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  1. Chapter Twenty One: Awry (Part 2) — January 8, 2017
  2. Chapter Twenty One: Awry (Part 1) — December 25, 2016
  3. Chapter Twenty: The Trap — November 14, 2016
  4. Chapter Nineteen: The Cloak (Part 1) — May 30, 2016
  5. Chapter Eighteen: The Blade (Part 3) — May 15, 2016

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Jan 08

Chapter Twenty One: Awry (Part 2)

I found my hand grasping at the table in front of me to keep myself upright. The memories that had flooded in made it hard for me to keep my balance. “Anavari?” I felt Daniel’s hand on my back. “What’s wrong big guy?” I opened my eyes, shallow breaths escaped me as I tried to …

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Dec 25

Chapter Twenty One: Awry (Part 1)

“This will definitely not work,” said Thoc as he sat by my side as we overlooked the plains of Ashford from the citadel walls.   “Not with that attitude,” I muttered. “I hate to say this but you should be a bit more optimistic about it, it’s not as if there’s much room for error. …

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Nov 14

Chapter Twenty: The Trap

“Astrid!” I called out as I entered the norn’s clinic. It was a small location, barely enough room for a few patients and some medicine, of course like any other Secro hideout it had hidden rooms underneath. The norn came into view, tying up her hair and jumping once she saw that I had the …

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May 30

Chapter Nineteen: The Cloak (Part 1)

I gasped loudly when I found myself back in the room with Daniel and Slim. It was a startling shock back to reality, I needed a moment to compose myself. It was as if I needed to remind myself where I was, who I was with, how I had gotten there, what were we doing. …

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May 15

Chapter Eighteen: The Blade (Part 3)

“So what do you think?” I asked Mara who handed a cup of tea to Ferris and me. She sat across from us and began to drink from her own cup. “I think that you need to stop bringing in random people into my house,” she said obviously upset with Ferris’ presence. “Fumus trusts him,” …

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