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Jan 05 2018

Another Homestead – Kumara – Chapter 5 Part 5

We arrived at Podaga Steading without any problems occurring. Plodding through the fresh snow in a mountain pass was onerous, but otherwise uneventful. I expected Podaga Steading to be another Lion Guard haven, but it was not. The name should have told me enough, but I got so used to traveling from haven to haven …

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Dec 10 2017

Lightforge – Kumara – Chapter 5 Part 4

Since my travels began, few things felt as comforting as a well-filled coin purse. And right now, my purse was loaded. Norn are a strange race, once you beat their champion—which should be their best—suddenly they all want to challenge you. As I was hurting for coin, I felt no need to deprive them of …

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Jan 20 2017

The Breaker – Kumara – Chapter 5 Part 3

  One rarely appreciates the warmth a simple hearth can give unless you spend a whole day walking around in the freezing cold. Mercifully, it did not snow, but there had been a chilly, biting wind that had forced the three of us to huddle deep into our warm clothing. Even now, after a warm …

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Oct 30 2016

Back in the Shiverpeaks – Kumara – Chapter 5 Part 2

  Peering through a gap between the curtains, I saw the sky slowly light up, leaving the oppressive darkness of night behind. I sat on the bed, cross legged, petting Thornfang who was half curled up against my lap. About an hour ago I had awoken from a nightmare. Or, perhaps more accurately, a memory. …

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Oct 15 2016

On The Road – Kumara – Chapter 5 Part 1

  The Sun had yet to rise as Garron, Thornfang and I clustered around the shop’s door. Amethyst had let us stay for the night and now stood back watching us intently. “Are you sure you’re ready?” she asked. “Having difficulty letting us go?” I quipped. She did not answer, however, so I rifled through …

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