Dec 30 2013

CoT Translations : Orr

CoT Translations : SAB part 1. Books

Welcome back to CoT Translation!

It has been over a year now but I haven’t been idle. I may not have been posting but I have been looking around Tyria and found a lot of hidden messages.

Lets get this new edition of translation started with what can be found in Orr and about Orr.


1.  This first book can be found in the Durmand Priory’s main library. I wish we could actually read it and learn more about this sunken kingdom.

Examination of the kingdom of Orr

Examination of the Kingdom of Orr

2.This tombstone can be found near the entrance of the Royal Tombs in Cursed Shore


Grave of the Scrybe
Until the day break
and shadows fall


3. This plaque can be found in Malchor’s Leap near Doric’s Shrine. The name Tirzah comes up a few times when you translate a lot of stuff in-game. From the ”Tirzah wants a cheeseburger” on the Mad King’s Clock Tower to a grave stone in Shaemoor’s Cemetary. They are all references to an artist from Arenanet called Tirzah Bauer.


Here lies Tirzah
She sleepeth with
those she loved
until the day breaks.


(Spoiler alert. Do not look at the next translation if you have not completed your personal story)


4. The monument that can be found in Fort Trinity after the end of the personal Story.

gw117 (2)

commemorate those who gave
their lives to defeat the
Elder dragon Zhaitan.
kept Tyria free and shall
inspire countless genera-
tions to come.


This is all for this week. These articles we’ll now be a bi-weekly part of the website alongside the writers. It will last for as long as I can find little things to translate here and there. ~Jalinar

From living story to random little tid-bits, you can send your screenshots of text we have not translated yet to

CoT Translations : SAB part 1. Books
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