Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day from Chronicles of Tyria


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

It’s Kaysee here to spread some love on this sappiest of days!

Depending on how attentive a partner you have, or your views on commercial holidays, you either love or hate Valentine’s Day. However I believe many people misconstrue the true meaning of this holiday.

Despite the mass marketing campaigns that would have you believe that Valentine’s Day is all about flowers, chocolate and big expensive gestures, I believe Valentines Day is actually about something much more significant.

As human beings we are getting increasingly busier and it’s easy to forget to appreciate our loved ones. Relationships need attention, care and nurturing. I believe Valentines Day serves as a reminder to take the time out of our hectic schedules to focus on our loved ones. It’s easy to forget that our relationships are not sustained by meaningless gestures, but by true appreciation and selfless consideration.

To spread this message of LOVE, a few of our authors here at Chronicles of Tyria have written some beautiful love stories for you to enjoy.

As always the authors continue to impress me and we’ve resulted in quite a variety of love stories, about patience and grief, kindness and family, and love and appreciation.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day everyone, and don’t forget to show your love and appreciation to your loved ones whether they be your friends, family or lovers :)

~ From everyone at Chronicles of Tyria

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