Dec 18



Amber. Asura. Proud citizen of Rata Sum, most advanced city in the known world, and member of a prestigious golem krewe. That’s all there is to me.

Well, I wish that’s all there was. Once, I was a thief, but in that life I lost too much and gained too little. I left those years behind to pursue the asuran calling of research and discovery. Sometimes, though, good intentions aren’t enough. Sometimes, you have to reach back into your past just so you – and those you care about – can make it safely to tomorrow.

I know of the threat of the Elder Dragons. I know they could tear our world apart, and I will fight against them, if I can. I have to live my own life, though, to protect my city and my people from the dark shadow of our own ambition.

And, just possibly, I might seek a little revenge along the way.

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