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  1. Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 3) — November 23, 2014
  2. Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 2) — November 9, 2014
  3. Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 1) — October 6, 2014
  4. Chapter Eleven: Distractions (Part 3) — September 21, 2014
  5. Chapter Eleven: Distractions (part 2) — July 30, 2014

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Nov 23

Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 3)

Editor’s Note : This chapter contains scenes of mild-gore. Readers discretion is advised. There is nothing wrong with me.   Then why do your eyes look so sad?   “Yes,” I said into the black night, into the row of murderous eyes before me. “why?” Constant inquiries bombarded my mind as I charged in. It …

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Nov 09

Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 2)

Editor’s note : Due to a mishap in the scheduling, this chapter has been uploaded a week later than it was suppose to. We apologize for this error.  “Are you nervous?” asked Argus. “I will be alright,” I said taking several large breaths to relax my nerves. “Just, not too accustomed to performing in front …

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Oct 06

Chapter Twelve: Voids (Part 1)

 “So what’s HE doing here?” Asked Daniel pointing at Argus. “Didn’t you mother ever tell you pointing was rude?” asked the norn. “Why do you think I’m doing it in the first place?” asked Daniel. Simon gave out an amused snort. Argus was not amused. “Argus is here because we’ll need his services.” Said Serenity …

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Sep 21

Chapter Eleven: Distractions (Part 3)

Garfas and I shared chuckled after I finished my retelling of the event. “I remember that day,” said Garfas. “I did most of the work while I gave you the easy part.”  “I beg to differ,” I responded. “Crafting a passable hilt took quite a bit of dexterity.” Garfas simply released another laugh. I forgot …

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Jul 30

Chapter Eleven: Distractions (part 2)

I had forgotten how irritating Itan’s voice was, and I had also forgotten how easily I could ignore it. Once I had recovered from my injuries, I received an unusual sight once I had returned to my warband. Quite a few of them had actually seemed happy to see me, going as far as to …

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Jul 13

Chapter Eleven: Distractions (Part 1)

It had been a week since we captured the boy that worked for the fringe. We were slowly able to get more information from him, though it was not much. He was a walker, the lowest rank in the echelons of the fringe, barely a recruit. higher up were wanderers, travelers, and then stalkers. At …

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Jun 01

Chapter 10: Mara

The clang of metal echoed in my ear as my blunt sword collided with the one of my opponent. “We’re getting there,” said Garfas. “You’re trying to kill me, not shoo me away.” I reared back and swung my sword with more force. “Good.” It had been a week since my encounter with the flame …

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May 04

Chapter Nine: Getting Mice to Squeak (part 3)

It was a long ride heading back north to Divinity’s Reach. We had our hostage bound and gagged, and we found ourselves frequently using a poison that was provided by Slim. Every time he would regain consciousness, he would either try to scream for help or try and kill himself, the poison would make him …

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Apr 08

Chapter Nine: Getting Mice to Squeak (part 2)

“Hail traveler!” The outpost guard waved at me with a hearty smile. I instinctively lowered the straw hat I was using to cover my face. “Hail!” I said after clearing my throat. “F-fine day is it not?” I do not think it was difficult to see that I was nervous, it was rare for me …

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Mar 26

Chapter Nine: Getting Mice to Squeak (part 1)

“So what’s going on with the secros?” asked Daniel as he began to remove his boots while on his bed. “Chaos,” I answered. “Absolute chaos.” I then began to explain everything that I saw yesterday. How the charr were forced to hide in safe houses, and my meeting with Slim. “Sounds pretty intense,” said Daniel …

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