What are One-Shots? 

They are stand-alone stories created as a single ‘issue’, rather than the more typical chapters format. Within the one-shots, you will find many new characters, cameos, perspectives, and guest posts.

Not all heroes survive.

Uuvak Warsong, the Norn (by Matej S.)

Break Through (by Kartosael)


Break Through, by Kartosael

Light flashed and energy arced as I touched the smooth metal surface with the aetheric-amplified-point-plasma-welder. I often wondered what color the light might have but it was far too bright to know. If I did not wear the thick colored glass spectacles, I surely would become blind after the first welding. It was not just …

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Valentine’s Day Collection 2012

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LA #3

Wintersday Collection 2012

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