Oct 04 2012

We’re looking for a new asura writer!

News: Dungeons, Black Lion Chests & Botting Issues!
New CoT Asura Writer to be announced soon!

Greetings Tyrians!

Chronicles of Tyria is currently looking for a new writer that would love to share their asura story. Preferably of the Thief, Engineer, Warrior, Guardian or Mesmer profession, but not an obligation. This is not a contest. It is an application for a permanent writing position here on Chronicles of Tyria.

Qualities that we’re looking for in applicants:

  • Excellent English spelling and grammar. We have a large number of international readers; Chronicles of Tyria’s founder actually speaks French as a first language. However, we are first, and foremost, an English-language site, and anyone wanting to join the writing team must have a sturdy grasp of written English.
  • Self-motivated and hardworking. You will be expected to contribute at least one part of the chapter to your story, every 3 weeks; our current authors shoot for roughly two per month. This is a significant commitment and requires an author that is capable of both a sustained, high standard of work, and consistency in that standard.
  • Knowledge of Guild Wars lore. You will be writing original fiction based upon the world of Tyria. While you won’t be expected to know the entire GW1 wiki forwards and backwards, you need to have at least a working knowledge of the history and cultures of the world that you will be working in.
  • A passion for both writing and Guild Wars 2. It’s simple really; these are the motivations that started our project, that will continue to direct our growth over time, and that are shared among all the members of our team.


Guidelines for submissions:

  • Must be original work. No plagiarism, multiple authorship, copying, etc. It must be your work, and your work alone.
  • Must be in the form of a first-person narrative. Any form of narrative is acceptable; however, it must be written from the perspective of a single character, whom the author will write and develop over the course of the project.
  • Must concern an Asura character. CoT is looking to breed diversity in the stories that we feature on our website. Considering that we have two Sylvari, two humans and a charr author already on staff, we would like to branch into new races and professions. Exceptional submissions from Norn viewpoints will also be accepted, but our weighting system will favor Asura submissions.
  • Must be at least 2,000 words. A proper, chapter-length submission will be roughly this word-count; so you can expect the writing of your submission to reflect the amount of work that will be required for each chapter.


  • Introduce your character to the readership in approximately 2,000 words. Either a prologue to the story that you will pursue, or the first chapter of said story, will be acceptable.

Deadline and other info:

  • The final day to submit your story will be October 30th, 3 weeks from now, at 11:59PM EST.
  • You must send your submission to naveen@chroniclesoftyria.com
  • If your submission is accepted, you will receive a small questionnaire for you to answer and send back. This will allow the judges to vote on the person they think have the necessary qualities to become a writer on Chronicles of Tyria.
  • Note; this is a non-paid position. We are all volunteers over here at Chronicles of Tyria!

Good luck!


News: Dungeons, Black Lion Chests & Botting Issues!
New CoT Asura Writer to be announced soon!
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