Dec 23 2012


Times of Dragons and Dwarves.
CoT Translations : Orr

Welcome back adventurers!


Tixx has finally arrived in Lion’s Arch and brought Wintersday cheer and snow with him.

As usual, Lion’s Arch has undergone a complete make-over, and Anet is at it again. There are hidden secret messages in the town for people like me to find and enjoy.

This time around, Zommoros was keeping this secret for himself on his very own snow globe!

I found these asuran writings on one of the rings around his globe and with the help of our very own Kaysee, took some screenshots.

Wishing all of Tyria a wondrous.....

....a wondrous Wintersday!

Wishing all of Tyria a wondrous Wintersday! 

I would like to thank all of the Arenanet team for this wonderful game they brought us only a few months ago.

From myself and all of CoT, I wish you all a happy Wintersday and a safe holiday season with your family and friends.


If you have some screenshots waiting to be deciphered, please send them to!


Times of Dragons and Dwarves.
CoT Translations : Orr
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