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Name: Amy Sanderson
Date registered: December 12, 2012

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  1. Chapter 5: Part 16 – A Quiet Place — August 5, 2015
  2. Chapter 5: Part 15 – Forgiveness — July 20, 2015
  3. Chapter 5: Part 14 – Stuck in the Past — July 6, 2015
  4. Chapter 5: Part 13 – Into the Citadel — June 8, 2015
  5. Chapter 5: Part 12 – Grave Digging — May 25, 2015

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Aug 05

Chapter 5: Part 16 – A Quiet Place

Asura aren’t typically given to great displays of grief, even when we lose one of our own. We’re not entirely without emotion, of course, not as other races might choose to portray us, but frequently our sorrows end up bound with our work, the two intertwining to become what defines us. Whilst Blaise’s death wasn’t …

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Jul 20

Chapter 5: Part 15 – Forgiveness

We asura don’t tend to give much thought to the history of the other Tyrian races. We’ve always been something of a breed apart, secure in our own superiority, and our research is ever looking to the future, not the past. As a result, I’d never given much thought to the Searing, either the events …

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Jul 06

Chapter 5: Part 14 – Stuck in the Past

It’s never a good idea to bring up the history of Ascalon when there are both humans and charr present. Thankfully, our little party had lost its resident charr, and Blaise didn’t start talking until we’d left the Black Citadel safely behind. “These used to be human lands,” he said softly, regretfully. He pointed away …

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Jun 08

Chapter 5: Part 13 – Into the Citadel

The Black Citadel is a city where it’s easy for an asura, or indeed any race other than a charr, to feel intimidated. There’s its great, hulking size for one thing, all rusting metal and black grease, and the air forever filled with the smells of heated steel and forge fires. It’s a warren, too, …

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May 25

Chapter 5: Part 12 – Grave Digging

It was midnight by the time we finished burying the bodies. The worst effects of Souleater proved to be temporary: rather than linger on, mindless, those soldiers who’d been hit by the blast soon breathed their last. Death, I couldn’t help thinking, was a relief after the state Souleater had left them in. A full …

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