May 30 2016

Chapter Nineteen: The Cloak

Chapter Eighteen: The Blade (Part 3)
Chapter Twenty: The Trap

gw011I gasped loudly when I found myself back in the room with Daniel and Slim. It was a startling shock back to reality, I needed a moment to compose myself. It was as if I needed to remind myself where I was, who I was with, how I had gotten there, what were we doing.

“You okay, big guy?” Said Daniel as I realized that he had his hand over mine the entire time. My own hands released the sword they were firmly grasping.

“Yes…” I said taking a moment to place my blade on the coffee table and then scooting closer to Daniel.

“You spaced out for a second there, you sure?” Daniel sank into my form as I wrapped an arm around him. “You’re shaking.”

“I remembered something,” I said. “Quite a few things actually.”

“What was it?” Asked Daniel sitting up. I could see the enthusiasm in his eyes.

“Garfas had given me the sword,” I said. “We had been together for a while now, almost a year.” The memories of that time still felt fresh, as if they had happened mere seconds ago. But I knew it was years ago. How many though? “And I asked him to leave the citadel with me, a-and to marry me.” Daniel seemed taken aback by the last part. We both sat in the couch, not saying a word. It was the type of uncomfortable silence that made one’s thoughts scramble all over the place. The fact that I was still recovering from one of my “episodes” didn’t make it much better.

“Um… wow,” said Daniel trying to break the silence. He opened his mouth to speak again but thought twice and closed it.

“Garfas and I are not… an item anymore,” I said remembering my conversation with the white charr. “If that’s what concerns you.” Daniel looked at me, surprised.

“Oh! That’s not what I was worried about big guy,” said Daniel. “But now that you bring it up, well it could make things awkward if you ever see him again. I’m assuming you two did leave the citadel and started travelling, then something separated you.”

“Very likely,” I said. “It must have been something serious, maybe I was involved with the fringe before all of this happened.”  

“You think so?”

“What else could have pushed me to erase my memory?” I reasoned. “There was something else too.” Daniel perked up, eyes widening back to bright emerald orbs as he listened. “I had visions as a cub, much like right now but different somehow. They would show me a charr with brown fur running through trees, bounding through the branches. He was hunting down someone and attacked them with necromancy. Then I saw him again, looking at a reflection. Saying I would learn the truth, but to not go looking for him.”

“He must have been a heartless,” Daniel sat cross legged on the couch as he considered the possibility. “It makes sense when you considered how your parents left you when you were a cub. Maybe they didn’t want you getting caught up with their battle against the fringe.” I nodded at these speculations.

“Still doesn’t tell us enough though,” I said. “We need to learn more if we want to find the heartless.”

“Let’s hold off on the memories for today,” said Daniel. “You should take it easy for now.” I felt the human embrace me and I placed my chin on his head. We remained as such for a moment until we heard Slim mumbling in his sleep.

“I’m still waiting you git,” murmured the asura. “Why are you hiding?”

“Maybe we should let Slim have some rest,” I offered. “I can write him a note for when he wakes up and update him on our new information later.”

“Sounds good,” said Daniel as he took a blanket from the couch and placed it over Slims body. The asura snuggled into the recliner, still murmuring to himself, except now he was much too quiet to make out anything intelligible. I took my sword and placed it back in its sheath.

“We should split up,” I said as I placed my sword against my back. “I need to visit Astrid to go over some of her lessons, also I need to ask her some theories I have about being heartless.”

“In that case I’ll go to Serenity and see if she has any new info on the medallion,” Said Daniel. “There’s still the issue of a fringe spy with us, I’ll check in with the intelligence network and see if they’ve found something.” We both made our way out of the house.

“See you later, love,” I said as I kissed Daniel on the lips.

“You too big guy,” with that we both went our own way. I wasted no time and began to make my way towards the high roads, taking a shortcut through some alleyways. As I left the darker areas of the streets, I saw several individuals in black cloaks blocking the end of the street I needed to go through. My mind began to race as my hand sprang to unsheathe my sword. I relaxed upon seeing that it was not the fringe but in fact secro ravens. Perhaps they wanted to inform me of something. I approached.

“Any songs for the weary today?” I asked. They did not respond. Something was wrong, ravens were supposed to answer with at least a phrase that said they had nothing, or off duty even. The group of ravens parted to reveal Argus, his porcine friend standing behind the group, backing away as if not wanting to engage with the group. “Argus?”

“Hey Anavari,” he said with halfhearted enthusiasm. “Uh… this is awkward.”

“What’s this about?” I asked.

“Look, you’re my friend, Anavari.” I stepped back tightening the grip on my sword. “I-I just want to talk!”

“Out with it then,” I said, sensing the tension that began to build up. Why were they here? Why were they blocking me.

“It’s just that, everyone’s been talking. We just want things to go back to normal.”

“And that’s what I’m working towards,” I said with authority. “I want the fringe off our back as much as everyone else. Now please let me through so I can continue my investigation.” The ravens began to approach slowly, Simon began to squeal in protest.

“That’s the thing, Anavari,” said Argus with a hint of remorse in his voice. “But we don’t want any more people to get hurt. Don’t you think things will just be easier if you turn yourself in?”

“And have them torture me for information?” I said. “They’ll just kill me once they find I have nothing to give them.”

“But it’s better than a bunch of us being hunted down don’t you think?” Asked Argus. “I don’t think I have to tell you that it’s better to sacrifice one so that everyone can be safe. Don’t you think you’re being a bit selfish here?” Just then Simon shoved his way past the group and began to trot towards my direction. He stood by my side and rounded towards the group of ravens. He looked ready to charge at them. I drew out my sword.

“It might be selfish, Argus,” I said. “I’m not about to justify what I do or why I do it. I’m just trying to make up for the damage I’m doing, but I also want to make it out of this alive. If self preservation is selfish, then so be it. Now this will be the only warning I’ll give you. Stand. Aside.” Argus and the rest of the ravens stood ready for battle.

“So be it,” I said.  

Chapter Eighteen: The Blade (Part 3)
Chapter Twenty: The Trap
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