CoTPodcast Drinking Game

During CoTPodcast, drink every time:

    • Kaysee forgets to unmute herself

    • Naveen mentions Logan

    • Lagwyn facepalms

    • A host messes up a sentence

    • Anyone attempts a voice impression.

    • Naveen sings.

    • Kaysee drops the skype call due to new internet problems

    • A host takes a drink of any kind of beverage (not to be abused by hosts)

    • A host has no shout outs or  goes crazy with the shout outs (to be determined about when that is)

    • Lagwyn strokes his beard

    • Naveen acts “gangsta”

    • Lag has a leprechaun or other mascot in his background

    • Anytime someone mentions Quaggan

2 drinks if anyone talks like one

Finish the current bottle if:

  • Anyone raps;
  • Lagwyn leaves his seat;
  • Lagwyn question the maturity of the show;
  • The innuendos keep going.
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