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Name: Alucardalina Claire
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  1. Chapter 9: Part 5 – Reluctance — March 15, 2015
  2. Chapter 9: Part 4 – Trust — March 1, 2015
  3. Chapter 9 – Part 3: Rain or Snow — February 1, 2015
  4. Chapter 9: Part 2 – Before the Storm — January 18, 2015
  5. Chapter 9: Part 1 – The Causeway — January 4, 2015

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Mar 15

Chapter 9: Part 5 – Reluctance

The three of us ventured back to our camp. All of us were drenched from the rain that had finally started to let up. It now fell as a mist around us, clinging to our already wet hair and clothing in tiny droplets. Angel held Tobih close to her side with a single arm around …

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Mar 01

Chapter 9: Part 4 – Trust

Tobih stuck his hand into the small bag and pulled out two pieces of paper that were bent around something bulky. He passed one to me and waited for me to open it. When I did there was a star-shaped chocolate chip cookie inside of it. “I’ve been saving these for a special occasion, but …

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Feb 01

Chapter 9 – Part 3: Rain or Snow

“He’s fine, just a bit of bad luck with the drakes. Lucky I was there to help him.” Angel, who was carrying cleaned cuts of drake and a few green sticks, answered. She seemed less concerned about it than I would have liked, but she didn’t know his situation like I did. Ragnvaldr, who had …

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Jan 18

Chapter 9: Part 2 – Before the Storm


The fire crackled and popped. Rain beat on the worn, mossy bricks outside. The sounds mingled together. However, for the time that I spent thinking what I had just heard over, it sounded like nothing more than silence to me. “You think Angel has feelings for Tobih?” I repeated, making sure I was hearing this …

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Jan 04

Chapter 9: Part 1 – The Causeway


Floodwater Causeway was quiet save for the croaking of frogs, which I had become used to from our time by the oasis. The dolyak steadily pulled the cart, its stomach filled with grasses the sylvari had given him at our last camp. It seemed happy, which made me not feel so bad about the fact …

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