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  3. Chapter 4: Part 7 – ‘Can We Kill It?’ — August 4, 2014
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  5. Chapter 4: Part 5 – Traitors and Deserters — July 7, 2014

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Sep 01

Chapter 4: Part 9 – Flikk’s Legacy

A curious mix of exultation and disappointment fell over our party as we regrouped. Spark, Weir and particularly Blaise were triumphant, their victory over the centaur shaman and its summoned elemental everything they’d hoped for. I supposed I should feel equally pleased – I was the one who’d disarmed the shaman and ultimately caused it …

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Aug 18

Chapter 4: Part 8 – The Shaman Falls

There are times when it pays to be cautious of one’s allies, to study their motives and try to rely on them as little as possible. There are also times when circumstances spiral out of your control and you need all the help you can get. Times like now, when I was confronted by an …

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Aug 04

Chapter 4: Part 7 – ‘Can We Kill It?’

I hadn’t seen Zurra in weeks, but there she was, as brazen as ever. Zurra, whose experiments for the Inquest had caused untold destruction. Zurra, who had killed my master and wanted nothing better than to see me dead. Well, the feeling was certainly mutual. Which put me in something of a tricky situation. Weir, …

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Jul 21

Chapter 4: Part 6 – Elementals and Energies

The night was cool and silent, the dew of early autumn coating the grass in a filigree of glimmering drops and silver spiderwebs. A bright moon was peeking through a tattered veil of clouds, casting flickering shadows across the uneven ground. Shadows through which we crept, single-file, following Blaise’s lead. In any other situation, I …

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Jul 07

Chapter 4: Part 5 – Traitors and Deserters

I had never noticed, until that day on the hillside in Harathi Hinterlands, just how loud birdsong could be. The creatures were trilling all around us, pleased with the sunshine and the gently swaying trees and whatever else it is birds like. I could hear them because everything else was silent, the tension surrounding our …

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Jun 10

Chapter 4: Part 4 – Our Little Ranger Friend

If the centaur attack on Ascalon Settlement had been a maelstrom of activity, the aftermath was a measured calm. It wasn’t until the threat was over that it occurred to me how accustomed to assault this town was. There was no panic over the damaged gates or the ravaged fields; the handful of wounded Seraph …

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May 27

Chapter 4: Part 3 – The Ghosts of Ascalon Settlement

Spark’s plan, it turned out, contained every bit as much heavy firepower as I’d have expected from her. Behind Ascalon Settlement, a small hill rose with a commanding view of the surrounding countryside; though we were forced to scramble up through first buildings and then thorn bushes to reach its summit, I could see why …

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May 12

Chapter 4: Part 2 – Gendarran Flight


  I had thought, at first glance, that Gendarran Fields seemed like a fairly safe and civilised corner of Kryta. Given our situation, I was rapidly having to reassess that conclusion. My breath was loud in my ears, the wheezing rasp coming from Blaise even louder as he stumbled along at my side. Caolinn, on …

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Apr 14

Chapter 4: Part 1 – Kryta Beckons

“Listen up, cubs. You have three hours to resupply before we meet at the northern gate. If you’re not there, you get left behind.” The warning was, for Spark, a fairly standard one: she liked efficiency, promptness, and – of course – people following her orders. Caolinn had already vanished into the crowd surrounding the …

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Mar 31

Chapter 3: Part 10 – Parting Words

There was no more conversation between myself and Erin – there was simply no time for it. As soon as we reached the edge of the Priory encampment, we were swarmed by its inhabitants: soldiers wanting to congratulate Erin, healers rushing in to support the bleeding ranger, researchers crowding around Spark as if they knew …

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