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Dec 04 2017

The Hornet’s Nest: Part 4

In all her years as a spy, Caolinn had never been caught. It wasn’t just that the targets Darr sent her after were frequently inept – she was too careful to ever let herself get into a compromising position in the first place. Something about this mission within the Chantry of Secrets had thrown her …

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Nov 21 2017

The Hornet’s Nest: Part 3

Life within the Chantry of Secrets had its own, strange pace. On most days it was quiet, subdued even, members of the Order going about their business, making maps or decrypting codes, sending messages or repairing armour. Now that she’d proved herself, to Agent Mala at least, Caolinn had her own tasks to perform. No …

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Nov 06 2017

The Hornet’s Nest: Part 2

The messenger was nothing more than a glimmering ball of purple light, half the size of Caolinn’s fist. It would have been distinctly underwhelming, had she not known the strength it had taken to send it here, over such great distances and past the Order’s safeguards. It cast its indigo light across the stone walls …

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Oct 23 2017

The Hornet’s Nest: Part 1

The Order of Whispers was not, in Caolinn’s experience, the most friendly of organisations. They had many other fine qualities, of course, from their competence to their ruthlessness, but they weren’t the sort of group that welcomed new members with open arms, trumpets blaring and banners unfurled. It took subtlety to make an impression on …

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Jun 21 2017

Chapter 7: Part 20 – Family

I woke to sunlight streaming in through an open window, casting lines of light across a ceiling I didn’t recognise. For several minutes, I simply lay there, watching the play of shadows, letting my mind turn over the fact that I couldn’t put a name to where I was. Some distant part of me knew …

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