Sep 21

Chapter Eleven: Distractions (Part 3)

gw002 Chapter Eleven: Distractions (Part 3)Garfas and I shared chuckled after I finished my retelling of the event.

“I remember that day,” said Garfas. “I did most of the work while I gave you the easy part.”

 “I beg to differ,” I responded. “Crafting a passable hilt took quite a bit of dexterity.” Garfas simply released another laugh. I forgot how much I enjoyed such moments, how the nonsensical banter would be a distraction from that which needed my attention. I planted my staff on the floor before me and allowed it to hold me up as I leaned against it.

“I find myself wondering about the warband,” I mused. It drew the larger charr’s attention as his face went back to neutrality. “I wonder if someone’s finally overthrown Itan, or if Thoc has created another new invention. All the memories sometimes feel so distant, at times it seems hard to believe that I belonged to all of it.”

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Sep 17

A message from No Gathering Tool Equipped

A letter from the Artist:


Thank you everyone for your support and interest in the NGTE webcomic. It pains me but I am leaving NGTE. I put a lot of work into creating this webcomic, months before it was revealed to you guys. When I came onto the project it was with the one condition that I only did the art. I can not cope with fussing with art and story things simultaneously, that is why NGTE has a writer. Ever since the reveal of the last character sheet, I have had to scrabble last minute to come up with filler gag comics, or art due to lack of scripts, and having to pull 10hr art days to complete them. This has turned the webcomic into a week long energy sucking chore, and I am choosing to leave before I completely burn out artistically. I am happy to pass my materials onto anyone interested in taking over as artist. You can get in touch with Anavari via to discuss it. All other questions and comments can also be directed there.

~ Saune

 A message from No Gathering Tool Equipped

A note from the Publisher


In the wake of creative differences the Chronicles of Tyria webcomic, No Gathering Tool Equipped will be on hiatus, until a new artist can be secured. If none can be found, the comic will be discontinued. Please use the email referenced above for questions/comments/concerns.



Sep 14

Chapter 8: Part 5 – Rhiann’s Respite

part5 Chapter 8: Part 5   Rhianns Respite
The oasis seemed fairly quiet at night. The buzzing of sparkflies and the snapping of the firewood seemed had more than a calming effect. Sylvari guarded the entrance to the area, as Angel said they would. Rhiann’s Respite, we were briefed, was a research facility with the intent to find a cure for the risen minions of Zhaitan. The area was filled with many different herbs, plants, and creatures with which they would borrow from to fuel their research. Despite the idea of researching using the land and animals, they were gentle and kind to both. This created petted deer and eagles who walked the grounds before us.

We had all just eaten one of Ragnvaldr’s dinners and the mood was feeling quite cheerful. With full bellies and stories to share, we were full of hearty laughs. Angel and Tobih shared a bit of her ale while she boasted about the beasts she had slain just before meeting him.

“If I hadn’t of been there that day,” Angel smirked, the drink nearly tipping from her mug, “you wouldn’t be here.”

“And I owe my life to you,” He patted her shoulder, but she pulled away from his touch.

“What happened? How did you two meet?” I asked in my curiosity. I took a sip from the cider that Ragnvaldr and I were sharing.
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Sep 10

No Gathering Tool Equipped #023

Comic 023 1024x529 No Gathering Tool Equipped #023

Sep 08

Chronicles of Tyria’s Feature writing contest!

header simple copy Chronicles of Tyrias Feature writing contest!

Hello, Tyrians!

To celebrate the second anniversary of Guild Wars 2, the upcoming feature pack, as well as the anniversary of CoT’s creation, we are launching a brand new writing contest. The contest winner will have the opportunity to become a permanent writer for the website. This is a long-term opportunity, with significant potential to get your name and work out into the Guild Wars 2 community in addition to being able to have access to a platform to publish your creativity.

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Sep 03

No Gathering Tool Equipped #022

Comic 022 1024x529 No Gathering Tool Equipped #022

Sep 01

Chapter 4: Part 9 – Flikk’s Legacy

AmberHeader4 9 Chapter 4: Part 9   Flikks Legacy

A curious mix of exultation and disappointment fell over our party as we regrouped. Spark, Weir and particularly Blaise were triumphant, their victory over the centaur shaman and its summoned elemental everything they’d hoped for. I supposed I should feel equally pleased – I was the one who’d disarmed the shaman and ultimately caused it to lose control of its spell – but fiercer worries crowded over me.

Zurra. She had been there, and I had lost her, again. By the Eternal Alchemy, I seemed fated to continually cross paths with my enemy, yet never be able to bring her to justice. Zurra herself, in her tireless work for the Inquest, seemed almost to have forgotten I existed. It was a humbling thought.

Darr was equally cowed. He too had been on Zurra’s tail, though he wouldn’t say how he’d known where to find her. I still didn’t know who he was working for, and though I didn’t have much choice but to trust him, it wasn’t willingly.

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Aug 27

No Gathering Tool Equipped #021

Comic 21 1024x529 No Gathering Tool Equipped #021

Aug 21

No Gathering Tool Equipped F3 (Chronicles of Tyria Webcomic)

 No Gathering Tool Equipped F3 (Chronicles of Tyria Webcomic)

Aug 18

Chapter 4: Part 8 – The Shaman Falls

AmberHeader4 8 Chapter 4: Part 8   The Shaman Falls

There are times when it pays to be cautious of one’s allies, to study their motives and try to rely on them as little as possible. There are also times when circumstances spiral out of your control and you need all the help you can get.

Times like now, when I was confronted by an earth elemental of colossal size, the centaur shaman summoning it, and my arch-enemy perched overhead, overseeing the whole thing. Now, I didn’t actually think Zurra had anything to do with the centaur gathering, but she had to be here for a reason. Just as we had arrived in the vicinity because of Blaise’s desire for revenge against the centaurs, so too must Zurra have her motives and schemes.

Because if there was one thing I understood better than any other when it came to Zurra, it was that she was never without a scheme or two.

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