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Name: Amy Sanderson
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  1. Chapter 7: Part 8 – A Warm Welcome — December 7, 2016
  2. Chapter 7: Part 7 – In the Firing Line — November 8, 2016
  3. Chapter 7: Part 6 – Dead Metal — October 28, 2016
  4. Chapter 7: Part 5 – T.A.F.D.A. — October 10, 2016
  5. Chapter 7: Part 4 – The Arcane Council — September 27, 2016

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Dec 07

Chapter 7: Part 8 – A Warm Welcome

You would expect, in any normal circumstances, for a city being targeted by a giant golem to be one quickly swamped by panic. How could such a creation, after all, arriving without warning, be anything other than a threat? Any other race, I think, would see it as exactly that – but asura, being what …

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Nov 08

Chapter 7: Part 7 – In the Firing Line

There is rarely such a thing, in asura eyes, as too much curiosity. It’s a character trait our entire race thrives upon, the very reason we’ve survived – and, according to some of our kind, one of the reasons we’re superior to everyone else in Tyria. Curiosity, though, has to be twinned with intellect, with …

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Oct 28

Chapter 7: Part 6 – Dead Metal

Know thy enemy – isn’t that the saying? All these months, I’d been staunchly avoiding trying to understand Zurra. I didn’t want, quite frankly, to get inside her head; as long as I could beat her, that was enough. Being back in Rata Sum, though, was reminding me just how disparate asura ideals could be, …

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Oct 10

Chapter 7: Part 5 – T.A.F.D.A.

There’s a feeling of industry unique to asura settlements. Whilst a charr town might be full of the sounds of hammering metal, or a human one with merchants crying their wares, anywhere that contains a good number of asura will be rife with people… thinking. You might think such an activity would be completely silent, …

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Sep 27

Chapter 7: Part 4 – The Arcane Council

The Arcane Council of Rata Sum is… well, I suppose you might say ‘arcane’. There’s the magical aspect, of course, around which so much in the city revolves, but the Council also has a tendency for labyrinthine discussions, endless prognostications, and a fair few inexplicable decisions. Very little of what it accomplishes, in short, actually …

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