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Name: Amy Sanderson
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  1. Chapter 7: Part 20 – Family — June 21, 2017
  2. Chapter 7: Part 19 – Freedom — June 8, 2017
  3. Chapter 7: Part 18 – The Belly of the Beast — May 8, 2017
  4. Chapter 7: Part 17 – A Last Stand — April 25, 2017
  5. Chapter 7: Part 16 – Bad News — April 12, 2017

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Jun 21

Chapter 7: Part 20 – Family

I woke to sunlight streaming in through an open window, casting lines of light across a ceiling I didn’t recognise. For several minutes, I simply lay there, watching the play of shadows, letting my mind turn over the fact that I couldn’t put a name to where I was. Some distant part of me knew …

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Jun 08

Chapter 7: Part 19 – Freedom

Pain. For a long time – or what felt like a long time, anyway – I could remember nothing else. There was only blackness, and a streak of fire through my torso, all the way up one side and curling around my back. It grew and grew, encompassing my entire world, until nothing else had …

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May 08

Chapter 7: Part 18 – The Belly of the Beast

I reached the colossus with only three things in my possession. The first was the T.A.F.D.A. targeting module, the one that would hopefully bring down the golem. Second was the half of Lumm’s portable gate gun that would, in theory, allow me to escape the destruction I was about to create. And third, if you’ll …

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Apr 25

Chapter 7: Part 17 – A Last Stand

There’s nothing quite like a feeling of impending doom to mobilise even the most reluctant of heroes. There was a general sense across the whole Commons, in fact, that this was our last stand, and that’s less melodramatic than it might appear. The Syndicate had swarmed across the plaza like bees released from a hive, …

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Apr 12

Chapter 7: Part 16 – Bad News

I seem to spend a lot of my time being the bearer of bad news. Maybe it’s having an asuran intellect, and thus deciphering the implications of events before anyone else does. Maybe it’s having friends and companions who are wilfully optimistic, and prefer not to see the complications and repercussions of their actions until …

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