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Jul 24 2017

Hide Your Fires X [Finale]

I wasn’t sure if The Six or the Spirits of the Norn or The Eternal Alchemy that the asura claimed governed the world held sway over any part of Tyria, much less the weather, but the storms that pushed back my departure for weeks and weeks almost felt planned. It felt as though the moment …

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Jul 13 2017

Hide Your Fires IX

The frigid evening wind drove The Mourn Knight’s torches to flicker as the mercenaries gathered around the edge of the forest. I watched through Elsif’s eyes as their leader approached us, her own torch crackling in the night. “Elsif Vremmekind, I want to thank you for your hospitality once again,” Ciani said formally, her eyes …

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Jun 26 2017

Hide Your Fires VIII

  I leaned to the left, avoiding the enormous arrow the norn archer sent my way and swung my greatsword around, energy crackling along the length of the weapon. My beam caught the Son of Svanir square in the chest, breaking his bow into pieces and sent him tumbling back. His vision went dark, and …

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Jun 12 2017

Hide Your Fires VII

Ciani breathed out, released the arrow, and sent it whistling through the early morning mist. It buried itself right beside her first, shaking yet another clump of snow from the wooden dummy she’d borrowed from Elsif. There was an odd, alien elegance to her as she drew another arrow from her quiver, lay it against …

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May 02 2017

Hide Your Fires VI

  “They’re not knights as you might understand them,” Elsif explained to me as Ciani’s men were setting up camp. “Closer to mercenaries, but not quite that either.” “Then what?” I asked. We stood in the lodge, away from the band, speaking quietly to avoid being heard. “They take contracts as sellswords or assassins, but …

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