Mar 18

Shards of Memory – Chapter 4, Part 3 – Dredgehaunt Cliffs


In the morning light Korr’s form created a dark void in the snow. He slept without need for covering, and in the morning the light dusting of freshly fallen snowflakes created an imprint in the snow where he had lain. Ulfridda was awake early, as she always was, and stoked the flame with a slow waving of her fingers. Koda’s Breath watched as she made slow rolling movements, deep in thought. He cleared his breath, and her motion stopped.

Good morning Ulfridda”

Good morning apprentice. Our ward has not awoken, but teenagers have a tendency to oversleep.”

Did you get much sleep?”

Ulfridda smiled. “I rarely do. In my old age sleep has called for me less and less. It is a blessing, and a curse.”

Because your mind is unquiet”

My mind is always unquiet kodan. I have never mastered the peace your kind possesses. Old as I am, impatient I have always been”

Shall we wake Korr?”

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Mar 16

Chapter 5: Part 7 – The Hidden Lair

AmberHeader5-7I’d always assumed that, once joined, the Order of Whispers was the sort of organisation you never left. It was one reason I’d never sought out a place with them for myself – my skills were exactly the sort of thing they looked for, but I’d never liked the idea of being tied to one agenda indefinitely. Darr, though…

Well, Darr proved me wrong. If the talkative sylvari in the Crow’s Nest Tavern was to be believed, Darr had left the Order of Whispers of his own free will, and perhaps not with the approval of his superiors. I liked to think there’d been something amicable about the split, which was why Darr’s new base was almost within sight of the Order’s headquarters; more likely, Darr just wanted to taunt them with his proximity, and the fact they could do nothing about it.

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Mar 15

Chapter 9: Part 5 – Reluctance

The three of us ventured back to our camp. All of us were drenched from the rain that had finally started to let up. It now fell as a mist around us, clinging to our already wet hair and clothing in tiny droplets. Angel held Tobih close to her side with a single arm around his shoulder. They may have already been back to laughing and joking around, but I couldn’t join in. I kept my distance from the two of them. My eyes stayed on Angel. She knew. Those glances she would toss back to me every once in a while were wary and apologetic but I couldn’t possibly forgive her right now.

The camp had grown warm inside of that tall broken building. The fire still crackled with fierce life. As I stepped in, I was met with the gaze of Ragnvaldr. I quickly took my place by his side and his hand grabbed mine.

“It was her after all,” He realized and his face revealed the affliction he felt. His hand moved through his long blonde hair, which had been let down earlier.

Angel and Tobih sat on the other side of the fire. It was clear that Angel was trying to convince everyone that everything was okay now. She targeted Tobih specifically with her tales of ‘heroic’ deeds. I wish I could enjoy her story about fighting destroyers in Kessex. It went on like this until evening fell.
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Mar 13

Eternal Blade Saga Book 1, Chapter 8: Silent Void

EBS- B1 Chpt8

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We buried Rhys at dawn the next day while the early morning mist rolled in from the sea and enveloped all of Lion’s Arch, shrouding most of it from view atop the hills behind our hall. Deverol Island was almost completely obscured from view but I could still make out some of the general outline. I sat on the cold ground next to the fresh mound of dirt that now served as Rhys’ resting place. A cold emptiness radiated off of the grave, mixing with the morning chill that sent a shiver up my spine. I did not mind the cold I felt. At least it was something that filled the void consuming me.

After De Koninck had finished regaling us with tales of Rhys’ deeds and battles, as Norn do for their fallen comrades, everyone had returned to the hall to rest except one who lingered silently a little longer than the others but eventually they left too. The red drake’s soft hiss gave away their identity and a part of me was thankful for the presence of a remaining soul. Now alone, a stillness settled around the hill except for the occasional gentle whistle of the morning breeze. I looked down at the smooth stone resting in my hands, wondering why despite all the years of my exposure to death, I was so grieved. Death was after all just as a part of life as living was, was it not?

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Mar 11

Shards of Memory – Chapter 4, Part 2 – Dredgehaunt Cliffs


We can use him”

Overnight Ulfridda had a change of heart. At dinner she had quietly but clearly expressed that they would travel to the Durmand Priory without Korr, but as they left she had stopped dead in the tent opening and stood for many minutes in silence.

We can use him”

How?” Koda’s Breath asked.

He is immune to magics, and can’t use them.”

So, he will be immune to Jormag too?”

Probably. I’ll tell Skode we will accept her Dark gift”

I think it’s best you stay away from her, elder.” Ulfridda smiled, and Koda’s Breath grinned.

Go ahead, apprentice. I’ll get the rest of your things packed”

Koda’s Breath made his way from their small tent to the edge of the jotun group. He identified himself, and the guard grunted his approval for entry. Skoda was longing on a divan of twigs, and wearing a shift that was a hair’s breath away from completely transparent.

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