Apr 15

Shards Of Memory – Chapter 6, Part 1 – The Durmand Priory

Guild-Wars-2-TabletsGixx did not come out to greet them when they arrived. The scholars of the priory did not even notice Koda’s Breath, Ulfridda and Melinda until Korr and Ounce climbed the stairs and entered their stone halls. He ducked around hanging chandeliers, and Ounce darted amongst the many floating tablets that lined the walls. The Scholars kept their distance, whispering amongst each other quietly.

This doesn’t make you uncomfortable?” Ulfridda asked Koda’s Breath quietly.

I am used to crowds. I lead the Spear and regularly addressed an audience”.

You were a leader in a past life then kodan?” Melinda asked over her shoulder.

I was the Voice of a sanctuary.”

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Apr 13

Chapter 5: Part 9 – Free Agents


Out of all the places Spark could have chosen to test her weapon, it had to be the swamps. In all honesty, Bloodtide Coast made the perfect location – sparsely populated, yet close enough to Lion’s Arch for easy access – yet I couldn’t help but wish she’d gone elsewhere. I was used to the heat, even to the humidity and the biting insects, but Bloodtide felt like a world away from the relatively tame lands around Rata Sum, where there was a fresh lab – and thus civilisation – around every corner.

But Spark needed remoteness and limited witnesses to her activities, so here we were.

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Apr 12

Chapter 9: Part 6 – Morning

I was up before dawn the next morning. My mind had been bogged down with the events of my journey and I couldn’t keep myself from thinking about how unskilled I was in combat. If I was to truly protect those close to me, I needed to have the means to do so.

I charged up those flames at the core of my being, feeling them expand to the tips of my fingers, and discharged them towards a stack of wood. At first the flames danced around the target before eventually starting a small fire. I still wasn’t good enough. My spellcasting was so sporadic that I felt I had not even an ounce of control over it. I thought back to the times that it had been so strong as to kill a man. What made it so? Fear? The want to protect those close to me? Even then, I had lost control of it and killed someone. Sometimes too strong, sometimes too weak. I needed to gain control.

I tried again. It was a simple spell, so how was it that I couldn’t get an appropriate amount of fire from it? Another time; it was bigger, but it wasn’t big enough. It should be roaring to life, mingling with the flames from the attempts before. Once more; what was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I do this? I felt the anger boiling the blood in my veins. Last time; success. I sat on the ground to catch my breath. Adrenaline pumped through my veins and my heart beat in a frenzy. I didn’t like feeling this way, I needed to calm down.
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Apr 10

Eternal Blade Saga Book1, Chapter 10: Voluntary Incarceration

EBS- B1 Chpt 10

They had decided to let us get comfortable in our hanging cages before meeting with their leader, Jannaj. Before confining us, they had relieved each of us of our weapons, securing them in a locked chest which I made sure to keep track of, and then stuck us each in wood and iron cages hanging from the trees in their camp. It was quite uncomfortable but we were in the middle of all the cacophony of their quiet chatter and if we were lucky, we could get the information we sought.

De Koninck glared at me from across the way as she sat in a large hanging cage that looked too small due to her large stature. “We could’ve taken them!” She snapped at me in a harsh whisper. “Now look where we are!” She motioned around at the four of us, each stuck in a hanging cage fashioned from wood and iron. She squirmed, trying to find a comfortable position but failed. Grumbling, she thrust a foot at the reinforced wooden bars, causing it to rock to and fro which elicited a growl from her lips and a creaking from the cage. She had never been fond of tight spaces nor was she fond of the mode in which we arrived: hooded and bound in a roughly pulled cart. It was far from pleasant so I could not blame her.

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Apr 08

Shards of Memory – Chapter 5, Part 3 – Lornar’s Pass

12 - hUo1y14Koda’s Breath woke to the sound of birdsong and the bustling of the Priory members. They tinkered and scratched, sifted through sand and made meticulous records. Some read aloud, others silently, while some conversed about questions he had little hope of understanding.

They had stayed another day, but since Ulfridda’s sharp rebuke against the rude asura, the Priory did not bother them much. He still could not shake the feeling they were being watched and recorded at all times. He had struck up a friendship with a sylvari named Aniwen, who was as excited and full of life as he was measured and calm.

Kodan, what does the world say of balance today?” She walked without grace, as she claimed she was taller than most of her kin, and seemed all angles. She regularly bumped into other scholars, and had knocked over three valuable objects since he had met her.

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