About the Guild

The best place to stay in touch with the those in the CoT Guild would be on our forums, but here’s a crosspost from there with all the guild’s info

Mission Statement:
Chronicles of Tyria is an 18+ guild on the Tarnished Coast server. We are an international guild with members from North and South America, Europe and Australia (we use English for most communications purposes). We are a PvX guild that generally focuses on PVE, but many members also partake in PvP, regular Dungeon & Fractal runs, and World Vs World. We currently have all of the guild mission/upgrades unlocked and do all of them weekly. We are a friendly, respectful and helpful community that prides itself as having no elitists, drama or performance pressure. We were originally founded with the idea of having an intimate family feeling and knowing each other is very important to us. We’re more than a guild, we’re a group of friends.

We have a website (http://www.chroniclesoftyria.com) where we have several fan fiction writers who post fortnightly, as well as a weekly webcomic we’ve started doing recently. Our guild leader Lagwyn does a weekly podcast, often with other notable guild members, which can be found at http://www.cotpodcast.com. We have our own forums which can be found at http://www.cotforums.com, where we discuss the game, completely unrelated nonsense and where many talented guild members share their artistic and creative writing skills. We use Raidcall for voice communications.

Guild Rules:
-As mentioned in our Mission Statement we are an 18+ guild. Special exceptions can be made for members under 18, with an officer referral.
-As we are all adults, swearing will more than likely happen, but it’s not a privilege to be abused. (It’s a bit of a grey area, but if you get to the point where you’re thinking “man, am I swearing too much?” you probably have been for a while).
-We have members from all walks of life, creeds and nationalities. Racist, hateful, sexist and homophobic posts and personal attacks will not be tolerated.
-At CoT we pride ourselves on being a friendly and positive community, so keep that in mind when conversing in guild chat.
-For the sake of not provoking unneeded hostility, keep all religious and political debate out of guild chat.
-If you have an issue with another member, guild chat is not the place to deal with it. If you cannot resolve the issue after talking to them personally, report the issue to an officer.

Joining the Guild:
Before requesting an invite to the guild please review our Mission Statement and our Guild Rules. If they sound reasonable and like something you have no problems with, send us a line!
Once you have secured your invitation to the guild, you will join as a Recruit (see Ranks below for additional information). You will remain at this rank for 2 weeks, during which your are in a probationary period. While it may sound intense, it’s really a period for us to get to know you and you to get to know us. We’re not a 100% rep guild by any means, however if you sign up, then proceed to have nothing to do with the guild (not talking in /g, never repping in the two weeks, etc), we’re going to assume we don’t have a good fit. This period also is a means for us to quickly remove anyone who we think is being disruptive or poisonous to the community (It takes an absolute asshat to get kicked in two weeks from any guild, let alone ours.)
Once you have joined, feel free to introduce yourself here: http://www.cotforums.com/viewforum.php?f=14
Leader-Fairly self explanatory. Oversees all guild decisions at the big picture level and manages all the officers.
Officers-Handle the Day to Day activities of the guild, and maintain order within the guild along with the leader.
Honored Members-These members have gone above and beyond. They have been helpful to those who need it and have made a noticeable impact on the CoT community at large. They are also in regular attendance of guild activities.
Members-The bread and butter of CoT. Anyone that has gone through the two week probationary period and been accepted into the guild can be found here.
Recruits-These are new members who have not yet completed their 2 week probationary period.
Absentees-These are members who have been inactive for 3 months or more. If an absentee remains inactive for an additional 3 months (6 months in total) they will be kicked from CoT.

List of Officers:
Priest Tully
Alucardalina Claire

Raidcall Rules

We’re all adults, and Raidcall is not required to be a part of the guild or to enjoy the CoT experience within GW2. Several members do not use RC and are still considered stalwarts of our community.

If you choose to converse with your fellow guildies here are a few simple rules to follow:
-We have several rooms set aside for various activities, use them to keep order in the busy times.
-Unless you are in the associated dungeon run, don’t bother the guildies in dungeon rooms.
-Use the Lounge for casual chatting.
-Try to not interrupt or talk over other members, we realize this is difficult at times, but do your best.
-Don’t whine. No one likes a whiner. If you constantly whine, you may find no one wants to talk to you…

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