“I cannot let go of my past, but I will carve out my own future.”


I am Charr. The name is Kumara, if you need to know.

No longer am I a part of a warband, or a legion for that matter. Why, you might ask? Well, that is of no concern to you. I left Ascalon on my own accord. Where to, I know not. My initial flight lead me into the arms of the Shiverpeaks and in turn into the homestead of two friendly norn. Are they my friends? No, I would not call them as such, for I do not deserve relations like that.

Everyday, I run from my past and I fear the future. Life is a day by day struggle, a task that needs to be done. I yearn for a goal. Maybe in time, I will find one.

Are you still interested in me? Well then, here is my story.

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