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  1. Chapter Seventeen: Remembrance (Part 1) — November 9, 2015
  2. Chapter Sixteen: Flow (Part 4) — October 6, 2015
  3. Chapter Sixteen: Flow (Part 3) — September 8, 2015
  4. Chapter Sixteen: Flow (Part 2) — August 12, 2015
  5. Chapter Sixteen: Flow (Part 1) — July 27, 2015

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Nov 09

Chapter Seventeen: Remembrance (Part 1)

“This is boring!” exclaimed Daniel as he leaned on the stack of documents before him. Serenity who sat besides him, had nothing to say at this point. This was Daniel’s third outburst, Serenity and I were beginning to agree with him. It had been two days since I had returned home and I immediately applied …

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Oct 06

Chapter Sixteen: Flow (Part 4)

“The brace is a bit heavy, I’ll admit that,” said Slim as he fastened the last of the clasps that secured the large metal and gem covered mechanism on my stump. “It will take some getting used to but it’s nothing you can’t handle.” “Well handling things has become a challenge as of late,” I …

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Sep 08

Chapter Sixteen: Flow (Part 3)

What am I doing? I thought as I stared down as the slumbering charr using my chest as a pillow, surprisingly it wasn’t as heavy as one would think. The third night in a row I had spent with Garfas, each one a bit more active than the last. I was beginning to wonder if …

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Aug 12

Chapter Sixteen: Flow (Part 2)

My eyes slowly pried open, greeted by a set of amber orbs. MY eyesight began to adjust as I made sense of the overwhelming shadow that blinded me, then I realized that it was night time. “Garfas?” I asked out the the pair of eyes, who else could they belong to? “Where am I?” “Mara’s …

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Jul 27

Chapter Sixteen: Flow (Part 1)


The light that broke through my window was what finally stirred me awake, somewhat at least. I could barely open my eyes, let alone think a coherent thought. It was all a blurry mess of images and sounds. I woke up to a series of figures standing before me. “How long will he be out?” …

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