Nov 22 2016

Endless Sky, Restrained Earth

The Journey's Beginning III


In the cell, during the escape

Drac was standing in the jail, waiting until the ship arrived in Lion’s Arch. He had the dagger Patrick kindly gave him in hand, prepared to defend himself from any sudden attack. I don’t know how this thing is used, though… he thought while looking at his hand, holding the strange weapon.

He heard footsteps getting closer to his cell. They were slow, though steady, creating an anxious feeling in Drac’s body. He started to tremble as the shadow of the torches grew bigger. Then the figure stopped and Drac could see it. Snapping his fingers, the lights extinguished themselves.

“It is told that your specialization is decided once you first use a weapon” told the figure, unrecognizable due to the sudden lack of light.

“W-who are you?” yelled Drac, feeling true fear. He took two steps back, his body still trembling, even harder than before, feeling the ominous presence the man emitted. He held the dagger with both hands, facing it towards the strange man, trying without success to threaten him.

“Is my name of any importance?” Asked with certain arrogance the man. By his voice, one could tell he was a young man. “You can call me a servant of God.”

“I trust no God… the Six abandoned us long ago” said Drac, confused about the man’s affirmation.

“Those were called Gods by you humans. Does that mean they are true Gods?” The man lifted his right arm, pointing towards the frightened man. He opened his hand, emitting a strange light that formed a sword. “The norn worship nature, at some extent too, right?” He pointed at Drac with the weapon, which started to glow. “If anything with a power superior to those who are surmised by it could be called God…” Air, vague light, darkness itself, everything that surrounded the sword was vacuumed, forming a strange looking mist. “… May I be your God?”

“I will never recognize a God!” Drac launched himself towards the strange man, trying to attack aimlessly with his dagger. The man jumped and disappeared into the strange mist, hitting Drac repeatedly. He stepped back with each cut that came from nowhere, until he was pushed against the jail’s wall, severely injured. Before falling to the ground, he swung the dagger into the air in front of him letting go a deep, loud scream of pain.

The man reappeared in front of him, ceasing the relentless attack. Barely conscious, Drac was holding on to his life. “W-why…?” He asked, as the mysterious man made the sword disappear.

“Hmm, interesting…” he said, reaching his arm towards his shoulder, where the dagger had trusted. “You are indeed strong” he pulled the dagger out of his skin, throwing it to the ground next to Drac. “If you want to become stronger, come to The Mists. There you will find true Gods that can grant your wishes.”

Drac only feared for the worst upon hearing those words. “I have no… wishes.”

The man laughed. “The,n I’ll maybe have to give you reasons to wish for.”

Suddenly, Patrick appeared in the jail cell, looking at the two men. He ran towards the strange man, giving him a glance. The man disappeared once again. How many lives will I have to destroy until you stop being a coward, Patrick? Thought the self-acclaimed God.

He looked at the scene. Patrick helping Drac with his wounds. He snapped his fingers again and fire came back to the torches in the whole ship. He felt deep hatred towards Patrick, for unknown reasons to him.

You are always kind, but you are only a self-interested coward. You abandon people when they most need you; you give up on them at any given difficulty. You shall be punished. I will guide you to the true God that exists in this universe. You will face true punishment. The thoughts of the mysterious man increased his anger and hatred towards Patrick, each second he spent looking at the scene.

“I don’t know where you are, but I know who you are. I expect to see you in The Mists as well, fanatic servant,” whispered Patrick into the hidden man’s mind.

“You are damned!” thought the man, but he got no response from Patrick. Apparently, he was not connected to his mind, but could send a message to him. He felt a shiver going down his spine. He has improved his skills at an incredible rate in the last few years, impressive…

In the Lord’s Hidden Lair

“My Lord, I’ve come back.”

“Did you manage to accomplish your mission?” Asked the  Lord.

“He refused to hear God’s message…”

“You are truly obsessed with Gods. Why so? You are not obeying God’s word, but mine.”

“Oh, Lord. You are naïve.”

“Watch your words, Thaer” said the Lord, disturbed by his servant’s words.

“He refuses to hear our call to The Mists. I have to create a wish for him…” he drew a smile.

“I can grant “wishes”. I cannot grant any wish.

“God can. You are only a mean to achieve my sacred goals” asserted Thaer, which made the Lord grin.

“You know I can dispense with your services…”

“You know I’m too important for you. I know too much and you don’t have men as skilled as I am.”

The being called Lord sighed, resigning to contradict him. “Out. Don’t even tell me how you are going to convince him. Your obsession with religion makes everyone sick, not only me.”

“One last thing…” the Lord looked at the ceiling, wishing Thaer would vanish as he always does. Then, he made eye contact with him, making a signal to continue. “Are you sure about letting Patrick come to The Mists? He has gotten stronger, much more decided now. Not as big of a coward as he has been his whole existence.”

“Sky has his ways to motivate people as well. You are not especial.”

“I don’t trust him…” he said, instantly vanishing afterwards.

The Journey's Beginning III
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