Aug 29 2012

History of the Asuras

Kaysee's Letter
A map of Tyria

Welcome adventurers!

The moment we’ve been waiting for 5 years has finally come. Guild Wars 2 is finally out! To celebrate this event, I have a special edition on asuran.

Lets start easy, you may have seen this symbol on some Inquest pillars:

This symbol is the asuran version of the letter ”B”

For 2-3 weeks now, I’ve been translating loads of asuran screenshots. It all started when one of our forum member, Priest_Tully, showed me this picture.

A few days after this discovery, another stress test was announced and Tully showed me where he found all that asuran. That’s when we realised every wall of the Inquest Outer Complex was full with asuran writing. A screenshot frenzy followed and this album was born.

There I was, with 61 screenshot of asuran, a language I never tried to understand because I never thought it would actually be in-game. A week passed and I didn’t dare look at them, I was kind of overwhelmed and never thought I would have the courage to start. One day, I just decided to go for it and translated 9 screenshots. It only gave me a few fragments of sentences. More days passed and more screenshots were translated but still only pieces of what seemed like a bigger text were found. Then I translated this picture and all the pieces of the puzzle fell in place.

                                        I present to you: History of the Asuras from an asuran stand point:

 ”We are the Asura, lords of deep domains that are now denied to us. Overwhelmed by numbers, power and brute force.  We have been forced to this open sun-filled world and forced to rebuild our civilisation.”

 ”That we have succeeded is a testament to the indomitable spirit and innate intelligence of our people. In every day and with everything invention, we rebuild our world and bend reality to match our needs.

”The eternal alchemy states that everything is interwoven. That the actions of a single asura ,of one experiment, can have wider implications throughout the world. We are all part of the eternal alchemy, whether as cogs, pistons, wheels, springs or arcanic crystals.” 

”The ultimate goal in life is to comprehend the greater purpose of the eternal alchemy and to strive in perfecting it.”

We now have full access to the game. Only the future will tell us what other wonderful lore arenanet hid in the game. I hope to find as much new krytan, asuran and old ascalonian as I can.

If you have some screenshots waiting to be deciphered, please send them to!


Kaysee's Letter
A map of Tyria

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