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  1. NaNoWriMo Update 1 — November 13, 2012
  2. Lights, Camera… Action! — November 2, 2012
  3. Talking Up Your Story — October 21, 2012
  4. The Long Road Ahead, Part Two — October 17, 2012
  5. Some Self-Reflection and NaNoWriMo — October 17, 2012

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Nov 13

NaNoWriMo Update 1


Hello all! I write to you from the evening of Monday 5th November (I announce this as there’s a delay for post moderation), and am sitting at a healthy 10,915 words. My first few days have been reasonably smooth, if not quite as productive as I would have liked, but I’m well on target with …

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Nov 02

Lights, Camera… Action!

Clapper Board

OK so that’s more for films, but I couldn’t resist the cheap pun. So you have set the scene, your characters have learned their lines, and now we come to what they actually do; the big, important bit of the story. Unfortunately, it’s the aspect I have the least affinity for. When editing, I tend …

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Oct 21

Talking Up Your Story


OK, this week I have settled on dialogue over action because, I believe, dialogue is my strongest of the three elements and I have more to say on it. Is it more important than action? Well, probably not, as you can technically write a story without dialogue but not without any action. I was brought …

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Oct 17

The Long Road Ahead, Part Two

Metrica Province

We ate a light breakfast and set off on our own way soon after the asura. I felt bad at first, leaving the burned houses of Cathal behind and hearing of the damage at Falias Thorp, but it did not make sense to linger, or take Caelan closer to the Nightmare Court bases hidden throughout …

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Oct 17

Some Self-Reflection and NaNoWriMo

OK, I half-wrote the planned blog post on dialogue. I was just going to preface this with some notes, excuses about the stall in Eilidh’s latest chapter, and some info on what I’ll be doing in November, but these preceding notes grew until I made the executive decision to make them their own blog post.

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Oct 09

Describing Descriptions Descriptively

Of Mice and Men Sunset

So, with the plan laid out last week, action, dialogue and description are on the cards. This week the focus is on descriptions and describing things and a detailed deliberation of details. With less alliteration going forward, probably. Why description first out of the three? Well, because I knew what I wanted to talk about …

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Sep 28

Frameworks for Plot and Narrative

Writing Banner 4

So, I have spent the past weeks talking about how to start writing and spouting opinions on how to create the foundations of a story. Over the next few weeks, I will be discussing the foundations of the writing itself – namely, action, description and dialogue (and possibly other things that have currently slipped my …

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Sep 27

The Long Road Ahead, Part One

Twilight Arbor

Today was… exhausting. We did not even travel very far, but with everything that happened, we were lucky to have travelled at all. We were lucky to survive. For the second time in a week my day started very early in the morning, hours before dawn. Shouts and bustling disturbed my sleep and I woke …

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Sep 19

Day 1 – Through Caledon Forest

Caledon Forest

A page was missing here; a realisation that suddenly brought me back to reality as I ran my finger along the torn edge. Nevertheless, nothing had changed; the world was still dark and silent. The candle flame burned straight and steady, and the wax was beginning to spill out of its cup and onto the floor. …

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Sep 19

Story and Story-telling in Guild Wars 2

Post-writing comment: this certainly isn’t a moan or whine, but it did turn out slightly more critical than I was expecting. I would like to note here that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing Guild Wars 2 thus far, and that the points raised here are only small and not massively detrimental to my enjoyment of …

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