May 04 2016

Chronicles of Tyria’s Anniversary Contest

Chronicles of Tyria Anniversary Contest Winners!


Hello Tyrians!

Chronicles of Tyria is celebrating its fourth anniversary this month. We have come a long way in those years and our writers are still working really hard to share their stories with you. Whether its through fights, tears or happier moments, they strive to immerse you into their writing and the Guild Wars 2 universe. However, this time around, they want to see what you can write for them! We still have some pretty cool swag and some gem codes that were given to us by ArenaNet for you to win.

To participate, simply write a poem with a Guild Wars 2 Theme. Limericks and Haikus are highly recommended format for this contest. Use anything from the universe to inspire your writing : Super Adventure Box, raiding, the lore, GW1, rage-inducing PvP, WvW blobbing/pirate ship meta. Any game modes that inspires you to write is accepted.

For this contest, we have prepared 3 prize packs(see below). Instead of having a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize, we have decided to let our first place winner choose which bundle he/she prefers, second place gets to choose between the remaining prize packs and third place gets the remaining one.

Contest Rules

1. Entries must be in English.

2. Write your entry in a .docx or .pdf format or as an entry to your personal blog. Do not type your entry directly into the body of your e-mail. This will make the sharing of the entries between the judges much more difficult for us and could be a reason for disqualification.

3. There is no word minimum/maximum, but please keep in mind that we will be going through many entries, so keeping them short and sweet would be greatly appreciated.

4. Send your entry or link to your blog to

5. Please add in your e-mail the preference order for the prize packs from most wanted to least.
i.e. : Prize Pack A is my favourite, but if it is already taken by the first place winner, I will take Prize Pack C. If both are already taken, I will take Prize Pack B.

6. Entry must be sent before the deadline. May 22nd at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

7. Contest winners will be contacted and announced in early June. Their entries will be featured on the front page of our website.

Note : This contest is international. Physical prizes will be sent world-wide. If you have any additional questions or need some clarification, please contact us on Twitter @ChroniclesTyria . This will be faster than by the e-mail provided above.

Contest Prizes

Prize Pack A : Guild Wars 2 Charr T-Shirt (Large Size), Guild Wars 2 Lanyard, 800 gems


Prize Pack B : 2000 gems for Guild Wars 2


Prize Pack C : Humble Audiobook Bundle: R.A. Salvatore’s The Demon Wars Saga (all 7 books)

Humble 1


Special thanks to ArenaNet for providing us with most of the prizes for this contest.


Chronicles of Tyria Anniversary Contest Winners!
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