AmberRataSum Amber

 “Good intentions aren’t enough.”

My name is Amber, and I am Asura.

I was a member of a prestigious golem krewe, working toward goals of exploration and scientific discovery, but that life came to an end when my lab was raided. Now, I have been forced to reach back into my past for the skills to help me fight the Inquest, who destroyed the tranquillity I’d created for myself – and who want to destroy a whole lot more.

I want answers, I want to protect my stolen research, and I want to save my people from the dark shadow of the Inquest’s ambition. And, just possibly, I might seek a little revenge along the way.

chapter one amber Amber

Amber, a former thief, has put her past behind to focus on a life as a researcher in a golem krewe. However, when Inquest attack her lab, she is set on a new path: to hunt down the asura who stole her master’s research, and make sure they pay for their crimes.

chapter two amber Amber

On the advice of a new ally, Amber sets her sights on Brisban Wildlands, where she hopes both to learn more about the Inquest, and run her foe to ground.

AmberChapter3Header Amber

With Amber’s enemies in hiding, she is persuaded to head east to Ascalon, to aid the research of her new charr allies. However, with new weapons and old grievances coming to the fore, her journey is anything but easy.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Part 1 – The Golem, the Thief and the Interrogator Chapter 1: Part 2 – Investigators Don’t Do Subtlety Chapter 1: Part 3 – Infiltrating the Inquest Chapter 1: Part 4 – Even Asura Have to be Stupid Chapter 1: Part 5 – Allies in Lion’s Arch

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – part 1: Into the Wildlands Chapter 2 – part 2: Guts and Courage Chapter 2 – part 3: Asura Don’t Joke About Destroyers Chapter 2 – part 4: The Aid of Aethervolt Lab Chapter 2 – part 5: Whispers in the Dark Chapter 2 – part 6: You Just Don’t Trust Charr …

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Part 1 – Intel in Divinity’s Reach Chapter 3: Part 2 – The Charms of the Dragonbrand Chapter 3: Part 3 – Into Tenaebron Lake Chapter 3: Part 4 – An Unorthodox Arrival Chapter 3: Part 5 – The Infernal Devices of Charr Chapter 3: Part 6 – A Few More Heroic Thieves …

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