Apr 29 2013

Author update release schedules!

And the winner is...
CoT's winds of change

Hello everyone!

As a follow-up to Naveen’s “CoT’s winds of change” post about CoT’s new direction I’m here to give you an update regarding our fantastic authors here at CoT. From now on authors will be releasing their stories routinely on set days so you know when you can expect the next thrilling update from your favourite authors.


Naveen: Fridays (Fortnightly instalments)

Azalea: Wednesday (Fortnightly instalments)

Alucardalina: Sunday (Fortnightly instalments)

Amber: Monday (Fortnightly instalments)

Lurx: Saturday (Fortnightly instalments)

Anavari: Unconfirmed

Eilidh: Story discontinuing.


You can visit the character pages for a due date on the next chapter and mark it on your calendar!


And the winner is...
CoT's winds of change

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