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  1. Chapter 5: Treaty — September 20, 2013
  2. Chapter 5: Turmoil — June 2, 2013
  3. Chapter 4: Grub slayer and Golem fixer — May 1, 2013
  4. Flame & Frost Chronicles: Chapter 2 — April 30, 2013
  5. Author update release schedules! — April 29, 2013

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Sep 20

Chapter 5: Treaty

The next morning, we packed our bags in silence and left by the north road. I hadn’t spoken a word to Hans all morning, but I could see he had been struggling to approach me. I regretted my harsh words to him, and I knew I should be the one to mend the rift, but …

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Jun 02

Chapter 5: Turmoil


Our small band travelled the road out of Caledon Forest and soon found ourselves on the other side of the Alekess Ledge in Kessex Hills. The familiar jungles of the Tarnished Coast dwindled, and the thick moist foliage was replaced with tall trucked forests and lush rolling plains. From this point on the land was …

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May 01

Chapter 4: Grub slayer and Golem fixer

My chest heaved with exhaustion as I stumbled back from the giant grub’s lifeless corpse. Farkuz’s clawed hand held me upright as Stalk licked my grub juice covered hand affectionately. A nausea budded in the pit of my stomach and I fought the urge to retch. It was partly due to the exhaustion, but mostly …

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Apr 30

Flame & Frost Chronicles: Chapter 2

Kesgir and I stayed at Twinspur Haven for the night. Many of the Havens had simple accommodation for any travelers who were caught out and needed a safe place to stay. The Lionguard operated a small inn which, at full capacity, only housed 10 people, but now it was overflowing with refugees. In the end …

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Apr 29

Author update release schedules!

Hello everyone! As a follow-up to Naveen’s “CoT’s winds of change” post about CoT’s new direction I’m here to give you an update regarding our fantastic authors here at CoT. From now on authors will be releasing their stories routinely on set days so you know when you can expect the next thrilling update from …

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Mar 23

Flame & Frost Chronicles: Chapter 1


It was a cool night, but then it was cool every night in Hoelbrak. That was the way the norn liked it, mostly because it kept their ale frosty, and I was no different.  I sat at the open air bar enjoying the cool breeze and my frothing ale. It was well into the night, …

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Feb 28

Chapter 4: Skritt Endangered!

The tunnel trembled as I staggered into the skritt cavern. Mobs of skritt were fleeing past me, their frantic screeching dulled by the deafening rumble. I reached down and grabbed a skritt by his scruff and pulled him up to face me. He flailed frantically, yipping and clicking. ‘What’s going on?’ I barked. ‘Where is …

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Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day from Chronicles of Tyria

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! It’s Kaysee here to spread some love on this sappiest of days! Depending on how attentive a partner you have, or your views on commercial holidays, you either love or hate Valentine’s Day. However I believe many people misconstrue the true meaning of this holiday. Despite the mass marketing campaigns that would have …

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Feb 14

Valentine’s Day Oneshot: Kaysee’s undercover bodyguard

Somehow I always manage to get myself into trouble. If Alistair was here he’d tell me I went looking for it, and the fact that I’m bound and gagged in this dirty, dug-out tunnel is my fault. Perhaps worst of all, my dress is completely ruined! Blood stains will never be in fashion, not for …

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Jan 21

Chapter 4: Blasted Skritt


The skritt lead us deeper into their dark tunnels. The rocky path twisted and turned so erratically that I quickly lost track of my metal map. The deeper we descended the quicker my heart drummed, and I couldn’t help but grasp Stalk’s fur with my sweaty hands. The deep underground reminded me of the all …

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