Sep 17 2014

A message from No Gathering Tool Equipped

No Gathering Tool Equipped #023

A letter from the Artist:


Thank you everyone for your support and interest in the NGTE webcomic. It pains me but I am leaving NGTE. I put a lot of work into creating this webcomic, months before it was revealed to you guys. When I came onto the project it was with the one condition that I only did the art. I can not cope with fussing with art and story things simultaneously, that is why NGTE has a writer. Ever since the reveal of the last character sheet, I have had to scrabble last minute to come up with filler gag comics, or art due to lack of scripts, and having to pull 10hr art days to complete them. This has turned the webcomic into a week long energy sucking chore, and I am choosing to leave before I completely burn out artistically. I am happy to pass my materials onto anyone interested in taking over as artist. You can get in touch with Anavari via to discuss it. All other questions and comments can also be directed there.

~ Saune

Character Heights

A note from the Publisher


In the wake of creative differences the Chronicles of Tyria webcomic, No Gathering Tool Equipped will be on hiatus, until a new artist can be secured. If none can be found, the comic will be discontinued. Please use the email referenced above for questions/comments/concerns.



No Gathering Tool Equipped #023
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