Jun 28

Shards Of Memory – Chapter 9, Part 2 – Gendarren Fields

gw414Koda’s Breath threw up a wall of reflection, and the bullet spun harmlessly into the dirt. Serene Wrath concentrated and two clones popped into existence. Korr took a half step back and raised his fists.

“Oho!” The pirate said. “So yer fighters eh?”

“As are we” Ulfridda’s voice called from behind them.

The pirates were caught between them. The leader turned, and faced Ulfridda.

“Dun’ matter how good ye ar’, yer ours now.” She smirked, and holstered her pistol. She drew two long, wicked knives from her belt, and pointed one of them at Ulfridda.

“But I dun’ feel like fightin’ today. So I’m gonna give you an offer. Yer the leader?” She motioned over her shoulder, holding the blades loosely in her gloved hands. “How much ye wantin’ fer these four?”

“I don’t care for your feelings, pirate.” In a flash, Ulfridda dropped her cane and drew her sceptre and dagger. Alepe uncorked a bottle, downed it, and took aim with his pistols. Ulfridda threw a firebolt at the pirates, who vanished into thin air.

“Blast!” Ulfridda swore, running over to the beach. “They’ve stealthed. Come close!” She beckoned, and they all crowded around her. She concentrated, and a ring of fire hissed into existence on the sand. They waited for what seemed like minutes, before the fire died down.

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Jun 20

Shards Of Memory – Chapter 9, Part 1 – Gendarran Fields


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The cart bumped along the road at an even pace, pulled by two sturdy bullocks. Ulfridda sat at the front, the long bull-whip in her hand rested across her knees. She wore a large cap made from woven reeds which kept the sun off her face, and had bought a sun-dress in the Elonan style. The white cloth draped elegantly around her, and in the light of the sun seemed to shimmer. Koda’s Breath and Serene Wrath sat behind her beneath a sun shade. Koda’s Breath had changed into his grey robes, and Serene Wrath wore his red ceremonial garb. He had not been able to affect a change in his minds’ eye, and could only materialise these robes at will. Korr and Alepe sat on the back of the cart, Korr’s feet almost dragging on the ground, and Ounce curled up on his lap. Alepe had removed his shirt and was sunbathing. Korr had copied him, drawing the laughter of the kodans, as Korr’s skin was so dark already the sun could not possibly change his appearance.

“It is a long time since I was in these parts. The people have done well here.” Ulfridda scanned the scenery as they made their way past small villages and homes scattered along the road.

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Jun 19

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 15: Tangled and Torn

EBS- B1 Chpt 15

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I ran my fingers just above the silken strands covering the outer fencing of the centaur camp, careful not to disturb them. Death and decay had settled into the camp, filling our nostrils with the foul scent as we inspected the area. The recognizable chill of death snaked its way up my spine and made its home at the base of my neck, causing the little hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end. While the rest of us investigated the web infested camp, Artis kept a safe distance behind us with Yunkle at his side. At least he chose to stay. I was grateful for that. I did not want to have to go back on our deal. Doing so could put Artis’ mother in danger if any of Jannaj’s bandits had escaped or been away during the fight and got word of their leader’s untimely death. Ultimately, I did not want that to happen but I would have had no choice but to dissolve the deal if he backed out. A deal is a deal and I had an image to uphold: an image I found myself getting tired of maintaining.

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Jun 16

Chapter Three: Under Cerberean Authority IV


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The firelight danced across the floorboards as Baen and I made our way slowly down the walkway of the dry dock. It was only a few dozen metres, but it seemed to be taking us forever to make even the slightest bit of progress, and I felt a thin runnel of blood trickle down my lip as my nose began to bleed with the exertion of maintaining the illusion. With a struggle, I forced my glamour to hide that too.

There were Lionguard everywhere, no more than a dozen in total, but spread out and wary, searching for signs of intruders. Tatianna’s distraction had apparently worked, possibly too well, and now it was only a matter of hoping that none of the Lionguard would come too near us or ask what we were doing. Baen and Grapple both remained dutifully silent, and in so far as I could tell the wounded fernhound didn’t so much as twitch as she was carried. I was grateful for the beast’s intelligence now that it wasn’t tormenting me.

A shout behind us nearly stopped my heart, but a quick glance from Baen showed it was nothing either of us had to worry about and we pressed on. Ahead lay the workshop that we had stashed the unconscious Lionguard in and with it the promise of safety. If we could make it that far, we could slip into the warehouses and workshops that surrounded the dry docks and disappear.

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Jun 14

Chapter Fifteen: Heartless (Part 3)

gw046I remembered. I remembered the the flowing channels traversing within my chest. The ever present node of energy was there, faint, but persistent. I became conscious of my still body, resting on the floor, unmoved by the ice cold air around me. I was so close to the void, so close to being completely dead, so close to some rest. But I couldn’t leave now. How was I about to leave Daniel? He needs me… I need him. All I had to do was to pour in a small amount of my power into the node. Just a drop, and my eyes shot open.

I gasped for air, my gaze shot in all directions realizing what had just happened. I looked at all the spikes impaled on my body, small trickles of blood pouring out of the wounds. The large spike was still there, at the center, where my heart should be.

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