Sep 11 2012

News: GW2 Live action trailer and IGN App released!

Guild Wars 2 community updates: where CoT Stands
ArenaNet Addresses GW2's Economy & 14th Sept Game Update

All the speculation about GW2’s live trailer has finally been put to rest! Coinciding with the reopening of game sales from the GW2 website, ArenaNet have released a new trailer entitled “Our time is now.” If you haven’t seen it already, now is the time to watch it!

Reception to the trailer has been mixed. Some appreciate the trailer’s symbolism, while other down right dislike it! Tell us what you think!

There has been some notable changes to game play since GW2 launched.
You can visit the Game status Wiki page here for general updates. For more detailed notes, you can visit GW2 forums.

General changes include:

  • Crafting: Item creation uses materials directly from the storage bank, and ArenaNet has expressed the intention of doing the same for discovering new recipes. Also cooking recipes and ingredient obtainment has changed.
  • General profession fine tuning
  • Blocking bugs fixed in story & skill point challenges

Source: Update Notes – September 9thUpdate Notes – September 8th


In other news, IGN has developed an Iphone/Ipad app for GW2.
Features include:

  • Interactive map
  • Wiki guide
  • News updates

Since it’s free it’s definitely worth checking out!


ArenaNet is also encouraging gamers to use the official GW2 forums. There is already a wide variety of posts, and we can definitely hope the developers will be more active in these forums.

Visit the Forums at:


AngryJoe (a Youtube game reviewer) has given a raving review about GW2. For some light entertainment and a good look into GW2, watch the video below.

Well, that’s all news for now! We’re always eager to hear your opinions, so please don’t hesitate to add your thoughts by commenting below.

Guild Wars 2 community updates: where CoT Stands
ArenaNet Addresses GW2's Economy & 14th Sept Game Update

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    • on September 18, 2012 at 10:50 am

    I really don’t like the “trailer”. What does it show about the game? Nothing. Nothing apart from the last boss, which I would have preferred them not to unexpectedly reveal. I also found it very reminiscent of the AC3 “Rise” trailer, and a trailer for one game should not make me think of a different one!

    If I’m telling people about GW2, I’ll be linking them to the 2011 trailer.

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