Naveen Kindleblade


“Tyria has made me a stronger person.”

Kormir, the goddess of truth, blessed me when I was young. Though trouble may follow me, I overcome it with ferocity. I was raised by common folk, and I’ve done plenty of honest, hard work. I’ve made something of myself, and the only thing I regret is that I never recovered me sister’s body. I’m an elementalist, and I study all the elements. I wear a gem that symbolizes my love of water.

My name, is Naveen Kindleblade. And this is my diary.

The human race once ruled our world, Tyria. Now we struggle to hold our ground. We’ve been defeated, driven back, and broken. But we will not surrender. So many nations have fallen. Only Kryta still stands. Our faith is strong, despite the silence of the Six Gods. With courage, we’ll make our stand in Divinity’s Reach, my home. My city.

I was born of common folk, just among many. My friends and I don’t seek attention or glory. It’s hard enough making ends meet. But I believe we can still shape a brighter world out of the ashes of the past. Today, I stepped outside of Divinity’s Reach, to see the world. But when I arrived in Shaemoor, a nearby town, it was under siege by centaurs. Innocent villagers are in danger. Someone has to help.

We can’t go on living our lives in fear. I have to fight. I have to make a stand.

This, is my story.

AnavariCH1button“Naveen meets Vainard Volcae, a ranger who’s past is well hidden behind the humour he finds in everything. They embark in a quest to teach Naveen the essence of the elements but what she finds on this path is different than what she would have ever expected.”

AnavariCH2button“As Naveen and Vainard join a curious asura named Boxxa, their party become bigger and stranger as they look for the Heart of the Destroyer.”

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