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Name: Amy Sanderson
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  1. Chapter 5: Part 6 – Loyalty and Betrayal — February 16, 2015
  2. Chapter 5: Part 5 – Covert Investigations — February 2, 2015
  3. Chapter 5: Part 4 – Laying Ghosts to Rest — January 19, 2015
  4. Chapter 5: Part 3 – Perceptive for a Norn — January 5, 2015
  5. Chapter 5: Part 2 – An Old Friend, A New Road — December 22, 2014

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Feb 16

Chapter 5: Part 6 – Loyalty and Betrayal

Norn and asura, though we might seem like entirely different creatures, are more alike than you might think, or so I have found. There are obvious differences, of course – our sizes, our intellects, our propensity for reasoned thought versus hitting things over the head – but as I walked through Lion’s Arch with a …

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Feb 02

Chapter 5: Part 5 – Covert Investigations

There’s a knack to finding someone who doesn’t want to be found. With as many layers of deception as someone like Darr employed, you’d think it would be impossible, but there are always hints: people who’ve been sworn to secrecy, supply trails deliberately muddied, coded conversations in the streets. Darr, after all, couldn’t exist in …

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Jan 19

Chapter 5: Part 4 – Laying Ghosts to Rest

It’s not in my nature, as an asura or as a thief, to be particularly forthcoming about myself. Asura like only to boast, after all, and thieves live their lives shrouded in secrecy, locked behind wall after wall of hidden agendas. At least, that’s how a thief is supposed to operate. In the months since …

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Jan 05

Chapter 5: Part 3 – Perceptive for a Norn

Hoelbrak. It’s a curious city, half monumental architecture and half disconnected jumble of homesteads and lodges. The norn like their space, you see, which means it takes twice as long to get anywhere in their capital as it would elsewhere. Not that I really paid much attention to the geography of the city as Erin …

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Dec 22

Chapter 5: Part 2 – An Old Friend, A New Road

It’s difficult to articulate just how relieved I was to see Erin again. I didn’t weep, or embrace her, or collapse in a heap on the floor – asura aren’t given to such displays, after all – but when the norn built a small fire on the cave floor and we both sat beside it, …

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Dec 08

Chapter 5: Part 1 – Mouse in the Snow

There is a saying amongst humans, that you can be most alone when in a crowded place. It’s true, in a way, for those who need the constant reassurance of the company of friends, and wallow in loneliness otherwise. Asura tend towards solitariness, though: our krewes, our creches, our cities are all constructed for practical …

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Nov 10

Chapter 4: Part 13 – A Plan of Escape

You would think, being as small as we are, asura would have the finely honed instincts of prey creatures, ready to flee at any point. The thing is, we’ve been superior for so long that whatever instincts we once had have been lost – asura are used to reasoning, or building, or even fighting their …

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Oct 27

Chapter 4: Part 12 – Catastrophic Consequences

There’s something about human settlements that puts me on edge. They’re always curiously joyful places, optimistic in the face of overwhelming odds. And the odds usually are overwhelming, given the adversity humans face on every front – but they’re always hopeful, relentlessly so, and it tends to make me nauseous. Still, it was with a …

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Oct 13

Chapter 4: Part 11 – The Right Path

Night had descended over us by the time I rejoined my companions. Someone had lit a crackling campfire in a small clearing, and most of the party were huddled around it. Spark was mending a rifle propped across her lap, Weir roasting some unidentifiable hunk of meat over the flames, and Blaise neatening the fletchings …

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Sep 29

Chapter 4: Part 10 – Guilt by Association

In all our lives, there are times for silence, and there are times to speak and be heard. Quite what made me open up to Darr, that chill evening at the end of summer, surrounded by the hills and glades of Harathi Hinterlands, I couldn’t say. Perhaps I’d simply been dwelling on my past too …

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