Feb 25 2013

And the winner is…

Guild Wars 2 signed collector's edition contest!
Author update release schedules!

A few weeks ago we announced a contest where participants had to create a video or mp3 file of their character in Guild Wars 2. The point of the contest was to present a characters and let the listeners and watchers know about them and their story. The videos or mp3 files were not judged by the quality of image, sound and/or music by rather by the originality that one could come up with when presenting their character, story wise.

With this said, we have chosen the winners!

  • North American participants could win a signed collector’s edition of Guild Wars 2;
  • Everyone else outside of North America had the chance to win a limited edition of the hardcover game guide.

You can watch all the entries with the video below.

The winner of the game guide is… Valaine with Brelan Valdyron
Brelan’s story reminds us all of the great Norn and their courage. The pride he shows of how Wolf is showing him the way and resolve he has to one day break the serpent’s tooth is absolutely great! Congratulations, Valaine!

The winner of the signed collector’s edition of Guild Wars 2 is… Jessica H. with Jessie Lu!
Not only is Jessie Lu’s story captivating, but the video shows great usage of NPCs to describe her story! A human raised by norn, she leaves Hoelbrak in search of her real parents and answers to find herself.

The decision was extremely tough. I really wish I was rich enough to add more gifts as I feel everyone deserve at least something for the amazing work they have put in! Most videos were very well done, the music captivating, stories all different from each other, but it all came to the originality of the character’s story and Valaine and Jessica have shown that they could do just that! Congratulations!

Guild Wars 2 signed collector's edition contest!
Author update release schedules!
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