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Nov 17 2017

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 15: Troubled Dreams

I had the dream again that night. Tall grass grazed my legs as I made my way through the fields in Shaemoor. Overhead, the sun shone brightly in the sky, warming everything below, and I could hear the rushing of the stream ahead. Somewhere in the distance, moas squawked as they called to one another. …

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Nov 03 2017

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 14: Positional Play

“My husband and I are from Beetletun,” Lady Eira said. “It’s a lovely area with beautiful views of the fields. Have you been there?” “Actually, I have a couple of times,” Quint replied, still carrying on the conversation while I tried to remain out of it. “Beautiful sunsets out there. What brings you all the …

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Oct 20 2017

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 13: Truth in the Dark

I hobbled my way across Cragstead to the tavern, sat down at one of the tables in the back, and settled into a chair with a sigh. After Alena’s little experiment, she made sure to cast a well of energy around me to help my body restore itself. The magic may have healed my wounds …

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Oct 07 2017

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 12: In the Name of Friendship

“When I suggested we take a walk, I really meant to walk, not climb,” I said as we finished scaling the northern hillside of Cragstead. My hands gripping a rock on the top of the steep hillside and my foot lodged in a steady foothold, I pushed myself one last time and reached the top. …

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Sep 21 2017

The Eternal Blade Saga Book 2, Chapter 11: Making Amends

“Balthazar take this blasted snow!” Our conversation suddenly interrupted, I cursed under my breath and turned from Rugnar’s bar to find two, warmly and well-dressed figures standing in the steading’s entryway. They shook the snow from their long, fur-lined coats, paying no mind as it collected all around them on the floor. I hoped Rugnar …

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