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Oct 22 2017

Chapter 12: Part 6 – Claws

Angel threw a bit of wood on the fire. I knew we were probably running low on it now and there hadn’t been a chance to find any dry wood since we come into Orr. “It is about time that you hear my story, anyway, Tobih,” Angel’s resolve sounded strong at first but at the …

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Oct 08 2017

Chapter 12: Part 5 – Naivety

The sky eventually became murky. The horizon blended with the wet earth in front of us. It was surprisingly a welcomed change when it began to drizzle. Though it was wet and soaked through my clothes, I could appreciate that it was also cool and seemed to carry the smell of rot to the ground …

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Jun 18 2017

Chapter 12: Part 4 – All of the Secrets

“Why are you hiding it from me?” I tried to push the words on him gently. He and I walked hand in hand, but the tension in our environment still kept us from looking at one another often. Tobih pushed a strand of hair behind his ear and continued to scour the area for threats. …

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Apr 23 2017

Chapter 12: Part 3 – A Weight to Bear

“We have been stalled for long enough,” Angel said while picking herself off the ground. Her great sword reflected light across my face as she made to stow it. It was a natural reaction for her, but she must have remembered where we were as she was performing the action and opted to keep it …

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Mar 12 2017

Chapter 12: Part 2 – Corrupted Gods

Even though the sun had began to rise, clouds covered the sky which made it appear darker than when we originally had set off. Tobih and I walked side by side as Angel lead the way. She had insisted on looking ahead of us for any signs of trouble, but it seemed as if something …

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