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Nov 22 2017

Chapter 4.1: Travelers in Shaemoor

Chapter 4, part 1: Travelers in Shaemoor

“And you’re sure he’s the one?” Kikka asked, crossing her arms and throwing Wepp a stern glare. “Well,” Wepp stammered. “I can’t be certain—not entirely anyway. But Skixx seems quite confident this soldier matches the description you sent.” “And Skixx— say— already—” “Mistress? Mistress Kikka? I’m losing your signal.” She was gone. Wepp approached the …

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Nov 15 2017

Chapter 3.5: Leaving the Walls

Chapter 3, part 5: Leaving the Walls

At half an hour past dawn the next day, Penny was nearly to the lower ramp of the Melandru High Road, tugging at the reins of a dolyak, as though it meant anything to the creature at the other end. “Come on, you smelly sack of fur,” she rasped through clenched teeth. “It’s right there. …

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Nov 08 2017

Chapter 3.4: Preparations

Chapter 3, part 4: Preparations

Ventyr was right. As he’d expected, the captain in charge of the Divinity’s Reach outpost had only minor issue with his plan to travel with civilians, and his one concern was quickly assuaged. Because of the recent uptick in bandit activity along the road east toward Gendarran Fields, the danger of travel for anyone was …

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Nov 01 2017

Chapter 3.3: Paths Align

Chapter 3, part 3: Paths Align

A few days later, Hronsonn’s Horn and Hamhock was even rowdier than usual. Within an hour of Ventyr being there, six glasses had shattered (not all against the floor), two fights had broken out, and eleven patrons had been expelled. He’d nearly forgotten the way Dag Hronsonn could use that almost primal bellow to silence …

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Oct 25 2017

Chapter 3.2: The Sergeant

Chapter 3, part 2: The Sergeant

Tools were strewn around the back of Penny’s shop, with a few embedded in walls and splintered crates, and the hatchet and split cables still lay untouched on the spark-singed table. Remarkably, Minkus had been right: the power cells and pack were still in good shape. Although, in the chaos, the pack frame had fallen …

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