Nov 13 2012

Times of Dragons and Dwarves.

Madness, clocktower and tombstones.

Welcome back adventurers!


A few weeks ago, I posted an article about a couple of stone slabs from the Durmand Priory. I found more of these slabs around Tyria. This time around, one of them tells us the story of the dwarves and we get a tiny bit of lore about the Elder dragons.


Whence the Dwarves

Few alive today can truly claim to have met or even seen a dwarf. And yet, some 250 years ago , the shiverpeaks fairly  crawled with this deterministic and highly skilled race. Both above and beneath the mountains, altered forever into beings of rock and stone by the gift of the great dwarf. The (…) remaining (…)……

The rise of the dragons

Never shall a full reckoning of the tales of the dragons be told by mere mortals. For the cycle of their awakenings date back past the time of Giganticus Lupicus into the prehistory of our very hold.

The current rise of the dragons began almost 250 years ago in the far shiverpeaks. Heroes of the time across………

Stay tuned for next week’s article all about Orr.

If you have some screenshots waiting to be deciphered, please send them to!

Madness, clocktower and tombstones.
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