Alucardalina Claire

gw025 Alucardalina ClaireMy name is Alucardalina Claire, and I am Human.

Profession: Elementalist

Race: Human

Hometown: Divinity’s Reach / Ascalon

Quote: I’m no hero.

I was found in the middle of a dragon’s wasteland by adventurers, nobility in Divinity’s Reach. With no recollection of what actually happened before, I began to seek comfort in memories that filled my head: memories of an Ascalon where iris flowers still grew and Prince Rurik still lived.

In Divinity’s Reach, I am now treated as a noble, but I’ve always wanted more. I needed adventure, to explore the lands, and most importantly: to find my memories.

I began my story here, determined to find the truth.


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Chapter 1

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Chapter 5

  Chapter 5: Part 1 On the Road to Ascalon   Chapter 5: Part 2 New Spell Unlocked   Chapter 5: Part 3 The Black Citadel   Chapter 5: Part 4 Rain in Ashford   Chapter 5: Part 5 Back-tracking in Ascalon   Chapter 5: Part 6 Ascalon’s Broken Academy        

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Part 1 Journey with a Warrior and a Guardian Chapter 6: Part 2 Rowdy Norn Chapter 6: Part 3 Typically Norn Chapter 6: Part 4 Destroyer Shard Frequency Chapter 6: Part 5 Eye of the North  Chapter 6: Part 6 Rogue God

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7, part 1: Secrets best kept Chapter 7, part 2: To Hoelbrak Chapter 7, part 3: Burying the Past Chapter 7, part 4: The Calm Before the Storm Chapter 7, part 5: Over Dinner Chapter 7, part 6: Ancient Texts Chapter 7, part 7: Quelling the Beast Chapter 7, part 8: Underwater Ruins

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8, part 1 : Cartography

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Chapters 5-8

Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8    

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