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Feb 15 2018

Chapter 7.4: Nightmare

Chapter 7, part 4: Nightmare

A chill rolled up Minkus’ spine. His toes twitched nervously. They were in it again, and Penny was at the head of it all, running straight into danger. “Penny!” Ventyr called out, a ways off to Minkus’ left. The two vigil soldiers, Ventyr and Jindel, had almost caught up with the woman now, putting them …

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Feb 08 2018

Chapter 7.3: Speaking of Family

Chapter 7, part 3: Speaking of Family

Waking once more to the vibrant scent of pigeon poop hadn’t been anyone’s perfect morning, but as Minkus, Jindel, Penny, and Ventyr left Stoneguard behind them, all felt more energized than they had the previous day. Ventyr silently concluded that, exhausted as they were, the four of them would probably have been able to sleep …

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Jan 31 2018

Chapter 7.2: A Night’s Safety

Chapter 7, part 2: A Night's Safety

For more reasons than one, Ventyr was relieved to finally see the walls of the Stoneguard Gate nestled tightly between the rocky ridges looming up beside it. The walk hadn’t been hard that day, just a steady hike through the grain fields and gentle, green knolls south of Beetletun. The scent of budding grass met …

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Jan 24 2018

Chapter 7.1: Waiting at Stoneguard

Chapter 7, part 1: Waiting at Stoneguard

Thirty hours and as many miles were now between Skixx and the event, but he still couldn’t believe any of it had happened. Not only had he been caught by a band of humans in the woods, but they’d managed to connive more information out of him than— really, there was no amount of information …

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Jan 17 2018

Chapter 6.3: On the Study of Magics

Chapter 6, part 3: On the Study of Magics

After Minkus had finished neutralizing the toxin that had already begun to spread from Jindel’s wound, Ventyr decided that further healing of the wounds themselves could wait until the morning. The thing that everyone, including Jindel, needed the most that night was sleep, and they were only going to get a few hours before the …

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