Diint has been a resident in Kentucky, USA for his entire life. Although he has been surrounded by rednecks, bumpkins, and the like, he considers himself to be adequately adept when it comes to living in the modern era and has managed to successfully surround himself with video games his entire life. Diint prides himself on many things, one of them being able to maintain a successful gaming-filled and loving relationship with his husband of two years. With a recent rapid decline in his social life due to updates and beta weekends for Guild Wars 2, he has somehow contracted the ability to spend every waking moment obsessing over the upcoming release of what can, hands down, be determined one of the best games of the GOSH DARN CENTURY.

Diint hopes he will live up to and surpass every expectation set up for him being one of your lovely and ravenous podcast co-hosts and is greatly looking forward to seeing not only the Chronicles of Tyria community, but the Guild Wars 2 community as a whole grow.

He discovered the Chronicles of Tyria site and forums back in May of 2012 and immediately fell in love with it, striving in every way he could think of to get the community more active despite how early in progression the site was.

Playing video games for most of his life, Diint felt a certain affinity towards MMORPGs. As an MMO junkie, per se, he has played pretty much any game within the genre there is. From the classic Everquest to Anarchy Online to Ragnarok Online and so on and so on. However none could hold his attention long enough before his craving for his first MMO ever came back. And it always came back. Despite defecting quite a few times, Diint considers himself, hypocritical as it may be, to be a loyal Guild Wars player since he first started the game back in 2005.

As stated earlier, Diint is very excited to help out with the CoTpodcast as much as he can. If you have any comments, questions, or hatemail please send them to hosts@chroniclesoftyria.com or you can contact him directly at diint@chroniclesoftyria.com

You can follow Diint on twitter here.

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