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Name: Joshua Wall
Date registered: September 3, 2017

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  1. Chapter 1.2: The Toymaker — September 20, 2017
  2. Chapter 1.1: Minkus, Minkus the Large — September 13, 2017

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Sep 20

Chapter 1.2: The Toymaker

By the time Minkus rose the next day, the sun was already high, beaming down on the ground just inside the window, which told him he’d missed most of the morning already. Of course, the sounds of traffic and trade outside the inn helped convey the time as well. It was unusual for him to …

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Sep 13

Chapter 1.1: Minkus, Minkus the Large

The front door to the pub swung wide open, slamming against the bell. A few nearby heads, and one behind the bar, turned to the door as a small group of off-duty Seraph strode into the dining hall, laughing loudly at something said just outside. “Ho, Tanner!” cried the barkeep over the noise. “Be with …

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