Dec 18

About the authors; Amy

About the authors; Tom


Amy (often to be found as blue_istari online, or one of the ever-growing Liberati clan in-game) grew up in the wilds of Yorkshire, Britain, where most of the available recreational activities involved wishing it would stop raining. As a result, she turned to her imagination for amusement instead, and from an early age was reading, writing and generally making stuff up.

Gaming came later, with the first family PC and titles ranging from Tyrian to Tomb Raider. Amy has been playing GW since before she really understood what an MMO was, and although she’s tried her hand at everything from World of Warcraft to Flyff, nothing ever stood up to Guild Wars – or its sequel. She can usually be found playing a ranger (or its equivalent in other games), but has had profitable forays into several classes, restrained only by the expense of buying new character slots.

When not gaming or at work (as a librarian), Amy can be found reading, gardening, baking, taking photos or – just to prove she’s not very domestic after all – head-banging at the nearest metal gig or festival. She’s also a prolific writer, always with one novel on the go and usually several short stories as well. She runs a blog on writing, reading and whatever else catches her interest at amysanderson.co.uk

About the authors; Tom
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