Freya Wildstorm

Freya“The Great Spirit of Bear lives in me.”

My name is Freya Wildstorm, I am an elementalist, and I am Norn.

Until a year ago, I fought by the side of the mighty Eir Stegalkin and followed her from the Wayfarer Foothills to the Ruins of Orr. I led legions into battle, hunted Risen, defended the weak and defeated evil.

Now I live alone in a cabin in Timberline Falls, and I no longer travel in search of adventure. The events that led me here are too painful to recall. I spend my days hunting, fishing and jewelcrafting, and leave the saving of the world to others.

But now I have found a letter in my mailbox. It is a voice from my past, appealing to my sense of honour and duty, calling me to action once more. Shall I ignore it? Or should I go?

The Great Spirit of Bear speaks to me, filling me with the power of the elements, stirring my blood. And I cannot ignore his call.

This is my story. This is my world. Come with me, and we shall fight side by side, you and I, until the Great Spirit takes us into his snowy kingdom.qp5d06

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  1. […] Freya Robertson isn’t shy about her love of gaming and it’s no secret that one of her favourite past times has snuck into her epic fantasy, Heartwood. I love the gorgeous world of Anguis she has created and the epic sense of adventure she has packed into the quests her characters undertake. I could certainly feel that MMORPG influence and was very excited to discover that she counts Guild Wars 2 as one of her many influences. She even writes fanfic about the adventures of Freya Wildstorm for the Chronicles of Tyria. […]

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