Sep 11 2012


Nonexistent Hearts


I am Anavari, a Charr with very little to his name (and I would like to keep it that way). Although some Charr choose to immediately mistrust magic, I chose to embrace it; I practice the art of necromancy as well as a bit of knowledge with a blade to fend off those who wish to end my life. I would rather solve my problems with words instead of violence; however I am rarely ever given that opportunity.

The location in which I was born is a mystery to me, the only knowledge I have in the matter is that my Sire is not my father and that I grew up in the Citadel. But that is all behind me, as a former member of the Iron Legion I now travel across Tyria; reminding myself that the past is only a union of memories. My job is hectic to say the least, but it pays well. And with a trustworthy companion at my side the overall experience becomes quite exhilarating.

I am quite aware of the elder dragon threat, but my efforts are focused elsewhere. I am more than certain that these beasts will be defeated by brave heroes, but I am no hero. I am simply a humble courier with a past that I would rather not discuss, and little did I know that the past would come back to torment me… in more ways than one.

Nonexistent Hearts
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