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About the Authors; Nienna


A native to the pacific northwest and current resident in Oregon, Beka (Nienna) always felt she had stories to share. It began in junior high where she wrote adventure stories involving her friends. Seeing the delight and joy it brought them, she continued to write in some form or another when she didn’t have her nose in a book. Many years later, Beka decided to follow her passion for the written word in college and studied English with a focus on European literature.   She also pursued creative writing classes and attended many lectures and workshops for Wordstock, a yearly local book and writing convention.

During her time in college, a couple friends introduced Beka to Guild Wars shortly after its release and even though she had never played an MMO before, she took to it quickly and fell in love with the game. She joined a role play guild and wrote many stories about her characters. Years later, Beka now plays Guild Wars 2 with her own guild and still writes as much as she can for herself and to entertain readers. One day, she hopes to have her own series of novels published.

When not writing for CoT, writing her own personal work, or playing Guild Wars 2, Beka can be found spending time with her family, sitting at her art desk with a crafty project, or cross stitching on the couch with her furry feline assistant.

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