Dec 10 2016

Jalinar’s Twelve Grentches of Wintersday Contest!

Chronicles of Tyria Anniversary Contest Winners!
Chronicles of Tyria's Fifth Anniversary Contest


The snow is falling.

The carollers are singing.

Wintersday is near.

The season of gift giving and joy.

But, Chronicles of Tyria is in a gloomy mood.

Unfortunately, a member of the Chronicles of Tyria staff has stolen all the presents this year!

Arenanet had sent us some gifts to hand out to our readers, but everything is ruined now!

Ever since he came back from Bloodstone Fen, Jalinar’s mind has been filled with greed. He wants all the wealth for himself. He’s become a true Grentch of Wintersday. He even persuaded Skritta  to help him steal all the presents from our Guild Vault right under our noses! We thought she was only doing what skritt do and play with the shiny coins.

We tried reasoning with him, but he refuses to give anything back. The bloodstone seems to have clouded his mind. He hungers for power like all of the poor souls trapped during the explosion of the Fen.

Fortunately for us, unlike the souls of the Fen, he hungers for the power that is knowledge. If we participate in a game he calls the Twelve Grentches of Wintersday, and help him gain more knowledge about the world of Tyria, then maybe we can warm his heart and make him give the presents back.

Every day, starting December 14th until the 25th, Jalinar will make a demand for more knowledge about Tyria, Wintersday or Chronicles of Tyria on Twitter. Fulfilling his demand will give you the chance to win one of the present he stole.


Contest Rules

  1. Follow us on Twitter to never miss a question : @ChroniclesTyria
  2. Answer the question by replying to the tweet. Every question will be published at noon EST.
  3. You will have 24 hours from the moment the question is asked to answer.
  4. Winners will be randomly picked the following day and contacted via Direct Message.
  5. Each winner will win a bundles with items from the list below.
  6. Winners are required to have a valid GW2 account to redeem the prizes.



  • 12 x Miniature Toy Egg
  • 4 x 400 gem codes
  • 20+ x Steam Game Codes (Ex : Goat Simulator, Guns of Icarus, Towerfall Ascension)

Note : The steam games were not given to us by Arenanet. The codes were gathering dust in Jalinar’s computer and he wants to get rid of them 😀


Chronicles of Tyria Anniversary Contest Winners!
Chronicles of Tyria's Fifth Anniversary Contest
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