“If you do not have a reason to keep moving on, make one.”

Name: Anavari
Proffesion: Necromancer
Race: Charr
Hometown: The Black Citadel

Where I was born is unknown to me, however I can tell you that I was raised in the citadel like most charr. All of these are past memories, yet they rest in a haze like a distant dream. I have a new life now; I am no longer a charr of the iron legion, but a humble courier. Though one can never truly escape his past, it will always search for him… or hunt him down.

I travel through the land doing my job, with a new companion, and while my head struggles to restore memories where none exists.

Unaware of the chaos that comes down the road, I begin my story.



Anavari and Daniel travel to Divinity’s Reach and find some resistance along the way. They both conclude that their current package is the reason for the ambush, but could it be something more?


Our charr courier remembers fragments of his distant past, and he meets someone new.


Anavari begins to remember his old warband, and the group faces the assassins, and they want them dead this time.  


Anavari reveals a side of himself that he did not know he possessed. Finally nearing their destination, our charr courier begins to question why exactly his mind has so many gaps.


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