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Apr 08

Chapter Nine: Getting Mice to Squeak (part 2)

“Hail traveler!” The outpost guard waved at me with a hearty smile. I instinctively lowered the straw hat I was using to cover my face. “Hail!” I said after clearing my throat. “F-fine day is it not?” I do not think it was difficult to see that I was nervous, it was rare for me …

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Mar 26

Chapter Nine: Getting Mice to Squeak (part 1)

“So what’s going on with the secros?” asked Daniel as he began to remove his boots while on his bed. “Chaos,” I answered. “Absolute chaos.” I then began to explain everything that I saw yesterday. How the charr were forced to hide in safe houses, and my meeting with Slim. “Sounds pretty intense,” said Daniel …

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Mar 13

Chapter Eight: Gaps (Part 3)

  I always did curse myself for my abysmal sense of perception, and bad luck as well. The one time where the scouting reports were actually right and  there were Flame Legion in the region, I was assigned to it. At this point my only hope of salvation was Garfas and Thoc, but that possibility …

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Feb 12

Chapter Eight: Gaps (part 2)

It was getting quite chilly in Ascalon, it was normal since winter was getting closer, however I never did get used to the cold. I enjoyed the heat far too much. Despite the unpleasant weather, I took time out of my schedule to find an isolated place where I could practice a few spells from …

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Jan 28

Chapter Eight: Gaps (part 1)

“What are you doing here?!” I shouted as I saw the large white charr climbing in through my window, I still didn’t notice that my hand was still outstretched with an orb of magic ready to be released from it. I was still coming to terms with who I was looking at. Garfas, the charr …

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Jan 12

Chapter Seven: Observer (part 3)

There was no point in trying to answer the questions swimming in my head. And only more surfaced as I stood in front of the massive asura gate in the center of Divinity’s Reach. One of the small asura themselves stood by the gate, I assumed to change the destination. I stood around the area, …

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Dec 09

Chapter Seven: Observer (part 2)

Thoc and I trotted through the streets of the citadel, eager to reach our destination… well, to some extent. “Will you hurry up!” exclaimed Thoc as he strode several paces ahead of me. “I wanna be there early!” “Thoc…” I said with a yawn. “I am certain The Bane will not fill up by the …

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Nov 17

Chapter Seven: Observer (part 1)

The following days were quite dull to say the least. After word had gone around that the mysterious assassins were only targeting charr, all charr secros were ordered to stay within city walls. So I was immediately restricted to local jobs around Divinity’s Reach, while Daniel was left with providing for the both of us. …

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Nov 03

Chapter Six: A Mug Full Of Cider

Daniel and I decided to stay on the roof for a little longer. After we were absolutely certain that the guards had given up their search, we decided to head back to the market district. Daniel suggested that we avoid wandering into public areas until we returned to Serenity’s mansion. I concurred, I wasn’t sure …

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Oct 20

Chapter Five: Professional Thievery, What We Do Best. (Part 3)

Hours later, the sun had begun to sink into the hills. Daniel and I were ready; he had even traded in his leather armor for a cloth outfit that was loose around the legs and sleeves. Instead of his regular mask he threw on a long scarf that wrapped around his head only revealing his …

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