Mar 14 2014

Keep Your Eye Out For The Foostival!

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So you’re in Europe, and you’re a fan of Guild Wars 2. You think to yourself, “Man, I wish there was a place where people like me could gather to talk, laugh and express how much we love Guild Wars 2….maybe some kind of….festival?”

Well fear not dear Tyrian, there is such a place for you, the Foostival!

“Foostival?” I hear you say, “What is this Foostival you speak of?” Well let me explain it to you.

Foostival is a Guild Wars 2 community event that allows players to spend time enjoying activities related to Guild Wars 2 and the Tyrian universe as a whole. Foostival is all about offering a fun and exciting time for Guild Wars 2 fans of all levels. And good news everyone! This year the Foostival will be taking place in France, Germany, and Romania at the same time!

“Foostival…hmmm, wait that does sound familiar”…Of course it does! There was a Foostival event in March of last year put on by 9 French GW2 fansites, and it debuted with great success! Not only did it have 50 attendees, but it also had support from ArenaNet, NC Soft, and SteelSeries!

“This Foostival…it does sound great, when can I join in the festivities?”

The Foostival will be taking place on Saturday, March 22nd 2014. Alas, those of us here in North America will not be able to partake in the foostivities, but we can find pictures and updates at

There will be an in person and digital gathering that offer both real world and virtual prizes for a cavalcade of activities. (At this point the server on which the activities will take place have not been decided, although be sure to check for more information!).

So if you’re looking to get out from behind that computer screen or just looking to meetup in game, you’re sure to have some fun with people who share the same passion about Guild Wars 2. Be sure to check out the Foostival!

And now a list of all those involved with the project:

German Fansites:
Nerdy Bookahs

French Fansites:
Game Guide
Le Bus Magique
Origine Online
Mondes Persistants
Luna Atra
Esprits d’Orr
Oh My Games
Univers Virtuels

Romanian Fansite:
Guild Wars 2 Romania

Foostival is co-organzied by the Greek fansite:
Dragon Season

US friends of the Foostival:
Guild Wars 2 Live
Relics of Orr
Guild Wars 2 Guru
and us of course 🙂

NC SOFT (Guild Wars 2’s editor)
ArenaNet (Guild Wars 2’s developer)
Milk Opera (France location)
SAE Institue (German location)

CoT Translations : SAB part 1. Books
CoT Webcomic Design a Character Contest Judging is Complete!
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