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  1. Chapter Twenty Six: The Threads That Bind Us — June 13, 2017
  2. Chapter Twenty Five: Embers — May 28, 2017
  3. Chapter Twenty Four: Coping Mechanisms — February 19, 2017
  4. Chapter Twenty Three: Restraint — February 8, 2017
  5. Chapter Twenty Two: Hunger — January 28, 2017

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Jun 13

Chapter Twenty Six: The Threads That Bind Us

Light shined over my eyes, my memories up until that moment were a blur. I wasn’t certain as to how long I had been in that wagon. It felt like a little more than a day, perhaps even longer than that. All I could remember was that I was kept tied up, they allowed me …

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May 28

Chapter Twenty Five: Embers

Thoc found himself in some sort of bunker. An underground room in the dead center of the land. It was smart in a sense, quick access to all the other encampments. The first carved out room was a simple one. A bed roll, cooking implements, stacks of books scattered about. There was a door that …

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Feb 19

Chapter Twenty Four: Coping Mechanisms

My body gently shook as the wagon I was inside travelled through roads I couldn’t see. I was shoved into a cage held in the back, my prosthetic was taken, a sack was tied over my head. My arm and legs were bound and I was searched for any weapons. They found none, I didn’t …

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Feb 08

Chapter Twenty Three: Restraint

  Garfas was dead, Daniel had betrayed me, I was surrounded by the fringe, and the secros were nowhere to be found. My emotions were… rampant. A twisting nether of desire, sorrow, anger. Sides of me were wrestling with each other, trying to decide what was the best course of action. It was painful, so …

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Jan 28

Chapter Twenty Two: Hunger

My feet entered the barracks, the sole of my boots against the blood splattered earth. The only sound in the agonizing silence were my steps, and my ever quickening breaths. This wasn’t happening, this couldn’t happen. Everyone was dead, stabbed, impaled, scorched, eviscerated. My warband, my companions. For a brief moment I felt a stab …

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