Dec 13

And your new asura writer is…

Hello readers, fans and random visitors!

A few weeks ago we had an application submission to discover a new writer for Chronicles of Tyria, more specifically for an asura character. After many submissions, unplanned events, crazy obstacles and a few eye drops, we are now ready to announce the new writer!

Did we say new writer? We mean new writers! That’s right! We now have two new asura stories on board; completely different from one another and it was so difficult to narrow it down that we have decided to add the two to the website.

We are happy to welcome Tom’s Lurx, an asura with a dark past, and Amy’s Amber, snarky savant extraordinaire! Tom and Amy are soon going to contribute to Chronicles of Tyria, so stay tuned!

But wait, we have more!

All stories were very good, it was very hard to make a decision, but we still narrowed it down a few days ago. Aside from Tom and Amy, we had 3 other writers who kept us reading and waiting for more. Though they did not make it as permanent writers, we want to show you all their amazing works! So in the following days, expect a few new additions!

Thank you to everyone who had submitted a story! We really appreciate it and hope to read more on our forums too!

Naveen & Kaysee

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