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About the Author; Varr


Varr was born in The Netherlands, but spent his entire life moving from place to place. His earliest years, for example, were spent in the mountains of Yemen, though to his regret he has no memories of the little village in which he lived with his mother, father and elder sister. He does remember moving to Ivory Coast after a brief stay in London, and then on to Mozambique, Fiji, Australia before finally returning to The Netherlands in 2013.

From an early age, he discovered a love of both reading and writing stories (though he now shudders to think of his earliest attempts at writing) and was constantly jotting down new ideas. He began writing heavily in collaboration with others on forums and via email (which he still does today) and found good friends there. Despite his interest in the area, however, he never considered publication seriously until very recently and has only just begun converting some of his older material into something a little more coherent.

Chronicles of Tyria was generous enough to sign him on as one of their new writers in November of 2014.

Varr has been gaming on and off for most of his life, and fell in love with the first Guild Wars at the release of Factions. It was his first true MMO, and though he’s dabbled left and right with a few others since he’s never strayed far from Tyria and eagerly leapt at Guild Wars 2 the moment it was released. There, he quickly developed a severe case of altoholism.

Go ahead, ask him how many characters he has now.

Besides Guild Wars and writing, Varr has an eclectic assortment of hobbies and interests ranging from music to politics to biology and just about everything in between. He has a notable addiction to Earl Grey tea and, to round out the cliché, loves cats.

He also, as you may have surmised if you’ve made it this far down, has a tendency to ramble. To make matters worse he thoroughly enjoys a spirited discussion (or debate, for that matter), so engage at your own risk.

Should you wish to get contact with Varr for whatever reason (even if it’s just to say hi), you can find him in game as AkioFallstar.5460 (he checks his mail regularly) or on Twitter as @KaedeVarr.

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