Nov 13

NaNoWriMo Update 1

Lights, Camera... Action!

Hello all!

I write to you from the evening of Monday 5th November (I announce this as there’s a delay for post moderation), and am sitting at a healthy 10,915 words. My first few days have been reasonably smooth, if not quite as productive as I would have liked, but I’m well on target with a little bit of wiggle room for the harder weeks ahead.

I wrote my first 250 words in the early hours of Thursday morning after getting back from a Halloween party. I haven’t dared read it back, but it set me up to reach the 1,667 words needed, despite rushing around with work and dance and a social life and other distracting things.

On Friday, I had no distractions, no excuses, and got very little done. I had the entire day and wrote less than I had done in a few hours on Thursday. I was overly tired, for one, but also not entirely invested in the story I was writing. Eventually, I made the executive decision to go to bed early.

It might sound simple, but it really helped. I got up on Saturday morning energised and made the decision to abandon my prison break story. I didn’t like the prison, I didn’t like most of the characters in it, and so I blew the whole thing wide open (literally) and let the survivors out into the great wide world. Saturday was my most productive day so far with over 3,000 words written, but Sunday was a good day too and I am getting more into the story, finally, which can only be a good thing.

I finished the weekend with a total of 9,077 words, which is nothing to be sniffed at, but I still feel a little disappointed given how many hours I spent at the computer to achieve that. On a good day, I could do a thousand words in under an hour, and I’m going to have to find something of that pace if I’m to get through the busier days when I actually have other commitments. Looking ahead to this week, I don’t have anything particular going on, other than work and dance practice (I’m currently on about 8 hours a week, so it’s not insignificant). Looking ahead to the month at large, my biggest problem area is going to be the final weeks, as all of this dance practice is geared towards competitions on the 24th November and 1st December, and I expect to be training harder by then, not to mention the last weekend of the month being effectively ruled out as writing time.

That’s it from me. Here are a few words from Tari, one of our other CoT entrants, and this was as of late Sunday evening:

“[Progress is] slow at mo, not been able to write much yet, but current word count is 4547 :) What I have written so far has been fun, I have never written anything like what I am doing and all my previous attempts at writing a story have, let’s say, fallen way short of being completed so I’m determined to do this book, hopefully within the time frame but if not, I will finish it as a goal to myself. I have a busy November this year as my half sister is visiting from Australia in a couple of weeks (we’ve never met) so got 30+ years to catch up on! Exciting!”

Unfortunately, Kyrian, our other CoT entrant, has been slapped in the face by real life and been unable to fully participate thus far. To both Kyian and Tari, for different things, I wish you good luck for the coming week!

Get more regular updates on my NaNo progress on Twitter @mark_opera. Otherwise, I’ll be back next week with a similar update!

Lights, Camera... Action!
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