snap her neck.”

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Oct 30

Back in the Shiverpeaks – Kumara – Chapter 5 Part 2



Peering through a gap between the curtains, I saw the sky slowly light up, leaving the oppressive darkness of night behind. I sat on the bed, cross legged, petting Thornfang who was half curled up against my lap. About an hour ago I had awoken from a nightmare. Or, perhaps more accurately, a memory. Once again, I saw the final moments I spent with my warband, and once again I felt the pain of losing them. I do remember many injuries, but each of them pale against this kind of pain.

Sighing deeply, I glanced at Garron, who was still asleep. Although he did toss and turn quite a bit in his wooden bed, that creaked under his shifting weight. Perhaps he, too, was tormented by his past in his sleep.

For lack of a better thing to do, I looked around the room. Last night the combination of being exhausted and being… tipsy, made me unappreciative of the room we had. Not that there was much to appreciate, mind you. The walls were bare masonry, the floors and roof no more than wooden boards, the two beds were worn down and the linen was worn out. Still, it was safe, dry and warm, which I took time to appreciate. Sighing, I turned my attention to Thornfang.

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Oct 28

Chapter 7: Part 6 – Dead Metal

amberheader7-6Know thy enemy – isn’t that the saying? All these months, I’d been staunchly avoiding trying to understand Zurra. I didn’t want, quite frankly, to get inside her head; as long as I could beat her, that was enough. Being back in Rata Sum, though, was reminding me just how disparate asura ideals could be, and I was starting to think I needed to renew my study of Zurra after all.

Progress cannot be put aside for any cost. Darr had quoted those words to us in Lion’s Arch, when he’d first produced Zurra’s diary. Thinking about them made me shiver, as did contemplating the diary itself. I’d been carrying it around for days, trying not to think about it too closely, but finally, the time had come.

It was with some trepidation that I flicked back the cover. Zurra’s handwriting was scrawling and expansive, not at all what I’d expected; sadly, I couldn’t say the same for the contents. Even in those early days, and even for an asura, Zurra had been drawn to dangerous activities. Her own studies, and those of her first krewe, had made very little progress, continually being thwarted by intervention from the Arcane Council, who deemed – not surprisingly – high energy weaponry wasn’t a suitable field of research for anyone with a lab in Rata Sum itself. Perhaps, if the krewe had been operating out in the wilderness, the councillors would have turned a blind eye, but with weapons tests taking place under their very noses, they’d ultimately shut the whole lab down.

“Compelling stuff, is it?”

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