About the Editor


Jalinar was born in New Brunswick, Canada, but has spent most of his life living in Montreal. Although being raised in a French-Canadian environment, English has always been his language of choice. Discorvering video games greatly helped him  learn this second language and connect with the amazing writers he now works with.

In 2005, he was introduced to the Guild Wars franchise and he’s been playing every single nugget of content since. Although Jalinar also has a passion for puzzle, JRPG and story-driven games, the GW franchise will always have a special place in his heart as the only MMO he’s ever stuck to coming back over and over again. However, he only became active within the community prior to Guild Wars 2’s launch when he joined the Chronicles of Tyria guild. Jalinar became the New Krytan, Asuran and Old Ascalonian translator,  writing multiple articles on the website, before becoming an editor for the fanfic side. Shortly after, he was given the reins over the website. Joining Arenanet’s Partnership program in 2015 has let him to push the boundaries of the website even further and reach out to a wider audience.

Working with writers from all walks of life has inspired Jalinar to change his field of study from art history and instead pursue studies in English literature. He hopes to be able to work as a full-time editor one day.

When he’s not harassing his writers about staying on schedule, Jalinar can usually be found stressing over his next university essay (because he is currently procrastinating writing this text right now), reading the latest Brandon Sanderson book, playing video games or breaking the website with a new plug-in he found.

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