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Sep 17 2017

Chapter Twenty Seven: Heartless

Daniel and I ran through the darkened halls, he held on to my hand and led the way. We had dispatched the two who were guarding the cells, but it was only a matter of time before their bodies were discovered. “So where are we?” I asked. “Dry Top,” said Daniel. “Mostly a temporary base …

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Jun 13 2017

Chapter Twenty Six: The Threads That Bind Us

Light shined over my eyes, my memories up until that moment were a blur. I wasn’t certain as to how long I had been in that wagon. It felt like a little more than a day, perhaps even longer than that. All I could remember was that I was kept tied up, they allowed me …

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May 28 2017

Chapter Twenty Five: Embers

Thoc found himself in some sort of bunker. An underground room in the dead center of the land. It was smart in a sense, quick access to all the other encampments. The first carved out room was a simple one. A bed roll, cooking implements, stacks of books scattered about. There was a door that …

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Feb 19 2017

Chapter Twenty Four: Coping Mechanisms

My body gently shook as the wagon I was inside travelled through roads I couldn’t see. I was shoved into a cage held in the back, my prosthetic was taken, a sack was tied over my head. My arm and legs were bound and I was searched for any weapons. They found none, I didn’t …

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Feb 08 2017

Chapter Twenty Three: Restraint

  Garfas was dead, Daniel had betrayed me, I was surrounded by the fringe, and the secros were nowhere to be found. My emotions were… rampant. A twisting nether of desire, sorrow, anger. Sides of me were wrestling with each other, trying to decide what was the best course of action. It was painful, so …

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