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Apr 14

Chapter 8: Part 1 – Cartography

There had been general panic on the streets of Lion’s Arch after they issued a warning to everyone to stay in their homes. More than a few of the families had decided that the warning was enough to warrant a vacation to see relatives or friends in Krytan ruled areas – those away from the …

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Mar 30

Chapter 7: Part 8 – Underwater Ruins

Sunshine streamed through dusty windows and the house was warm again. The sunlight stood alone as the only light source in the house; all the candles had burned out overnight. Wooden floorboards groaned downstairs under the weight of the two norn. I made my way down the stairs to greet them. Angel had only just …

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Mar 16

Chapter 7: Part 7 – Quelling the Beast

Tobih didn’t skip a beat as he stood up from his chair and walked to Angel’s side of the table, “My old man taught me. Said I’d need it when we took Ascalon back.” That sheepish smile came over his face like always. He wore it well. He brought her arm down and gently took …

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Mar 02

Chapter 7: Part 6 – Ancient Texts

Sleep didn’t come quickly that night. As the thunder broke every minute or two, my heart pounded in my chest. Though I lay on my usual cot, the floor yielded less so than dirt; it was hard and uncomfortable. I could feel every little slit between the hardwood floors. Even with Ragnvaldr lying next to …

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Jan 19

Chapter 7: Part 5 – Over Dinner


The storm rolled in fairly quickly. The thunder grew more and more heavy as it began to pass over our heads. Lightning flashes brought great bursts of white light into otherwise warm colored rooms. Rain struck the roof and windows in shaky winds that blew mists across the city. Violent waves, carried by the merciless …

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Jan 05

Chapter 7: Part 4 – The Calm Before the Storm

I fell asleep on Ragnvaldr’s shoulder as we talked. I remember him carrying me back to the lodge and into bed; he held me so close. That night I dreamt of my home in Divinity’s Reach and when I woke that morning I felt a longing to see that home once again. When I saw …

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Nov 17

Chapter 7: Part 3 Burying the Past


  I’m not sure how I slept so well that night with all the chatter around the lodge and brief nightmares of the old world. Perhaps it was the alcohol that helped, or maybe it was the fight that tired me out more than I realized. I was woken up by Angel with a smile …

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Oct 15

Chapter 7: Part 2 To Hoelbrak


“I don’t think we should leave today. Tobih is obviously not rested enough to walk,” I reasoned and glanced to the man sitting in his cot. “Nonsense. Hoelbrak is less than a day away. We can get plenty of rest there,” Angel replied, seeming set on her plan already. I balled up my fists in …

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Sep 29

Chapter 7: Part 1 Secrets Best Kept

The next morning came with silence. The Priory members had already gotten up and left for another day of field work. Light barely passed through the small holes and windows of the hut leading me to believe that the sky was still just as gray as it was the day before. Beside me I could …

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Sep 15

Chapter 6: Part 6 Rogue God


That evening I found myself sitting on that bridge again, staring up at the sky as clouds passed overhead. It was as if they echoed my mood. Had this entire journey been for nothing? Had I just wasted everyone’s time? I heard footsteps coming up the hill. The thud and clanking of armor announced Angel’s …

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