Aug 14 2013

CoT is looking for more writers!

CoT's winds of change
And the winners are...

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Greetings Tyrians and Guild Wars 2 lovers! Naveen here to update you on a few new developments with Chronicles of Tyria.

First, I would like to thank Kaysee who has done a marvelous job with her own fanfictions and the editing of all the stories submitted to the site in the past few months. She has been working hard at it but unfortunately, due to real life matters, she recently had to quit what she loved to do. Hopefully things are going to get better for her soon (Don’t worry, she is fine!) and she will eventually be able to come back, but in the meantime, we are short on editors!

With this said, I would like to announce new position openings within Chronicles of Tyria! We are looking to expand a little and want to add more content to the site. We are currently accepting applications for the following spots:

  • Fanction writer for Norn, Sylvari and Charr;
  • Editors;
  • Guild Wars 2 news writer;
  • Guild Wars 2 columnist.

Don’t know what this involves? Here are some explanations:

Fanfiction writer

You may already know this; Chronicles of Tyria began by being a fanfiction website only; Tyria Through the Heroes’ Eyes. Our stories are solely written in a first person perspective. Your task when becoming a writer on CoT is to write fanfiction about a single character in the form of chapters (see example on the top menu).

You must:

  • write in the first person perspective;
  • compose posts of 2,000 words or more;
  • be able to follow deadlines;
  • be fluent in English;
  • have basic knowledge of Guild Wars lore.

We also are accepting guest posts!

  • Introduce your character to the readership in approximately 2,000 words. Either a prologue to the story that you will pursue, or the first chapter of said story, will be acceptable.


The stories are written by fans, for fans. Some of us do not have English as a first language and so grammatical errors may occur and sentences may sometimes be written incorrectly. For that reason, we are looking for editors who are serious about written quality. Even the most efficient writers need a second opinion!

You must:

  • be fluent in English;
  • be meticulous about grammar in general;
  • have basic knowledge of WordPress or be willing to learn;
  • publish pending articles according to the schedule.

Guild Wars 2 news writer

CoT is expanding! We started as a fanfiction website, we evolved with forums, podcasts, parodies and more. We are now looking for the know-it-alls of Guild Wars 2 news! New patches coming? Great things brewing at ArenaNet? Got some juicy details worth sharing with the Guild Wars 2 community? You belong with us!

You must:

  • love Guild Wars 2 and eat it for breakfast;
  • have great grammar and speak fluent English;
  • be quick when it comes to write about ArenaNet/GuildWars 2 news, releases, etc;
  • release your own, properly written, articles without the need of an editor;
  • have basic knowledge when it comes to WordPress or have the will to learn;
  • have a written style that is mature, informative, and respectful toward ArenaNet (AKA, no sarcasm and/or hate messages towards the company, employees, or related third parties);
  • be able to work with a team of 1 or more news writers.

Guild Wars 2 columnists

Love Guild Wars 2? Think you’ve got certain (if not all) aspects of it covered? Believe GW2 holds little to no secrets at all to you? Then we want you in our team! We need writers for the following aspects of the game:

  • professions;
  • exploration;
  • PvP;
  • WvW;
  • other general aspects.

You must:

  • be able to follow deadlines;
  • be fluent in English;
  • be able to write posts of 500 words or more;
  • have basic knowledge when it comes to WordPress or have the will to learn.

Any of those openings interest you? E-mail us at with the following:

  • Which position you would like to apply for (GW2 columnist (profession), Fanfiction, Profession columnist, etc) in the e-mail title;
  • an example of a post you would create (if you are applying for the News columnist, prepare a post about the Queen’s Jubilee and/or recent news!);
  • Give us your name, age and location (when part of an international team, we need to remember time zones!);

Qualities that we’re looking for in applicants:

  • Excellent English spelling and grammar. We have a large number of international readers; Chronicles of Tyria’s founder actually speaks French as a first language. However, we are first, and foremost, an English-language site, and anyone wanting to join the writing team must have a sturdy grasp of written English;

  • Self-motivated and hardworking. Aside from the news columnists, you will be expected to contribute at least one part of the chapter to your story or Guild Wars 2 column every 3 weeks; our current authors shoot for roughly two per month. This is a significant commitment and requires an author that is capable of both a sustained, high standard of work, and consistency in that standard;

  • A passion for both writing and Guild Wars 2. It’s simple really; these are the motivations that started our project, that will continue to direct our growth over time, and that are shared among all the members of our team.

Guidelines for submissions:

  • Must be original work. No plagiarism, multiple authorship, copying, etc. It must be your work, and your work alone, unless you are quoting ArenaNet or any other companies, person, etc.;

  • Fanfiction must be in the form of a first-person narrative. Any form of narrative is acceptable; however, it must be written from the perspective of a single character, whom the author will write and develop over the course of the project;

  • Fanfiction must be at least 2,000 words. A proper, chapter-length submission will be roughly this word-count; so you can expect the writing of your submission to reflect the amount of work that will be required for each chapter.

Deadline and other info:

  • The final day to submit your example of post will be September 1st, 2013 at 11:59PM EST.

  • You must send your submission to

  • If your submission is accepted, you will receive a small questionnaire for you to answer and send back. Consider this a small interview!

  • Note; this is a non-paid position. We are all volunteers over here at Chronicles of Tyria, working for the community! From time to time though, we might have some Guild Wars 2 loot to share! Plus, you will be part of a team whose name is fairly prominent in the Guild Wars 2 community.

Good luck!

CoT's winds of change
And the winners are...

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