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About the Author; Alex R.C. Tinsley


Alex R. C Tinsley is a resident of the sun-soaked Sydney, Australia. The love for fantasy was cultivated by his mother, a self-confessed bibliophile who took it upon herself to make sure he and his twin sister were properly educated in fantasy and science-fiction literature. A recent university graduate, Alex now splits his time between work, Playing Guild wars 2, a small TV series addiction and thrusting his head deep into Fantasy worlds and daydreaming.

Although not a Guild Wars player, since the launch of Guild Wars 2 Alex has spent hours reading up on the history, lore and world of Tyria, and has even suggested 4 new professions officially on the forums. in November 2014 He was successful in his entry to Chronicles of Tyria’s Feature Writing Contest, and has now dedicated himself to developing upon his story “Shards of Memory”.

Alex hopes to put his degree specialising in Intercultural Communication to good use by further developing on Kodan Culture and Beliefs, based on the framework already provided by the Arenanet writers.

His other itnerests include: cooking, exploring Sydney’s plethora of cafe’s and art galleries, and spending time with the diverse people he has had the pleasure to meet.

Alex speaks Japanese, Portuguese and limited French, Danish and Swedish.

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