Jan 19

Chapter 6: Part 7 – The Heart of the Volcano

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There are a few things it’s best not to do when you’ve been seriously injured and are still recuperating. Chasing after criminals is one of them.

On this occasion, though, I had no choice. Vonn and the Inquest were on the run, retreating from their confrontation with both the valiants and the Nightmare Court, and it was imperative we follow them. Vonn, I was quite sure, would lead us straight to his hideout, and unless I was very much mistaken, to Zurra.

Still, the rocky landscape of Mount Maelstrom was taking its toll. Every step jolted pain through my side, and it wasn’t long before I was gasping for breath. The Inquest were only a short way ahead of us, but suddenly the distance seemed insurmountable – how could we ever catch them?

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Jan 15

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 29: A Family Matter

EBS- B1 Chpt 29

“Telling them didn’t help anything. They’re even more angry now,” I said as I stretched my shoulder. The wound on my upper back was healing but the skin was tight and sore. It would probably be fine in a day but in the meantime, the unpleasantness was annoying.

Considering their adverse reactions, I wasn’t surprised when most of the group had decided to return to Lion’s Arch while I made this quick side trip. The friction setting in between us was getting to be uncomfortable and every time I looked at their faces, all I felt was guilt. Time and space might be able to prevent the growing inferno Quint warned of, but I knew nothing would be able to repair the damage already done. I had nothing else to blame besides myself.

And this cursed purpose of mine.

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Jan 11

Chapter Six: Ophidiophobia III

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I climbed the rope, hand over hand, going steadily upwards as I surveyed the scene through Coalpaw’s eyes. He’d already made it over The Maiden’s railing and now crouched warily on the deck. The air was thick with smoke, and the angry light from the flickering fires coloured the billowing clouds, reducing visibility to almost nothing. Lights and shadows played back and forth, dancing, further illuminated by the occasional flash of gunfire.

Coalpaw looked over the edge of the railing, saw me, and reached down. I took his paw, and allowed him to haul me up the rest of the way. “Stay low.” He ordered. “We’re in a blind spot here, but stray bullets…” He trailed off.

“Right.” I said, drawing my gun and my sword as he proceeded to help the rest of our band onto the ship.

“Stick together. Stay focused.” Baen said when all of us had gathered. “Coalpaw, let’s go.”

“Let’s.” The charr growled.

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Jan 10

T’chok’s Wintersday Adventure

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Welcome children, WELCOME! Today is a truly advantageous day, for you are all just in time to hear one of my favorite stories. A perfect story for such a time of year, for I am about to tell you all a very merry tale indeed, but first I must tell you about a little town which is inside a not so little planet that is a part of a not so little universe! Anywho, our story takes place inside a world named Tyria, and inside Tyria there is the continent which is also named Tyria. Well if it ain’t broken don’t fix it, I always say.


During this time of year Tyria is filled with festivities packed with joy and mirth. What are the festivities for? Well if you sit you bum and shut up you would have gotten to the part where I cheer “IT’S WINTERSDAY!” But you’re just that impatient aren’t you, now we have to settle with a reveal that is partially a scolding. Now this would be the part where you say, “but what is wintersday, oh great narrator?” and I would reply with “Shush while I explain inquisitive urchin!”

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Jan 09

Shards Of Memory – Chapter 11, Part 3 – Divinity’s Reach

230d9f020bd918af7f7ebb489bff71dbRen scooped the cool water out of the plain ceramic bowl and brushed it across his face. The cool liquid barely reached the skin beneath, and he rubbed the water to get it past his layers of feathers. He paid attention to his eyes, cleaning the tear ducts with care, and closed his haws, also washing them gently. The cloudy membrane slid across his eyes, partially blinding him. The spirit world sang in his mind but he shut it out. Instead, he retracted the third eyelids and stared at his reflection in the mirror.

Ren had inherited the snow-white complexion of his mother, but the round, flat face of his father. The result was most similar to a barn owl, and he traced his features, from his smallish beak to the large bowl shaped face to the small ring of black feathers framing his face. His feathers shone in the morning sun, and his large eyes picked up the twinkling of the candles. He was not tall for a tengu, nor was he short though, and as a male, his singular coloring had been a source of bullying in his youth. This had stopped when he was older, and he had been accepted into his adoptive clan Steelwing, in the House of the South Wind.

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