Jun 25

No Gathering Tool Equipped #015

 No Gathering Tool Equipped #015

Jun 22

Chapter 8: Part 2 – Marshwatch

part2 Chapter 8: Part 2   Marshwatch

Portage Hills was much greener than any other place we had encountered in our journey. On a small cliff was a haven – Marshwatch. Traders and vendors were set up until the sun had fallen, where they then packed up and moved inside the tower. As night fell, the number of people out had dwindled down to two guards manning the fortified gate.

We approached the gate, the two guards staring up at our driver. “I’d like to request passage into your haven for the night,” she said and it was the most polite thing I had ever heard from her. With a nod from one of the guards, they signaled for the gate to be opened.

Since this was a haven, our cart wouldn’t have to be checked. Many of these havens were set up across Tyria specifically to guard travelers and merchants and supply carriers. While most places catered to specific races, anything south of Lion’s Arch welcomed everyone. The lands were dangerous.

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Jun 20

Chapter 3, Part 3: A Whole in Part

CH3P02 Chapter 3, Part 3: A Whole in Part

I am finding it easier to disassociate from some of my more base requirements, like eating – I do not feel hungry, but I still miss the taste of things, and even though I feel tired from time to time, sleep is no longer the complete rest I would have required with my original form. I wonder if this is a bad thing?

With as much stealth as I can possibly muster, so as not to wake my companions, I place a few pieces of wood onto the fire and watch as a shower of sparks soar skyward.

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Jun 18

No Gathering Tool Equipped #014

Comic 014 300x155 No Gathering Tool Equipped #014

Jun 11

No Gathering Tool Equipped #013

Comic 013 300x155 No Gathering Tool Equipped #013

Jun 10

Chapter 4: Part 4 – Our Little Ranger Friend

AmberHeader4 4 Chapter 4: Part 4   Our Little Ranger Friend

If the centaur attack on Ascalon Settlement had been a maelstrom of activity, the aftermath was a measured calm. It wasn’t until the threat was over that it occurred to me how accustomed to assault this town was. There was no panic over the damaged gates or the ravaged fields; the handful of wounded Seraph were taken to a medical tent with a minimum of fuss; and before an hour had passed, business in the settlement was returning to normal.

Which was when Blaise reappeared.

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Jun 06

Chapter 03 – Part 02: Lacking Personification

ale carts Chapter 03   Part 02: Lacking Personification

The Vigil Keep overlooks Gendarran Fields with a grim frown and a furrowed brow, looking for all the world like a troubled face. A distinct welt of mud weaves through the native long grass, avoiding small hillocks and protrusions of rock until it reaches a stone-built ramp that marks the Vigil’s influence. Scattered in a haphazard fashion near the foot of the ramp are a series of tents, which by the look of things were erected hastily and with little thought of organisation.

We make our way along the muddy route, joining a seemingly endless stream of refugees that have fled from Lion’s Arch. Occasionally, although I note with less frequency now as we approach the keep, a group of weary soldiers trot past with stretchers bearing the infirm, those that some are saying never made it out of the city in time and succumbed instead to a deadly toxin attack. Genni, Treen, Sadhira and Agnon have helped where they can and I have been left to the task of hauling a cart, along with its cargo of rescued possessions and two human children. The children seemed to be delighted by the idea of a Golem towing them along, and if anything, it certainly served as a distraction from the wholesale horror of the attack.

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Jun 04

No Gathering Tool Equipped #012

Comic 012 300x155 No Gathering Tool Equipped #012

Jun 01

Chapter 10: Mara

gw058 Chapter 10: MaraThe clang of metal echoed in my ear as my blunt sword collided with the one of my opponent.
“We’re getting there,” said Garfas. “You’re trying to kill me, not shoo me away.” I reared back and swung my sword with more force. “Good.”
It had been a week since my encounter with the flame legion. My injuries were healing nicely, nothing would be permanent, and any scars or abnormalities that would be left behind would be something my healer could take care of. Overall it was not too bad. It did leave some hideous welts on my face and it hurt to talk, but it was all a temporary discomfort.  A few more sessions with my healer and my face would be as good as new.

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May 31

Chapter 2; Part 7: Fire and Ice

photo Chapter 2; Part 7: Fire and Ice

Running through a dense jungle is never a good idea, but now that I was running for my life, it was even worse. The shock of losing Graymane still echoed in my heart, making each step unsure. More than once, I caught myself from tripping over a root or rock.

The blasted Destroyer harpy was still on me.

Through the thick canopy I could hear the flapping of its wings which sounded like the roaring of a furnace. The heat it radiated pierced the green roof. Whenever the leaves parted to show a glimpse of the sky, I could see it tracking me. It was hell bent on my destruction: that much was clear.

Every step I took brought the creature closer to Silias and his tavern. I knew that I was bringing a flame to a kindling, but I had no idea where else I could run to. If I ran deeper into the jungle, it would follow me there as well, so what would I gain from that? Who knew what I could run into there. With my mind in turmoil, my paws just kept moving on and on, one step after the other.

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