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  1. Chapter Fifteen: Heartless (Part 1) — May 17, 2015
  2. Chapter Fourteen: Frayed (Part 3) — May 3, 2015
  3. Chapter Fourteen: Frayed (Part 2) — April 19, 2015
  4. Chapter Fourteen: Frayed (Part 1) — April 5, 2015
  5. Chapter Thirteen: Idiots (Part 3) — March 22, 2015

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May 17

Chapter Fifteen: Heartless (Part 1)

I don’t know what to do The answer is in front of you.   It was getting hard to breath, the air was frozen, my muscles struggled to move. Moisture in the air clung to my fur and froze immediately, forcing me to wipe away the quickly forming layer of ice. It was so cold, …

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May 03

Chapter Fourteen: Frayed (Part 3)

There was a sort of hollow beauty within Ascalon city. The faint whispers of the land gave the illusion as if the area was still buzzing with life. It all felt so nonchalant yet unnatural. I had an odd relationship with the land here, I found it unwelcoming as a charr yet calming as a …

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Apr 19

Chapter Fourteen: Frayed (Part 2)

It was odd entering someone’s house who everyone still believed to be alive, of course word would spread once people would notice that Krale hasn’t been seen for a few days, they will become suspicious from not seeing his servants for that matter. I expected the ravens to dispose of the bodies and gather all …

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Apr 05

Chapter Fourteen: Frayed (Part 1)

I was dreaming. I could see trees, gentle sunlight struck my face as I traversed the thick forest of tropical foliage. I would dive into the bushes, as if hiding from something, keeping a light step. Was I hiding or was I stalking? I looked down at my stomach, there was blood on it from …

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Mar 22

Chapter Thirteen: Idiots (Part 3)

Previous Chapter Part 3   This area of Divinity’s Reach was definitely one I had not ventured into before. It was just outside the Central Plaza. There were spaces around the entirety of the garden that allowed you to overlook large parts of the city. It was quite remarkable really, You could almost see everything …

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