Sep 28 2012

News: Dungeons, Black Lion Chests & Botting Issues!

ArenaNet Addresses GW2's Economy & 14th Sept Game Update
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There has been just a torrential downpour of news these last few weeks and fear not, because I’ve gathered it all in this well of newsy-goodness!



Perhaps one of the biggest changes to GW2 this week was the dungeon tuning. ArenaNet has been making multiple changes trying to fine tune the dungeoning experience. The most important changes were:

1) Tokens are now received at the end of a complete dungeon run, opposed to sequentially in chests

2) Tokens for completing a fresh path changed from 30 to 60

3) Tokens are finally account bound, instead of soul bound.

Unfortunately there has been a lot of glitches with the dungeon rewards and there has been overwhelming reports of inaccurate token rewards, often less than what is due to the player, causing widespread frustrations. Have you had trouble with dungeon tokens? Let us know!

For more in depth information visit the 25th Sept update notes here:


New Black Lion Chests

We’ve made some changes to improve the black lion chests.

First, we’ve changed all tonics to be stackable and random. If you prefer a specific tonic, we’ve added mystic forge recipes for 3 mystery tonics and one extra item to transform mystery tonics into specific transformations.

We’ve also added a rare chance for a Permanent Banker, Trading Post NPC or Black Lion Merchant.

In addition, Black Lion Salvage kits now have a 50% chance to salvage rarer materials. I don’t know about you but I am super keen to get my hands on the permanent Banker, trading post and Black Lion Merchant! It’s a great incentive to play around with Black Lion Chests! Now if only more keys would drop!

World transfers limited to once every 24hrs 

ArenaNet is slowly closing the free server transfers window. Now server transfers are only available once every 24 hours, but thankfully still free! You can read the official post right here:


Issues in high level areas?

If you’ve been playing in high level areas (specifically Orr), you’ve probably noticed the issues that plague the area. It can be very frustrating to do a dynamic event only to have it glitch halfway. ArenaNet have heard our moans of frustration and have addressed them in a forum post:

I would like take this opportunity to clarify one thing I’ve seen discussed here on the forums and in game chat. It’s just not true that the higher level or other content wasn’t tested. It was. Thoroughly….We’re seeing a number of these blocking issues in events that have undergone extensive internal testing, but which have never needed to run dozens of times in a row, because of how frequently we developers were iterating and generating new builds.

If you’d like to read the full statement, you can do so here:


Botting Problems!

If you haven’t see a bot yet you’re either not playing GW2 enough, or you’ve been incredibly lucky! Bots have been rampaging through the game from starting areas, all the way to Orr. Their presence is so big ArenaNet felt the need to post on their forums about it:

Our monitoring of ‘bot’ activity has already resulted in over 1600 account terminations world-wide in the last week alone, and we are actively tracking the most common ‘bots’ in use, so that we can continue to eliminate them from the game. As we continue to gather information on these ‘bots’, we will be increasing the rate of account termination to remove them. Please continue to report players that you suspect of ‘botting’ – your support is much appreciated.

You heard the dev – report those bots! If you’d like to read the full post for yourself, you can find it here:


ArenaNet Concept Artists Spotlight

If you’re interested in learning about the team that makes GW2 look as epic as it is, you can read these spotlights!

Concept Artist Team Lead Jamie Ro

Newest members of the concept art team


Historical map of GW1 & GW2

That_shaman has released a historical map that overlays the GW1 and GW2 maps. It’s wonderful to see how well these two line up. It’s a definite must see for all Guild Wars Lore buffs. See it here:


Cute GW2 wallpapers

Jeffu linked these adorable GW2 cartoon wallpapers, which are definitely worth a look. They’ll have you saying “NAWWWWW.” Find these lovable cartoons here:





ArenaNet Addresses GW2's Economy & 14th Sept Game Update
We're looking for a new asura writer!

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    “I don’t know about you but I am super keen to get my hands on the permanent Banker, trading post and Black Lion Merchant!”

    I can confirm that I am the happy owner of a couple of Trading Posts and Black Lion Merchant dropped from the Black Lion Chests…

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