Nienna Valar

Nienna Character Pic

“May your strike be swift and your judgment true.”


Race: Human

Profession: Necromancer

Hometown: Divinity’s Reach/Fields of Shaemoor


I was blessed by Grenth, the god of death, when I was born. The reason why he chose me, I still am not certain. In return for his many blessings and gifts, I followed his teachings. Over the years I learned the value of judgment and the power of death. Despite these blessings and the world of possibilities they opened for me, my life has not been without tragedy. When I was ten years old, my parents disappeared without a trace and I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle on their farm in Queensdale. To this day, I do not know what happened to my parents.

While living with my aunt and uncle, I met a young boy my age in the market in Divinity’s Reach. He was using illusions to steal a loaf of bread for his family from a bread cart and as fate would have it, I was nearby. Empathizing with his plight, I saved him from getting caught and as a result, a close friendship bloomed between us. We became inseparable. I saw his parents on occasion, but never his brother. He had been locked away deep in the heart of Divinity’s Reach for a crime that I still do not know the details of. They never even uttered his name.

Tragedy did not end with the disappearance of my parents. Two years later, I came home to the farm to find it partially collapsed in a smoldering ruin with my aunt and uncle inside. I was devastated. As a devout student of the god of death, I felt a part of me should at least understand that their death was just as much a part of life as living, but the searing pain in my heart clouded any lesson or rational thought from my mind.

Upon further investigation of the charred farmhouse, I found an old tome, weathered by time and hidden under a covered panel in the kitchen floor. Inside, there was a note written for me on a parchment with a message that changed everything. I had to leave all I had behind, even my dear friend. Leaving him pained me the most so I left no word. It was better that way. Clutching the book to my chest, I ran south, not knowing how heavily these actions would affect the rest of my life.

My name is Nienna Valar.

I am the last of my family.

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