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  1. Chapter 9: Part 2 – Before the Storm — January 18, 2015
  2. Chapter 9: Part 1 – The Causeway — January 4, 2015
  3. Chapter 8: Part 8 – Hands of a Scholar — December 21, 2014
  4. Chapter 8: Part 7 – Promise — December 7, 2014
  5. Chapter 8: Part 6 – Bathing — October 26, 2014

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Jan 18

Chapter 9: Part 2 – Before the Storm


The fire crackled and popped. Rain beat on the worn, mossy bricks outside. The sounds mingled together. However, for the time that I spent thinking what I had just heard over, it sounded like nothing more than silence to me. “You think Angel has feelings for Tobih?” I repeated, making sure I was hearing this …

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Jan 04

Chapter 9: Part 1 – The Causeway


Floodwater Causeway was quiet save for the croaking of frogs, which I had become used to from our time by the oasis. The dolyak steadily pulled the cart, its stomach filled with grasses the sylvari had given him at our last camp. It seemed happy, which made me not feel so bad about the fact …

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Dec 21

Chapter 8: Part 8 – Hands of a Scholar

“I wonder what he’s cooking,” Tobih sniffed the air around us, “Whatever it is, it smells really nice.” “Pretty sure he said he would make a veggie chili,” I replied, peering over the side of the cart to see if I was correct. Tobih looked a bit excited. “I love a good hearty meal.” “We’ve …

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Dec 07

Chapter 8: Part 7 – Promise


We spent a lot of that day on our own agendas. Angel had gone off on her own adventure; we last saw her talking with some of the patrols and could only guess that she was helping them out. I knew that she preferred a fight over standing idle. My guess was that she was …

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Oct 26

Chapter 8: Part 6 – Bathing

The next morning greeted me with sun rays falling gently in between the canopy of leaves above us. The water glittered under each band of light and the area was quiet but lively. The researchers were already working on creating their potions and salves while those protecting the camp were already on a lookout by …

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Sep 14

Chapter 8: Part 5 – Rhiann’s Respite


The oasis seemed fairly quiet at night. The buzzing of sparkflies and the snapping of the firewood seemed had more than a calming effect. Sylvari guarded the entrance to the area, as Angel said they would. Rhiann’s Respite, we were briefed, was a research facility with the intent to find a cure for the risen …

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Jul 20

Chapter 8: Part 4 – The Drakes


Each of us were finally in our ideal positions when Ragnvaldr gave the command to attack the marsh drakes surrounding our wagon. Angel rolled out of her seat where Tobih jumped over only a second later, both of them brandishing their weapons. Ragnvaldr knelt down on one knee and aimed for a group of three …

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Jul 06

Chapter 8: Part 3 – The Cartographer


The morning was deceptively peaceful; it was as if you could feel the dangers from the marsh rush over your body if you stepped anywhere near it. There was an uneasy feeling that gathered around our cart as we made our way towards the wet grounds. Birds chirped in the land behind us, but those …

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Jun 22

Chapter 8: Part 2 – Marshwatch

Portage Hills was much greener than any other place we had encountered in our journey. On a small cliff was a haven – Marshwatch. Traders and vendors were set up until the sun had fallen, where they then packed up and moved inside the tower. As night fell, the number of people out had dwindled …

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Apr 14

Chapter 8: Part 1 – Cartography

There had been general panic on the streets of Lion’s Arch after they issued a warning to everyone to stay in their homes. More than a few of the families had decided that the warning was enough to warrant a vacation to see relatives or friends in Krytan ruled areas – those away from the …

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