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About the Author; Alex R.C. Tinsley

Alex R. C Tinsley is a resident of the sun-soaked Sydney, Australia. The love for fantasy was cultivated by his mother, a self-confessed bibliophile who took it upon herself to make sure he and his twin sister were properly educated in fantasy and science-fiction literature. A recent university graduate, Alex now splits his time between work, …

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About the Author; Varr

Varr was born in The Netherlands, but spent his entire life moving from place to place. His earliest years, for example, were spent in the mountains of Yemen, though to his regret he has no memories of the little village in which he lived with his mother, father and elder sister. He does remember moving …

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About the Authors; Nienna

A native to the pacific northwest and current resident in Oregon, Beka (Nienna) always felt she had stories to share. It began in junior high where she wrote adventure stories involving her friends. Seeing the delight and joy it brought them, she continued to write in some form or another when she didn’t have her …

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